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Angels on Earth magazine November/December 2020

Experience the inspiring stories that fill each issue of Angels on Earth magazine, from people just like you, who have found their hope restored, faith strengthened and lives transformed through miraculous encounters with angels. Angels still visit us today to guide us, and give us reassuring evidence of God’s eternal love. Discover the angels in your own life with Angels on Earth!

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down to earth

WHO ISN’T GOING to want to open Guideposts The Joys of Christmas 2020, with its beautiful golden angel on the cover (pictured below)? Inside, you’ll find our best Christmas stories from today and classics from the past, with full-color illustrations from artists around the world. Turning every page is like opening a gift. It takes the better part of a year to put these special keepsake editions together, and we were still working in the office at the beginning of the process. We did some of our photo shoots during the holidays last year, while people still had their trees up and their Christmas sweaters out—and our photographers could go into their homes without the complications brought on by Covid-19. Of course, in March, everything changed. We continue to work remotely, and…

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what’s new online

7 Lovely Lines Sing along as Guideposts’s own Rick Hamlin takes you through some of his favorite Christmas carols and what they mean to him at angelsonearth.org/carols. Holiday Stress Buster Is your to-do list longer than Santa’s delivery route? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Here’s an idea for how to combat a very modern problem—and it’s lifted straight from the Bible! Go to angelsonearth.org/stressless. A Stitch in Time Quilting has long been an artform of visual storytelling, delivering a message through pattern, material or type of stitch. See the entire Christmas story as it plays out in our slideshow collection of beautiful American handmade quilts at angelsonearth.org/quilts.…

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saint nicholas eve

LIGHTS FROM the Christmas tree reflected off Aurora’s blonde hair, bowed over a smudged piece of notebook paper. Composing any letter was a difficult task for a little girl just learning to write, and this one was very important. Aurora paused from her work, frowned at her paper and turned to me. “How do you spell Nicholas, Mama?” “That’s a hard one. Let’s do it together.” I knelt on the floor beside her and remembered my own first letter to Saint Nicholas on the eve of his special day, December 6. My grandparents were German immigrants, and they’d brought the Saint Nicholas Day tradition with them to America. Now I told the story to Aurora while we were living in Alaska. How Nicholas of Myra was a fourth-century bishop known for his great…

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daily guideposts

RECENTLY MY husband began coleading community discussions on racial unity in our growing city in Tennessee. At the end of one of these discussions, his coleader invited audience members to share their experiences with race. After listening to a few others’ testimonies, I rose from my seat and walked to the podium. With thumping heartbeat and shaking hands, I shared my family’s story as minorities in a largely homogeneous city. I spoke of vandalism at my son’s middle school, with racially offensive words written on a wall in the boys’ bathroom. I shared the day my husband and I discovered similarly offensive words painted on utility boxes on our lawn in a neighborhood where we were the only African American family. I recounted the fear that gripped me the night a…

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from the christ child

FEW PEOPLE KNOW the name Mary Virginia Merrick today, but she’s been making the world a better place for more than 100 years—since the Christmas of 1884. Mary was born in 1866 to a prominent Washington, D.C., family. The city’s population had swelled after the Civil War. Many of the newcomers, including injured veterans, freed slaves, immigrants and orphaned children, lived in poverty. Children slept barefoot in doorways. Homeless people lived in alleys and courts, without sanitation. The bureau of health took steps to control contagious outbreaks, and churches raised money for charities, but there were no real organized social relief services in existence. From a young age, Mary accompanied her mother on visits to poor families, bringing food, blankets and clothing. The families reminded her of the characters she read about…

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how the beach boys saved christmas

WALKING INTO the empty kitchen in my fuzzy robe, my eyes fell on our radio, silent like the rest of the house. I passed it by without turning it on, just shuffled over to the refrigerator. “The West Coast has the sunshine, and the girls all get so tanned,” I sang to keep myself company. I couldn’t have chosen a song with less to do with my own life. It was a snowy December morning in Wisconsin, where we lived in 1979, just a week or so before Christmas. School had been canceled, but my parents had already gone to work. Mom was a loan officer, and Dad drove a snowplow. My brother, John, was off somewhere with friends, so it was just me, alone in our house. I was 12 years old…