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December 2019

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read alberta books

FICTION Advice for Taxidermists and Amateur Beekeepers Erin Emily Ann Vance The sudden death of Margot Morris and her two young daughters in a house fire sends shock waves through a small rural community. Margot’s three surviving siblings are left to wonder if Margot’s death was an accident or murder. STONEHOUSEPUBLISHING.CA Arctic Smoke Randy Nikkel Schroeder Forced to rejoin his bandmates, ageing punk Lor Kowalski is dragged north under the spell of an ad for an Arctic tour. As the band members unspool across the surreal, frozen wastelands, rogue CSIS agents are hot on their increasingly iced-over heels. NEWESTPRESS.COM Broke City Wendy McGrath Budding with creativity that her working-class parents do not understand, Christine questions fraught relationships, with alcoholism and implicit violence bubbling just under the surface of their marriage. The final book in the Santa Rosa trilogy. NEWESTPRESS.COM The Inquirer Jaclyn Dawn After an…

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the new normal

In his column this month (p 44), Kevin Van Tighem writes about how many fewer birds he sees in Alberta these days. His observation is echoed by a report in the journal Science that estimates North America has three billion fewer birds than it did in 1970. “What worries this old-timer most,” Kevin writes, is that “nobody under the age of 40 today ever experienced the glorious spring choruses I used simply to take for granted. Abnormal feels normal if it’s all you’ve ever had.” In other words, today’s young Albertans don’t know what they’re missing. This might make them doubt news stories about plummeting bird populations; it might make them complacent. Even if they do believe that the loss of birds is real and of concern, the problem might seem…

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Susan Wright (“Kenney’s First 100 Days,” p 24) is a lawyer with experience in oil, gas, petrochemicals and pipelines who writes the blog “Susan on the Soapbox.” She ran for Alberta’s Liberals in a 2014 by-election and lost, but thinks running for public office is good for the soul and you should try it at least once. Trina Moyles (“Herd Memory,” p 30) is the author of Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism and the Fight to Feed the World (U of R Press). Her second book, Eyes in the Sky, will be published by Random House in 2021. An MFA student in UBC’s creative writing program, Moyles lives in Peace River. Rona Altrows’s “The Shave” (p 40) is the winner of Alberta Views’s 2019 short fiction contest. Altrows, who lives in Calgary,…

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I SUBSCRIBED TO ALBERTA VIEWS long ago, and soon cancelled the subscription in the interests of health—mine! I couldn’t stand the nonstop left-wing rants against doctors. Recently I subscribed again, wondering if anything had changed. I was pleasantly surprised. The November dialogue between Ron Kustra and Tom Noseworthy on private health care was cordial, rational and mostly factual; very good journalism. The article on how Alberta pays doctors (“Bad Incentives”) was factual, balanced and, above all, honest, as writer Christina Frangou doesn’t profess to have instant answers. It correctly exposes many inequities in our fee system. I could add a great many more. (I’m a newly retired specialist in general internal medicine after 40 years of work at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.) But I have one disagreement with your article: It…

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the scene

THEATRE EDMONTON Bed and Breakfast By Mark Crawford, Theatre Network, Roxy on Gateway, Nov 19–Dec 8 The Skin of Our Teeth By Thornton Wilder, Varscona Theatre Ensemble, Varscona Theatre, Nov 21–Dec 1 Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play By Anna Washburn, You Are Here Theatre/Blarney Productions, Westbury Theatre, Nov 26–Dec 8 Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. By Alice Birch, U of A Studio Theatre, Timms Centre, Nov 29–Dec 7 A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens, adapted by David van Belle, Citadel Theatre, Maclab Theatre, Nov 30–Dec 23 CALGARY Sherlock Holmes and the Raven’s Curse By R. Hamilton Wright, Vertigo Theatre, Nov 9–Dec 8 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe By C.S. Lewis, adapted by Joseph Robinette, ATP, Martha Cohen Theatre, Nov 19–Dec 29 Roald Dahl’s Matilda:The Musical Directed by Simon Mallett, Storybook Theatre, Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, Nov 22–Jan 4, 2020 Last Christmas By Neil Fleming, Lunchbox Theatre, Nov 23–Dec 21 The Merchant of Venice Directed by Carey Perloff, with Hit & Myth and U of C School of Creative and Performing Arts, The Shakespeare…

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must-see exhibition

These three Alberta artists use the imagery of houses to examine ideas of belonging, displacement and abandonment. Scott’s paintings of abandoned prairie houses, Struck’s three-dimensional models combining painting and sculpture, and de Bruijn’s multimedia works that draw from her childhood in Mexico come together in an examination of the common theme of home.…