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Angels on Earth magazine July - August 2018

Experience the inspiring stories that fill each issue of Angels on Earth magazine, from people just like you, who have found their hope restored, faith strengthened and lives transformed through miraculous encounters with angels. Angels still visit us today to guide us, and give us reassuring evidence of God’s eternal love. Discover the angels in your own life with Angels on Earth!

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down to earth

DIANA VREELAND, former editor-in-chief of Vogue, once summed up her career by saying, “We always seemed to be working on the Christmas issue.” I feel her joy! In fact, we’re so deep into Christmas we’re throwing a Christmas in July office party. What else to do with all this Christmas joy? Nine years ago we realized we could never do Christmas justice in a single wintertime issue of Angels on Earth. Culling the best of the best true holiday stories to fill our pages always left us with too many of “the best” stranded in inventory, hoping we might find space for them sometime in the future. We addressed our dilemma by creating an annual deluxe keepsake Guideposts publication called The Joys of Christmas, with gorgeous illustrations, an Advent calendar to surprise…

6 min.
‘‘remember that name’’

EVERY FAMILY has a favorite story. The one they tell over and over. In my family the story begins in Springfield, Ohio, where Paw-Paw lived in the 1940s. Growing up, spending summers with my grandparents, I never tired of hearing it. I can still see myself sitting out on the porch, listening to Paw-Paw intently, though I already knew every word by heart. Paw-Paw was a tough man. Men of color weren’t given a lot of opportunities back then, but he started several successful businesses, including a company that provided windows for commercial buildings, and a popular neighborhood grocery. He even owned real estate. He wasn’t the type of man to make up a story. “The doctors diagnosed me with esophageal cancer,” Paw-Paw explained again one summer night in his low,…

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in the wilds of   alaska

I WAS ABOUT 10 feet from shore when I cast my line. I watched as the lure at the end—a bright red piece of yarn—arched through the air and landed in the Kenai River with a barely audible plink over the roar of the rapids. The glacier-fed water rushed around my waders. July in Alaska was brisk, the chill creeping through my wool socks and heavy canvas jacket. It had taken me six days to haul my camper from my house in Pennsylvania all the way to Soldotna, Alaska, but it was worth it for the chance to fish for sockeye salmon in such an ideal locale. Besides, I had the time now that I was retired. It really was a fisherman’s dream. I looked around and took it all in. Normally…

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heaven’s music

SARAH MCLACHLAN wrote her hit song “Angel” after reading about the death of Jonathan Melvoin, a rock musician with the Smashing Pumpkins who died of a heroin overdose while on tour. She wrote, “In the arms of the angel/fly away from here/From this dark cold hotel room/and the endlessness that you fear.” It may seem strange that a folk-pop singer felt compelled to write a song about a rock star, but McLachlan was no stranger to the pressures of the road. She poured her feelings out through music. Her lyrics struck a chord with many, as “Angel” became one of the most popular songs of 1999. Through the years, “Angel” brought comfort to millions of people. One was hip-hop musician Darryl McDaniels from the group Run DMC. He said that the song…

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a trip to times square

I’D COME TO a friend’s memorial service, but I didn’t want to be there. My husband, Corky, had been diagnosed with lung cancer, his surgery only a few days away. For months I’d been in denial about how sick he was, but now his looming operation made it all too real. We’d been married for more than 40 years. How could I go on without him? Who would understand? I turned and looked behind me. There was a woman by the doorway. She seemed so familiar. Long brown hair. Attractive. About my age. Lucille? But it couldn’t be her. I hadn’t seen Lucille for years, but just looking at her made a flood of memories wash over me. “Have you heard Johnnie Ray’s latest song?” I remembered myself whispering breathlessly to the…

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someone’s in the kitchen

JULY FOURTH means a lot to me, considering I’ve had many family members serve in the armed forces, from great uncles to my nephew. As a longtime registered nurse at our VA hospital in Huntington, West Virginia, I’m surrounded by veterans at work too. Show your support with this easy, homemade flag cake. No one in my immediate family is currently on active duty, but then again all the vets I care for feel just as close. Fourth of July Flag Cake INGREDIENTS 1 white sheet cake in a 9 x 13-inch baking pan (use your favorite recipe)1 can Reddi-wip (or use your own white icing with baking bag and decorating tip)2 6-ounce cartons of raspberries (can substitute with strawberries)1 6-ounce carton of blueberries11 toothpicks RECIPE Pull sheet cake out of the oven and let…