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mini’s brand focus needs to rub off on bmw, too

Visit autoexpress.co.uk for all the latest new cars news I’VE always been a big fan of MINI, from the very first time I drove a pretty ropey original back in the eighties. There’s just something very cool, charming and, ultimately, fun about every MINI I’ve ever come across. I’m also a big fan of what BMW has done with one of the greatest British car brands. I love the fact that it has stayed true to the style and character of the cars – if not the engineering ethos behind the original. I know there are plenty of traditionalists who rightly point out that MINIs aren’t very mini any more. But try and make a MINI today that does what the Mini did way back when and you’ll struggle to make it legal. The…

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john cooper works to become sub-brand

ELSEWHERE at MINI, the company’s boss has revealed to Auto Express that it intends to turn John Cooper Works into its own electrified performance sub-brand, which could even have its own dedicated model. JCW models currently account for around five per cent of MINI sales, but are among the most profitable models in the portfolio. The firm’s boss Bernd Körber believes that as MINI expands its EV offerings, there’s an opportunity to develop John Cooper Works into something more than it is today. “The next phase of our portfolio is also about the next generation of John Cooper Works,” Körber explained to Auto Express. “The perception, I would say, when you look at John Cooper Works, it’s not the perception of a full-blown sub-brand. People very often perceive it as our top…

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news in brief

Final GTD model joins VW hot hatch line-up VOLKSWAGEN has completed its trinity of GT-badged hot hatchbacks with the new Golf GTD (above), on sale now from £32,790. It’s powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel with 197bhp and 400Nm of torque. 0-62mph takes 7.1 seconds and top speed is 152mph. The company says the new GTD will return up to 54.3mpg for a theoretical maximum range of 600 miles per tank. Police time saved by dash cam portal A DASH cam portal where drivers can upload clips of dangerous driving has saved 170,000 hours of police time since 2018. The National Dash Cam Safety Portal – run by dash cam maker Nextbase – has been adopted by 33 of the UK’s 45 police forces. In that time, it has recorded 21,324 uploads. Motorists on the…

2 min.
inbox your views

mail@autoexpress.co.uk @AutoExpress HOT TOPIC New BMW X8 FROM: Liam Clark I’M sure this will be a very comfortable, well made car, but who is it catering to? BMW already makes the X7, which is absolutely massive. Is this just for people who want a luxurious SUV but can’t afford a Rolls-Royce Cullinan? FROM: Jack Smith I HAVE no problem with SUVs in general, but what is the point of something this big? We have terrible congestion problems in this country; massive cars such as this will only exacerbate the problem. But I’m sure it will sell in great numbers. Join the debate at www.autoexpress.co.uk “X7 is already verging on ridiculous size. You’re going to need a truck licence to drive the X8.”Stuart Middleton“I know this is the kind of car many people want, but it seems…

4 min.
flying with 007’s stunt drivers it’s no time to die!

John_McIlroy@dennis.co.uk @johnmcilroy THE world is being made to wait for Daniel Craig’s last appearance as James Bond 007, in No Time to Die (now delayed, for a second time, until 2 April 2021). But Auto Express has already tried one of the stars of the most recent trailer: the leaping Land Rover Defender. In fact, there were 10 such models allocated to the stunt sequence in question, which was planned by Lee Morrison, a veteran of all of Craig’s Bond appearances and the overall stunt coordinator for No Time to Die. “These were the first 10 Defenders off the production line in Slovakia,” Morrison tells us. “They pulled out all the stops to get them to us in time, because we were obviously on a schedule for the movie’s original release.” He’s not wrong;…

5 min.
audi s3 saloon

Alex_Ingram@dennis.co.uk @AxleIngram Running costs 36.2mpg (off icial) £63 fill-up Performance 0-62mph/top speed 4.8 seconds/155mph C02/tax 178g/km £870 or 37% THE new Audi S3 is now available in two flavours, with this Mercedes A 35 Saloon-rivalling S3 Saloon joining the A 35-rivalling Sportback five-door hatchback. Compared with the regular A3 saloon, the intakes on the front bumper are larger, while the single-frame grille gets silver highlights through its honeycomb structure, sitting above a matching splitter. The door-mirror caps and extended side sills are finished in the same contrasting shade of silver, while the rear gets some sharp LED tail-lights and quad tailpipes. The car also sits on sports suspension, which lowers the body by 15mm. Inside, the changes from A3 to S3 are subtle, but all welcome. The sports steering wheel looks great and is pleasant to hold; the seats, trimmed in Nappa leather…