Ask Science and Arts Magazine for Kids and Children

Ask Science and Arts Magazine for Kids and Children September 2017

Each themed issue of ASK invites newly independent readers to explore the world of science and ideas with topics that really appeal to kids: What makes wind? Where do colors come from? Were pirates real? Filled with lively, well-written articles, vivid graphics, activities, cartoons, and plenty of humor, ASK is science kids demand to read! Grades 3-5

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nosy news

Gorillas Sing for Supper Nummy, num, num...does your little brother make little yummy sounds when he’s eating? So do 400-pound gorillas! Researchers studying gorilla behavior have discovered that gorillas often hum and chirp to themselves as they eat. And like us, they hum more when they’re eating something they like. In zoos, all the gorillas hummed. But in the wild, often only the leader of the group rumbled out a food song. A gorilla group is led by the b iggest, toughest male. He’s the b oss, and the rest of the group watch him to know what they should be doing. Researchers think that the boss’s humming may let the rest of the group know, “time for eating now, don’t bug me.” The Glowing Ocean The deepest parts of the ocean are always…

6 min.
making it to the top

On a stormy beach in Antarctica, two huge male elephant seals slam their two-ton bodies together like wrestlers. Rearing up, they hold their heads high and trumpet loudly through their big, trunk-like noses. Their roars can be heard a mile away. Ramming heads, they push and bite at each other’s necks. Their floppy noses are another target. A bite on the nose really hurts! The battle may last for hours. It ends when one male, sometimes beaten bloody, gives up and slouches away. Boss of the Beach Why are these seals fighting? It’s their way of settling who will be the boss of the beach. Being beachmaster is important, because females mate only with him. He will father many pups. The beachmaster is always busy, keeping order within his group (which may…

4 min.
good king, bad king, odd king, mad king

Good Kings Charlemagne the Great, France (742–814) Charlemagne was an energetic king who united Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire. He made peace among warring nobles and encouraged trade with the East. He passed fair laws, built schools, and filled his palace with poets and musicians. And he hired scholars to invent a new style of writing that was easier to read. Good Queen Bess, England (1533–1603) As the king’s third child, and a girl, no one ever expected Elizabeth to be queen. But she became a great one. Smart, sensible, and strong-willed, Queen Elizabeth I hired talented people to run the country, tried to stop religious fighting, and inspired a new age of discovery and art. She reigned for 45 years and never married, declaring that England was her husband. Ashoka…

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meet a lawmaker

People elect leaders to represent them in making rules for their towns, their states, and the whole country. Ilhan Omar is a state representative in Minnesota. She speaks for her neighbors from one area of Minneapolis when laws are decided for for the the whole state state.. Omar was born in the country of Somalia, in Africa. When she was eight, her family fled from a civil war and spent several years in a refugee camp. Then they came to the United States. Omar became an American citizen and now works to help her community as a lawmaker. We sent Plush to ask her about her work. What made you want to become a lawmaker? I wanted to become a politician because I like problem solving. Working in politics helps us make choices to…

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bigger than the rules

Growing up in Joliet, Illinois, in the 1930s, George Mikan often felt everyone was staring at him. Tall and awkward, with thick glasses, he tried to hide by slumping in his seat and hunching his shoulders when he walked. But someday, everyone would know his name. The Tall Kid Though he was the tallest kid in the school, Mikan couldn’t always control his muscles. In gym class, he was more likely to stumble than score. Yet he loved basketball. In the privacy of his backyard, he shot at a homemade hoop whenever he was not busy with school work, chores, or piano lessons. When he was 14, Mikan joined a local youth basketball team. He was especially good at shooting baskets. The years of piano practice had given him strong hands. But just…

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the fine art of persuasion

You have a plan, a vision. You, with a puppy! But how to convince your parents that this is a great idea? Getting people to agree is a challenge that leaders face every day. But with practice, anyone can master the art of persuasion. Here are some tips from expert persuaders that anyone can try—even you. Good luck! Ask nicely. Most people like to feel generous and to do the right thing. So be positive. Start with something you all agree on. That gets them in the mood to agree. Think about what the other person wants, And build your argument on that. Show how your plan will be good for them (not just you). Listen. When someone says something you don’t agree with, instead of shouting “You’re wrong!” try “That’s interesting, tell me more.” Be…