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BH&G Good For You Slow Cooker

BH&G Good For You Slow Cooker

BH&G Good For You Slow Cooker

Getting nutritious meals on the table is easier than ever when your slow cooker is on the job! Better Homes & Gardens Good-for-You Slow Cooker Recipes magazine shows you how you can recreate your lifestyle just in time for the New Year with the help of your favorite kitchen appliance. When the right food goes in, the right kind of food comes out to keep you on track for a healthier you. And all the time you save in the kitchen means you’ll have more time to lead an active, energetic life! Choose from soup, stews, casseroles, egg dishes, easy one-pot meals, snacks, appetizers, and so much more. Here’s to a new you for the new year!

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2 min.
keep on cookin’

SIZE MATTERS Most people don’t have multiple slow cookers. You can convert recipes up or down to fit your cooker instead of limiting yourself to only the recipes that call for the size you have. It may take a few tries to make the correct tweaks, but it will be easier if you keep the following points in mind. ½ TO ⅔ FULL The first and most important rule: Watch how much you put in the cooker. For best results, we recommend keeping the cooker between half and two-thirds full. When the cooker isn’t full enough, food cooks too fast and may scorch. If it’s too full, food may need more time to finish. LIQUIDS-TO-SOLIDS Keep the ratio of liquids to solids in a recipe the same when you scale it up or down. This…

7 min.
eggs all day

HEALTH HINT Eggs contain almost every vitamin and mineral needed for good health. SAUSAGE AND SWEET PEPPER HASH PICTURED ON PAGE 7. PREP 20 minutes SLOW COOK 6 hours (low) or 3 hours (high) + 15 minutes 1 12-oz. pkg. cooked smoked chicken sausage with apple, quartered lengthwise and cut into ½-inch pieces1½ cups sliced sweet onions1 Tbsp. vegetable oil1½ lb. red potatoes, cut into ½-inch pieces2 tsp. chopped fresh thyme½ tsp. black pepper¼ cup reduced-sodium chicken broth1½ cups chopped yellow, range, and/or red bell eppers½ cup shredded Swiss cheese (2 oz.)2 tsp. chopped fresh arragon4 fried eggs 1. In a large nonstick skillet cook sausage and onions in hot oil over medium 5 minutes or until browned. 2. Line a 3½-or 4-qt. slow cooker with a regular-size Reynolds Kitchens® Slow Cooker Liner. In slow cooker combine sausage…

2 min.
sweet or savory cereal

OAT AND FARRO BREAKFAST CEREAL PREP 10 minutes SLOW COOK: 5 to 6 hours (low) or 3 to 3½ hours (high) 6 cups water1½ cups steel-cut oats½ cup uncooked farro Sweet Spices/Flavorings or Savory Spices/Herbs (below)1 tsp. salt Honey (optional) oppers (see Our Favorite Combos, below right) Milk or plant milk (optional) 1. Line a 3½-or 4-qt. slow cooker with a regular-size Reynolds Kitchens® Slow Cooker Liner. In slow cooker stir together the water, oats, farro, desired Spices/Flavorings or Spices/Herbs, and salt. Cover and cook on low 5 to 6 hours or on high 3 to 3½ hours or until grains are tender. If desired, drizzle sweet-flavor cereal with honey. Add Toppers. If desired, serve with milk. Makes 6 servings (1 cup each). OUR FAVORITE COMBOS 1. ½ cup crumbled feta or goat cheese + ⅓…

7 min.
slow cook, eat fresh bowls

TURKEY-SWISS CHARD BOWLS WITH APPLES PREP 20 minutes SLOW COOK 6 to 7 hours (low) or 3 to 3½ hours (high) 4 cups onion wedges1¼ lb. turkey breast tenderloins, cut into 2-to 3-inch pieces1 14.5-oz. can reduced-sodium chicken broth4 tsp. chopped fresh arragon or flat-leaf parsley⅓ cup balsamic vinegar¼ cup olive oil2 tsp. honey½ tsp. black pepper6 cups shredded Swiss chard or kale2 medium red or golden beets, peeled, spiralized, and cut into 2-to 3-inch-long pieces2 tart red apples, cored and chopped½ cup crumbled blue cheese 2 oz.)¼ cup coarsely chopped dry-roasted pistachio nuts 1. Line a 3½-or 4-quart slow cooker with a regular-size Reynolds Kitchens® Slow Cooker Liner. Place onions in slow cooker. Add turkey, broth, and 2 tsp. of the tarragon. Cover and cook on low 6 to 7 hours or on…

11 min.
get a shred of it

SLOW PREP FOR QUICK MEALS ONCE YOU HAVE THE SHREDDED MEAT MADE, ALL YOU NEED IS 30 MINUTES TO MAKE DINNER. TRY ONE OF THESE RECIPES OR USE THE MEAT IN ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES. PULLED PORK MASTER RECIPE PREP 30 minutes SLOW COOK 10 to 11 hours (low) or 5 to 6 hours (high) 1 3-to 3½-lb. boneless pork shoulder roast1 cup chopped sweet onion1 cup chili sauce6 cloves garlic, minced2 Tbsp. packed brown sugar2 Tbsp. cider vinegar1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce1 Tbsp. chili powder½ tsp. black pepper 1. Line a 4-to 5-qt. slow cooker with a regular-size Reynolds Kitchens. Slow Cooker Liner. Trim fat from roast. Cut roast to fit in slow cooker. Place roast and onion in cooker. In a medium bowl combine the remaining ingredients. Pour over all in cooker. 2. Cover and cook on…

1 min.
quick meal ideas

CAESAR WRAP spinach wrap + shredded meat + Caesar salad dressing + romaine + red onion + halved grape tomatoes PANINI country Italian bread + apricot jam + shredded meat + fresh spinach + Havarti cheese QUESADILLA soft tortilla + shredded meat + BBQ sauce + green onions + cheddar cheese RUSTIC POLENTA marinara sauce + shredded meat + grilled polenta rounds + Parmesan cheese FLATBREAD naan bread + olive oil + shredded meat + roasted peppers + provolone GREEK SALAD spinach + shredded meat + tomatoes + pepperoncini peppers + feta + vinaigrette…