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BIKE April 2018

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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» In 1993 I was sent on my first major motorcycle launch for Bike, and I was nervous. The ZZ-R1100D was, Kawasaki claimed, the fastest production motorcycle ever, and I had spent most of my time on a Zephyr 550. But the big ZZR was a joy, looking after the tentative with its silky throttle response and linear power, while allowing maniacs to go very, very fast. I seem to remember one Dutch journalist spending a night in the cells after being caught doing 172mph – the cop (we were in America) was in no mood for leniency as he’d just let off two Brits clocked at 178mph. Twenty five years later and here we are again: off to test a new Kawasaki intergalactic battlecruiser, the H2 SX (p36). And despite a…

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Hugo Wilson This month: Post Christmas and Hugo’s mind immediately turns to holidaying. Handy then that this is also the time of year for Bike’s annual Holiday Guide. Seven fabulous riding destinations and how to make the best of them. Holiday Guide ’18, middle of the mag John Westlake This month: Sports tourers used to rule the sensible-but-fast roost until those pesky adventure bikes turned up. John heads off to see if Kawasaki’s H2 SX is a mentalist with panniers or a proper comfy rocketship. Or indeed both… Kawasaki H2 SX first ride, page 36 Mark Graham This month: editor-at-large MG, not content with throwing himself out of Chris Walker’s sidecar at 100+mph ( Bike , August 2016) decided SnowQuake required his debut. Chris Walker, unsurprisingly, did not attend. Ice, snow and Harleys on page 60 Ben Lindley This month:…

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LOST LUGGAGE » Bike’s resident fast bloke James Haydon has just got his riding kit back, two weeks after he needed it for the Panigale V4 launch. Nice work EasyJet. CAMPING »When in Morocco, do as the Moroccans do. Which, on the Triumph Tiger 800 launch (p52), is what Wilson reasoned when it came to accommodation. DEAD BATTERY »5.30am and Westlake curses the Z1000SX’s flat battery. He nearly misses a plane. Turns out after fitting heated kit he hadn’t refitted the positive terminal. MUD »‘We’ll be testing the bikes along some country lanes,’ we tell kindly dealers before borrowing their bikes. Then we see a trail leading into the hills. Oh dear.…

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surprise revamp for speed triple

IN A MOVE that surprised everyone from Triumph dealers to internet know-alls, Triumph have given the Speed Triple an engine-tweaking overhaul just two years after the last. It was expected that the 2018 Speed Triple would just get the swanky colour TFT dash from the 765 Street Triple, some new colours and a renaming of the R to RS, to bring it in line with the 765 Street Triple models. But no… In fact, it’s received those plus 105 new engine parts which push claimed power from 140 to 148bhp and torque from 82 to 86 lb.ft. Both look to have been achieved primarily by letting the engine rev higher – peak power now arrives at 10,500rpm compared to 9500rpm on the old version. So what are those 105 new bits? The…

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tt debut for sexiest electric road bike

ARDENT TT FANS may recognise this beauty – a Sarolea electric racer has taken part in three Zero TTs. Now the Belgian team behind it have told Bike that the road-going version will be revealed at the TT in June. ‘We won’t be racing this year’s TT,’ says Sarolea’s co-founder Bjorn Robbens. ‘We have decided to focus on the road bike in 2018. So we will be in the Isle of Man, but to test the all-new road bike at Jurby and have a small event for existing customers.’ Called the Manx7, the new bike is based on the Sarolea SP7 TT race bike that managed a 108mph lap in 2017, but uses an all-new battery. It has the company’s own brushless three-phase electric motor and electronic control unit, which sit in…

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Kawasaki ZZR1400 £2900 cheaper than H2 SX » If you want fast and comfy, you should try the ZZR1400 before splashing out on an H2 SX, p36. Kawasaki Birmingham have, according to them, the only green standard 2018 ZZR1400 in the country, selling for list price (£12,199). Suzuki GSX-R1000 £8300 cheaper than an R1M » The new R1M is amazing, but most of us couldn’t extract the last 2% of performance which is where the R1M wins over the GSX-R. So save £8300 and get a brand new GSX-R from Waltham Cross Motorcycles (01992 663316). Price: £11,499. Suzuki V-Strom XT £3605 less than Africa Twin AS » The big V-Strom is hugely underrated and £8995 for this 2017 model from Wheels Motorcycles (01733 358555) seems like great value – it’s £1000 less than list. You even get £750…