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AirBnb Magazine Aug/Sep 2019

Airbnbmag is a travel lifestyle magazine featuring authentic experiences through the eyes of those who know best, the locals. Whether you’re planning or daydreaming your next journey, Airbnbmag offers both the familiar and the unexpected through a local lens and captured by top travel writers & photographers of the world. Airbnbmag is your passport to feeling at home anywhere! Your next adventure starts here.

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going it alone

The greatest solo journey I ever took was a late-night drive in a beat-up Honda Civic with a foam mattress shoved into the back seat. I was heading from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where I had only one friend, Joe. I arrived at midnight on a Tuesday, wondering if I’d made a mistake. Without a job, we didn’t have enough money to cover rent and ended up opening our home to strangers to make ends meet. It was one of the biggest risks I’ve taken in my life, and one that completely transformed me. Had I not taken that risk, I would have never started Airbnb. There’s something magical that happens when you go on a journey by yourself. Not tethered to your old self, you’re more willing to try…

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Born in Hollywood, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale, Bryce Wymer says his work got more vibrant when he moved to New York. “My color palette got brighter, because your level of interactivity with the people is much stronger. And that goes for travel, too.” Romp captures the feeling of a month of travel. Wymer’s flat, graphic style collapses the viewer’s sense of time, offering several vignettes at once. The work isn’t linear, but it’s nevertheless full of movement—kinetic, like the experience of spontaneous travel. “It’s always liberating to not really have any strict plans,” Wymer says. “The people, places, and food experiences all happen organically in a spontaneous stream-of-consciousness experience.” BRYCE WYMER 8.125" x 10.375" India ink, gouache, and digital 2019…

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JACK HITT is a regular contributor to the New York Times Magazine and is cohost of the podcast Uncivil, which won a Peabody Award. BILL MAYER has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and his art has appeared on magazine covers, in articles and ads, and even on stamps. He lives in Decatur, Georgia. ALBA PLAZA and MARISA FERREIRA run Os Azulejos do Porto, a project that preserves and documents Portugal’s historic tile art. For this issue, they worked with tattoo artist Tiago De Oliveira. abnb.co/azulejosporto DIDEM TALI is an award-winning journalist who writes about human rights and culture. Having reported around the world, she’s currently based in her native Turkey. IRINA ROZOVSKY has published two monographs, with another forthcoming. Her work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. She…

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airbnb magazine

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the sole seekers

Not all Muslim women wear a hijab, the Islamic headscarf, but those who do often feel the covering immediately makes them stand out—and become a possible target, considering the surge of Islamophobia in recent years. But a new generation isn’t letting this deter them from pursuing their dreams of world travel, and are even brazenly doing so solo. One is Saudi Arabian Esra Alhamal: “At the end of the day, my hijab is a piece of cloth—a very meaningful piece of cloth, but it’s still cloth. It doesn’t describe everything about me.” Her sentiment is echoed among an increasing number of young, independent, and educated Muslims who are spending billions on travel every year, despite experiencing travel restrictions and visa difficulties. Alhamal, along with three other women from different corners…

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travel, halal-style

When in doubt, go veg. Nora Yusuf advises Muslim travelers to seek out vegetarian options if they have any concerns about keeping halal on the go. While halal restaurants are gaining a bigger presence in cities like New York, Berlin, and London, remote travelers may need to avoid meat altogether. Find the right accommodations. An Airbnb home provides much-needed flexibility in terms of cooking, prayer spaces, and privacy, says Elena Nikolova. To organize what she calls “hijab-free” holidays, she searches photos and reviews to find discreet villas with a pool where she can soak up the sun alone sans her hijab. Connect with Muslim travelers. Esra Alhamal and Kareemah Ashiru cofounded the Facebook group Muslimahs Who Travel to swap tips on keeping halal, staying safe, and traveling during Ramadan. In fact, when Ashiru posted about…