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Attitude Magazine April 2019

The World’s Best Gay Magazine. We pride ourselves on exclusive content and we are the premier destination for film, music, sports and pop stars plus LGBT heroes and allies that want to speak directly to gay men. Each issue has a balance of features on a diverse range of subjects, with block busting A-list celebrity exclusives and in-depth analysis of news and issues affecting the LGBT community. No other gay magazine can come anywhere near Attitude’s star pulling power, with celebrities such as James Franco, Tom Hardy, Elton John, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ian McKellen, Liam Payne, Take That, Matthew Lewis and countless more giving exclusive gay press interviews to us. Plus we have the likes of Paris Lees, Matt Lucas, David Furnish, not only appearing in the magazine but also writing for it.

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meet the team

Laurène Pineau, Designer Some people carry photos of their loved ones in their wallets. I carry mine on my arms. My grandparents may have silver in their hair, but they have hearts of gold. I’m sure the 13 hours of pain I went through for these portraits are nothing compared with the grief I’ve given them over the past 27 years! Tom Stichbury, Features editor Four-and-a-half minutes of pure pain. That’s how long it took to have this crappy outline of a lightning bolt etched on my forearm. It’s a permanent reminder of my thwarted childhood dreams after failing an audition to play Harry Potter. I’m not bitter, though. Oh, who am I kidding? DAMN YOU, DANIEL RADCLIFFE! Tom Doyle, Production executive I got the stag’s head tattooed on my chest when I was 21.…

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up & down

PERTLY PACKAGED POP STAR Shawn Mendes in his Calvins is Queerdom’s first break-the-internet moment of 2019 GENUINE SUPER-HERO Kudos to Don Cheadle wearing a “Protect Trans Kids” t-shirt on SNL THE NEW CHRIS As we bid bye bye to Chris Pratt, we welcome Christine Baranski to the “Great Chris Hollywood Pantheon” — joining Evans, Pine and Hemsworth I GOT IT! We’re living for the genius that is the Ariana Grande 7 Rings/Lisa KudrowThe Comeback mash-up EVERYONE TO WIN ALL STARS 5 You get a crown! And you get a crown! Everyone gets a crown! And 100,000 do-llars, too! THE END IS NIGH The mercury hits 17C in February! Wake up world, climate change is here HARD LABOUR Just when things couldn’t get any more messy… Labour MPs go independent LIAM NEESON’S CASUAL RACISM We were never that Taken by him, anyway…

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editor in chief’s letter

You’re born into it — and exist in it until you pop your clogs — but the relationship you have with your body is often problematic. It doesn’t begin that way, however. Little children might ask why they have curly, red hair while a friend’s is straight and jet black but they rarely see themselves as looking imperfect. It’s not until they are older that kids begin to compare their physicality with that of other people. Puberty is a challenge emotionally, mentally and physically, not least because our outward appearance is what people notice first. By the time they hit their teens, this self-conscious awareness of image extends to how they dress, what phone they have and even the friends they socialise with. When you factor in a burgeoning sexuality and the…

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attitude loves...

SONY WENA WRIST Sure, that Rolex you got for your 30th is pretty, but can you read messages or your heart rate on it? Or pay for your third takeaway of the week? Of course not. But if you’ve been weighing up switching to a smart watch, Sony’s new Wena Wrist strap can make any watch a little bit brainier, by hiding nifty tech in the clasp. Available in Pro (stainless steel) and Active (silicon) versions, the simple OLED display switches between activity tracking, notifications and contactless payments, with a battery life of up to a week. You can pair it with one of Sony’s five watch cases, or just attach it to your existing timepiece for an instant upgrade. We’ve never met a wena we didn’t like. Price: from £349. sony.co.uk AUSSIEBUM Fun…

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eating disorders must be seen as a mental-health issue

To this day, I’ve never met a male with an eating disorder, says a man blogging about his illness for Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity. He makes an important addition: “Or not one who has opened up to me about it.” “No aspect of identity guarantees immunity: not gender, sexuality, ethnicity or age” It’s a common thread among stories from men on Beat’s website, of which there are dramatically fewer than contributions from women. Men with eating disorders – already isolating, stigmatised conditions –find an additional barrier to recognising that they’re ill, telling people that what they’re going through, and seeking and receiving treatment for, is considered a “women’s illness.” But an estimated 25 per cent of sufferers are male, with evidence suggesting men who are part of the LGBT+ community are…

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poster boy

What was the inspiration behind your breakout track, Boy ? I was having an internal fight one night over what to wear to a club that had a “masc” situation going on. If I gave in and wore masculine get-up, I would be more likely to pull. But deep down I knew that that wasn’t what I wanted to wear. Boy is about me being my complete self, not giving into social stigmas or gender conformities. So it’s not about a boy who you dated? In this case, I’m talking to the boy in me who every now and then still compromises his expression to be more attractive — or less offensive — to the people around him. I’m always looking for new inspiration, though, so if you know any single men… “I was…