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Ask Science and Arts Magazine for Kids and Children March 2019

Each themed issue of ASK invites newly independent readers to explore the world of science and ideas with topics that really appeal to kids: What makes wind? Where do colors come from? Were pirates real? Filled with lively, well-written articles, vivid graphics, activities, cartoons, and plenty of humor, ASK is science kids demand to read! Grades 3-5

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nosy news

FOUR-WHEELED TURTLE At the Maryland Zoo, a turtle with a broken shell is slowly getting better. It has help from a wheelchair made of Legos. A zoo worker found the hurt turtle in the wild. The part of its shell below its body was cracked. Vets at the zoo did surgery to connect the broken pieces. But the shell would need time to heal, like a broken bone. The vets needed a way to keep the shell off the ground. So a vet’s friend built the turtle a special Lego wheelchair. The turtle can still use its front legs to crawl. But the wheelchair protects its shell as it zooms around. CRY LIKE A BABY When a baby cries, humans listen. And cats may have figured out how to use that fact. Researchers have found…

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where does the garbage go?

When you toss something in the trash, soon a garbage truck will come to take it away. Then where does it go? That depends on where you live. Different towns deal with trash in different ways. Compost Food waste might go to a composter. In a compost heap, bacteria and worms break down dead plants and old food. They turn it into good, rich soil. Some people keep compost heaps in their gardens. Big commercial composters handle waste from restaurants and farms. Recycling A recycling truck picks up paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and glass. These go to the recycling plant to be sorted and made into new things. Landfill Some trash gets buried in landfills. A landfill starts as a big hole. Trucks dump trash. Big earth movers push it into place and crush it down.…

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how to recycle everything

What happens to your recycling after you toss it in the bin? If you live in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, or West Virginia, it might go to a Rumpke Recycling center. We went to visit one to see how it works. Recycling Pickup Do you put all your recyclables in the same bin? That’s called single-stream recycling. That’s how Rumpke Recycling does it. They handle 1 billion pounds of mixed recyclables every year. Curbside recycling bins are emptied into the trucks. When they’re full, the trucks head to the Material Recovery Facility, or MRF. Tip It Out The trucks dump all the recyclables into huge piles on the tipping floor. This area is big enough to hold two days’ worth of recyclables at a time, about 2.5 million pounds. Move Along! The conveyor belts move 55 tons of…

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meet the decomposers

Garbage doesn’t turn into soil all by itself. It has help from decomposers. Who are decomposers? They’re bugs, fungi, and bacteria that feast on dead stuff. They break up the garbage into its basic ingredients. They eat some, and return the rest to the soil for new plants to use. So the cycle continues. Let’s meet some of this amazing clean-up crew. Scavengers The first to feast on garbage are the scavengers—animals that are not picky about what they eat. Rats, mice, seagulls, and raccoons often dine at garbage piles. They pick out anything edible and break up trash into smaller chunks. When they’re done, the decomposers take over. Slugs and Snails Slugs and snails eat both living and dead plants. Their raspy tongues can chew up tough vegetables, making it easier for other decomposers…

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ratz guide to tasty trash

Dump City dumps are the shopping malls of trash. You never know what you’ll find. You might have to dig through paper, light bulbs, broken chairs, all kinds of stuff. And watch out for seagulls. But be persistent! Tasty, well-aged potato chips and old pizza are in there somewhere! If you’re lucky, maybe with mushrooms growing on it. Other Dump Now this is not a tasty dump. Just construction waste! Metal, concrete, plastic pipes—Bleh. No stars for you! Can The old, reliable garbage can at the curb may not be thrilling, but it’s always there. A good place to find a bit of everything. This house could do better at recycling—but under the plastic there’s bound to be some still-green veggies and not-yet-green cake. Nice and fresh! But when you hear the garbage truck, make…

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washed ashore

What a beautiful fish! But take a closer look. What’s it made of? Are those bottle caps? A plastic shovel? A broken chair? Yep, this entire sculpture is made from plastic trash. And all of it came from the ocean. The beautiful rainbow fish was made by artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi. She likes to go for long walks on the beach near her home in Oregon. But she was bothered by all the plastic trash that kept washing ashore. Where was it all coming from? Volunteer groups collect tons of plastic litter from beaches. Scientists estimate that 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. That’s 15 shopping bags full for every meter of coast! Some is dumped in the water. Some blows off streets. Wind and ocean currents carry…