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Angels on Earth magazine September/October 2019

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Experience the inspiring stories that fill each issue of Angels on Earth magazine, from people just like you, who have found their hope restored, faith strengthened and lives transformed through miraculous encounters with angels. Angels still visit us today to guide us, and give us reassuring evidence of God’s eternal love. Discover the angels in your own life with Angels on Earth!

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down to earth

I’M ALWAYS EXCITED to announce the arrival of our Guideposts annual full-size keepsake publication, The Joys of Christmas. The 2019 edition is ready to order, for yourself and as gifts for friends and family. Inside you’ll find true holiday stories that highlight the joy of God’s grace, the joy of believing, the joy of hearth and home, and the joy of family cooking. These stories are our Christmas best, the full color photographs and illustrations stunning. I worked hard with the team that put the whole thing together, but I’m especially close to this year’s cover illustration of “The Little Drummer Boy,” my favorite Christmas carol. Maybe it’s your favorite carol too, with its sublimely simple “pa rum pum pum pum” carrying the story along. The timid drummer boy standing by, holding…

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what’s new online

Happy Labor Day! Time to relax, renew and say goodbye to summer. Watch our video at for ideas on how to liven up your Labor Day cookout with games and family fun. Cancer Care October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Regardless of the time of year, the disease touches all our lives in some form or another. Find comfort in these seven encouraging Bible verses for cancer patients and their loved ones at angelson Angelic Appearances We know that God’s angels are always watching over us, but you might be surprised by how many of our readers have caught them in the act! See for yourself at…

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keeper of the sparrow

I HAPPENED TO LOOK UP from my dusting just as a sparrow smacked into the window and fell, stunned. We had recently repositioned our ficus tree in front of the window to get more sunlight. Could the bird have been aiming for it? Please, God, let him be all right, I prayed as I hurried outside, hoping to see the bird shaking off his misadventure. My husband, Dennis, followed close behind. My heart sank when I came around the corner and saw that the little bird was laying perfectly still on the ground. Deathly still. My stomach churned and I looked away. I couldn’t bear to touch him, but I couldn’t stand the thought of just leaving him there to be eaten by cats or foxes. “Oh, no,” Dennis said. “Could you please…

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in the pink

WHO IS THAT? I slowed my car near the post office entrance to study a man standing out front. He was an attractive black man, maybe in his forties. I knew him from somewhere. I pulled into the parking lot right next to him and rolled down my window. “Excuse me,” I said. “You look very familiar, and I can’t figure out why.” “Well, I used to work at the Food Lion,” he said. “Could that be it?” “Yes, the produce department!” He’d always been so friendly; it was no wonder I remembered him. “I haven’t seen you there in quite a while.” “My wife and I were out of state,” he said, “with her family.” “How nice.” He hesitated a moment and looked down at the sidewalk. Then he raised his head. “She was very sick,”…

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FOR SALE. The sign on the pizza joint that winter taunted me. From the time I was a kid I’d dreamed of owning my own restaurant. Now here was the perfect place. Not so big that my wife and I couldn’t handle it on our own. A great location, right on the main drag, Route 15. Ideal for hungry skiers passing through northern Vermont in winter. Or the leaf peepers in the fall. There was just one thing standing between me and my dream: money. I was flat broke. No way could I afford to buy, let alone run, my own business. Every day, driving to my job managing the housekeeping department at the Smugglers’ Notch ski resort, I slowed the car to a crawl as I passed by the place,…

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DAD WAS BORN and raised in the Pacific Northwest. As far as he was concerned, it was paradise. When we were kids, he regularly took us camping, hiking and fishing. He made sure that we loved the Cascade mountains and Puget Sound as much as he did. He couldn’t believe it when my sister, Susan, and I both moved to Georgia. Leave God’s country? He would never do that. But a few months later, Dad agreed to come visit. “Once he sees the country around here, he’s sure to appreciate it,” Susan said as we planned a long weekend of camping. She and her husband, Owen, had recently bought property in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, right next to a national forest. “One night under the stars will be all it…