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Angels on Earth magazine March/April 2020

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Experience the inspiring stories that fill each issue of Angels on Earth magazine, from people just like you, who have found their hope restored, faith strengthened and lives transformed through miraculous encounters with angels. Angels still visit us today to guide us, and give us reassuring evidence of God’s eternal love. Discover the angels in your own life with Angels on Earth!

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down to earth

I JUST WATCHED my 22-year-old daughter pull out of the driveway headed back to her boat-building internship in Maine. She stuck her arm through the open window in a wave as big as her smile, and I caught a glimpse of her new tattoo, still a bit red around the edges. Shouldn’t that be covered until it totally heals? I wondered as her car disappeared up the road. The worry door opened: Had she filled the tires? Checked the oil? Did she have cash on her for an emergency? I hightailed it up to her room to see if she’d forgotten the scarf she was three-quarters finished knitting. Sometimes knitting helped her fall asleep. The scarf wasn’t on her nightstand. Whew. I sat down on her bed, chastising myself for going to work on…

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what's new online

“And She Saw Two Angels” Mary Magdalene was devastated when she found that Jesus’ body was missing from the tomb. There, two messengers explained what happened. Watch our video on the angels’ role in the Easter story at Spring Is in the Air The bees are buzzing, and the flowers are in bloom. Go to for inspiring quotes that celebrate our favorite season. Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! In other words, Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you! Wear green, have some Irish soda bread and get to know the real Saint Patrick at…

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a visit home

I BLINKED MYSELF awake, wondering what had woken me long before the April sun showed first light. I felt my husband tossing and turning next to me. So that was it. Jimmy’s work as a stock trader was stressful. He hunched over his computer screen all day, watching numbers spike and fall at the drop of a hat, so much on the line. I worried about him. It was no surprise that he wasn’t getting a restful night’s sleep. “Honey, wake up.” I nudged him. “You must be dreaming.” Jimmy stirred, slowly opening his eyes. “I was dreaming. About that big tree in our front yard in Fairfield.” He smiled. “Do you remember it?” How could I forget? That beautiful 40-foot pine in Fairfield, Connecticut. Back in the good old days, when things were…

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lost & found

CHARLES “BOONIE” RUSSELL stood up in his seat and let out a whoop as the University of Alabama Crimson Tide scored another basket. It was hard to believe that four decades had passed since he’d been on the court himself. Russell was at the Coleman Coliseum for an impromptu team reunion. He felt blessed to be a starter for the Crimson Tide in 1974 and thrilled when they won the Southeastern Conference championship. All the players were presented with rings personalized with their names and the words Alabama Champions 1974 inscribed around a crimson stone. He had cherished that ring. Until he lost it. A friend was having a tough time financially and asked Russell for help. He didn’t have much money, but he had his SEC ring. Their plan was to…

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blessed be the horse

HORSES HAVE always been my passion, but I never thought I’d own a horse farm, one where I taught children and adults, many with special needs, to ride. God had made that possible. When I first started out, I felt like he and I were partners. He was on the farm with me as I fed and watered the animals, cleaned their stalls, talked with the riders. But over time the daily struggles of running a business made me feel as if I were on my own. I felt the weight of my doubts on my shoulders the afternoon a 10-year-old student came to say goodbye at the end of her lesson. Before getting into her parents’ car, she paused and looked around at the stables and pastures. “You know, Miss…

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the collector

“VROOM, VROOM!” My six-year-old son, Nathan, raced the bright blue sports car down a road of his playmat’s little pretend town. Nathan had been collecting Matchbox cars since he was two, and now he had more than 250, many inherited from his older brothers. “Where are we going?” I asked him. “To the hospital to visit Grandpa,” he said. “Beep, beep!” That summer we visited Grandpa every day after his series of strokes. Nathan always brought some of his favorite cars to play with during the several hours we spent at the hospital. Today when we arrived, he took out the red Corvette. “Look, Grandpa!” he said as he drove it down the length of the bed. “It goes a hundred miles an hour!” “Fastest car I’ve ever seen,” Grandpa said, chuckling.…