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BIKE March 2018

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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» Spectators chanced frostbite to attend the final biking event of 2017. It was worth the risk. The Plum Pudding Meeting at Mallory Park was hilarious. Watching Batman, Spiderman, Santa Claus, the Christmas Elf and a bunch of other hardy club racers competing on Boxing Day was a perfect end to the year. The story from the Plum Pudding is on page 86. Now to start planning for 2018. I’m reserving 25 March for Hartland Quay hillclimb. I’ve never been before, but its combination of amazing location (sea view, cliff face, pub) and talented riders on over-powered bikes sounds compelling. Bike designer Paul Lang has said he’s going to compete too, which will make it even better. I need to see Irish road racing this year too. The Faugheen 50 on 21-22…

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Colleen Moore This month: The 341 event, 32-page event guide was a lot of work. It was heroically assembled by Editorial Assistant Colleen. Why no date for Dirt Quake and Macau? they haven’t published yet. She’s annoyed. Events Guide in the middle of the mag Pete Boast This month: Boastie last raced at Mallory in 1991. He could have backed away when we suggested that he might ‘like’ to ride at the Plum Pudding race meeting on Boxing Day, but he’s made of tough stuff. He’s almost thawed out. Suzuki at Plum Pudding on page 86 Ben Lindley This month: Fresh from launches of Ducati’s 1260 Multistrada and Triumph Bobber Black, and already looking forward to Bike’s 2018 track days at Rockingham. 10 May, 16 July and 13 September. See you then. Multistrada 1260 on page 34 Stephen Davison This…

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GOODBYES »Mike Armitage is leaving Bike to join custom bike mag Billet as ‘Executive Editor’. Access to the management washroom lured him away. Good luck Woo Wah. PLUM PUDDINGS »Boastie shows off his pudding. Every competitor received a complimentary pud at the Plum Pudding Meeting. It won’t help with the fitness regime. SNOW MEN »Freezing temperatures, flurries of snow and Xmas have added to the challenges this month. But the snowmen have been great. This is the Lang familyman. DISMANTLING »This complete and running motorcycle was reduced to parts between Christmas and New Year. Will it go back together? Believe in the power of prayer.…

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21st century stinkwheel

LIGHTWEIGHT Dymag carbon wheels are light, slim, and take 110/70 ZR17 and 150/60 ZR17 tyres. Wheelbase is just 1380mm, and with extensive use of exotic materials (carbon, titanium) Vins say it weighs less than 95kg. For reference that’s about 40kg less than a Honda CBR125R. FRAME-FREE Vins is made up of ex-Ferrari employees, so the bike’s suitably exotic. A carbon monocoque acts as bodywork and frame, with a cast aluminium section at the front of the tank carrying the centrally-mounted radiator. Air is scooped at the front and ejected under the seat. SMART SUSPENSION The front end uses a carbon fork hanging on twin wishbones and working a monoshock. Similar to BMW’s Duolever, it separates loads – the suspension can work braking hard over bumps, for example. The rear monoshock sits transversely over the carbon…

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£896 discount Honda Rebel » Have a nose at the list price for a Honda CMX500 and you’ll observe that they want £5395. Given what a success it’s been across Europe this is a reasonable amount for the amusing CB500-powered tool. However, you can get a pre-reg spanker at Torbay Honda (01626 352527) for £4499. Who wouldn’t want to save over 16%? Slashed by £2136 Ducati Enduro Tour » There’s a new Multistrada 1260 (see p34). It’s ace, but the existing Multi’ Enduro was already ace – a mix of civility and craziness, ability and impact. Loaded with extras too, with traction, cornering ABS, cruise and elec suspension. phmotorcycles.co.uk have them with the Touring pack for £17k on the road, a saving of £2136. £1000 lopped off BMW nineT Pure C » The C version of BMW’s convincing…

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triumph bobber black

‘The Black’s best selling points are best appreciated when cracking on. But that doesn’t mean effortless cruising has been forgotten about’ YOU CAN REALLY barrel into a corner on the Black. Keep the throttle open late, brake late, turn late. Much later than was possible on the existing version of the Bobber. But why? Well, for a start just two fingers are required for ABS-inducing braking power. There’s just time before the turn to glimpse a braided brake line over the angle-adjustable clock face. It leads from the master cylinder to not one, but two twin-pot calipers biting onto 310mm discs. That’s the braking power doubled, then… Slip down a gear, eyes on the vanishing point, and turn in on a new 16-inch front wheel. Down from 19 inches, the front tips…