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BIKE May 2018

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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‘you’ve got to do proper miles to get under the skin of a bike’

» In the interests of creating high quality photography for this month’s high-mileage test Bike’s art man P. Lang and photographer Jason Critchell spent a February evening in Peterborough city centre, heroically battling extreme cold and the attention of drunks. Good work men, the pictures are excellent. You’ve got to do proper miles to get under the skin of a bike, and big mile tests are a crucial part of the magazine. We’ve done 5000 miles on the Triumph Bobber in order to find out that the spokes go rusty and the indicator switch is sticky; quite annoying on an £11,000 bike, even if the rest of it is bloody good. More microscopic detail on page 38. Group tests are important too, so this month we’re comparing the market-leading BMW R1200GS with…

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Mike Armitage This month: executive editor Armitage, while not known for his appreciation of the fashion conscious, has been all but inseparable from Triumph’s Bobber. So much so he did pretty much all 5000 miles so far… 5000-mile Bobber test, page 38 John Westlake This month: struggling with a myriad of modes and menus on the adventure bike test this month. Press this, wiggle this, scroll that. Oh, no. Hang on, try pushing that one first… Read the instructions? Don’t be daft. Group test, page 68 Ben Lindley This month: KTM’s all-new 790 Duke could be the Austrian firm’s most important bike in years, pitching them headlong into the middleweight class. Young Ben went to ride it on the roads of Gran Canaria. 790 Duke, page 48 Simon Hargreaves This month: 24 years after the original Speed Triple was introduced…

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VALENTINE’S DAY »The heart shaped combustion chambers in Moto Morini pistons make them an ideal Valentine’s gift. Hugo gave them to himself. TECH TROIS BAR »Ben steps into Altitude 2050, Val d’Allos. Owner Eric is best friend of Tech 3’s Jonas Folger who loves alcoholic sugar cubes. HOT TIGER SEAT »Unaware that the Tiger’s heated seat was on, Westlake stopped five minutes into his trip, convinced he’d pissed himself. I AM AN ARCHIVIST »Picture library heroine and Giacomo Agostini fan Jacqui Harris is taking time off to have a baby. That calls for doughnuts. Trackdays 10th May, 16th July and 13th September » Only £99 To book please go to bikemagazine.co.uk/trackdays Subscribe Get an Oxford Aqua Roll Bag T50 this month »Worth £64.99 Call 0185843 8884 or go to greatmagazines.co.uk/bike Free issue Get a free issue of Bike on your tablet or phone. Page 115 See…

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bmw f750gs

‘The F750GS is one of those bikes that just gets on with the job, which I find really appealing in a machine aimed at newer riders.’ PUTTING MY CARDS on the table, I confess I’m a fan of the more road-orientated F-series GS models. While I know the F850GS will grab the headlines for me the F750GS is the unsung hero of the range and a bike I reckon deserves more praise than it gets. And I’m not alone. When I mentioned this to one of the F-series’ project leaders he looked a bit coy then quietly said, ‘it’s my favourite too’. Featuring the same updated parallel twin motor as the F850GS (despite its confusing name) the F750GS actually displaces an identical 853cc. However, ECU power map tweaks mean this version delivers…

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bmw f850gs

ADVENTURE BIKE SALES are on the up, but for many riders the sheer size of BMW’s R1200GS is genuinely intimidating. So, BMW have taken their F-series GS and with this 2018 re-imagining effectively created a lightweight GS with all the bigger bike’s electronic bells and whistles. Starting with the all-new parallel twin motor – up goes the capacity and in comes an extra balancer shaft and altered firing order. The result? Gone is the old F800’s boxer-mimicking thump, replaced by a much smoother power delivery that while lacking a bit of the old model’s raw character and sound is more refined and satisfyingly powerful. It’s faster accelerating too. By lowering the first three gear ratios BMW have given the GS a bit of extra zip away from traffic or when plugging through…

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suzuki sv650x

‘Ridiculously cheap considering what an accomplished bike you are buying – I just wish Suzuki had pushed the boat out in terms of styling.’ I DON’T KNOW WHETHER to laugh or cry when it comes to Suzuki. This once-great manufacturer, the same people who brought us revolutionary machines such as the GSX-R1000 K1, Katana, RGV250 and Hayabusa, appears to have given up on motorcycles. Last year there were a few new models and things were starting to look promising, but for 2018 their sole offering is this – the SV650X. An SV650 with a retro body kit and, on the face of it, not a lot else… The X is an SV650 (updated in 2016) with a headlight cowl, ‘tuck-and-roll’ seat, clip-ons and small side panels to give it a vague hint…