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BIKE November 2019

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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‘every day is an adventure’

This is me on Yam’s Ténéré 700, scurrying up a big hill somewhere in North Wales. The new twin takes the swollen adventure market in a fresh direction, with more than a hint of the original dual-purpose ‘giant trailies’ of the 80s and 90s (I had a Suzuki DR650RS but fancied a DR750 Big). So to see where the 700 sits we took it on a road trip with seven other adventurers. With bikes of every shape, size and flavour back-to-back it was truly eye-opening, and you can read our excited findings on p48. But the best thing about our all-roads, all-weather adventure was that it felt like exactly that – an actual adventure. We strode over landscapes, slipped down back lanes, laughed on slate-strewn tracks, got lost a few times…

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ton-up indians

NEXT YEAR marks the centenary of Indian’s Scout. Yes, it’ll be 100 years since the American firm’s famous V-twin first went on sale, and so they are celebrating in some style with two new models: the Scout Bobber Twenty and a limited-edition Anniversary edition… ‘Sagebrush Smoke sounds like a three-piece southern rock band…’ We’re fans of the Scout at Bike , of its high-quality dynamic, feel and finish; it’s proof that cruisers don’t have to be stubborn, clunky and basic. Most interesting and important of the laid-back pair, the Bobber Twenty is obviously based on the fatter-tyred, better-suspended Bobber version and pays homage to the original 1920 machine. Thankfully it doesn’t go as far as reverting to a side-valve motor, three-speed gearbox, rigid rear-end and no front brake, and the 1133cc, 100bhp water-cooled…

2 min.

£75 a month Honda CB1100RS Convincing ’70s superbike style, quality parts, luxury ride – the RS proves retros don’t have to feel old. The official Honda PCP deal is attractive at £109pm with a £2190 deposit, but Wheels (01733 358555) have a 0% deal – so a new RS is just £75.50pm with £2499 down. £139 deposit KTM 790 Duke We quite like KTM’s fruity parallel twin – that’s why it was our 2018 Bike of the Year. Kestrel KTM (02476 703901) have them with £820 knocked off, and with a low-rate PCP deal – the fit Austrian naked is £99.81 a month after you’ve found a very modest £139 deposit. £50 a month Enfield Interceptor Royal Enfield’s finance deals don’t have particularly attractive APR figures next to their models. No matter. If you’re buying the charming, engaging…

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ace of base

‘It’s long enough to warrant an HGV licence, but the way the Honda holds lines is remarkable’ LIGHTER, STIFFER AND stuffed with tech, last year’s new Gold Wing was a massive improvement on the previous model. Handling, ride and control were transformed, but without sacrificing lavishness. The outgoing bike was the Park Lane Hilton on wheels, this time around Honda have kept the five-star rating while making the Wing way better to ride. Other markets got two versions of the Gold Wing: the one with the top-box, pillion-cosseting rear seat and tall screen that came to the UK, plus another cleaner, stripped-back variant (if a Wing can be considered such). And now this ‘bagger’ is on sale here, becoming the base-model Gold Wing while the dressed-up version is the Gold Wing Tour. It’s…

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Price £22,299 on the road Engine 1833cc sohc 24-valve flat six Power 125bhp @ 5500rpm Torque 125 lb.ft @ 4500rpm Top speed 120mph (est) Rake/trail 30.5˚/105mm Wheelbase 1695mm Wet weight 365kg Seat height 745mm Tank size 21.1 litres Economy 42mpg (tested) Colours black, matt grey Availability now Bike verdict Last year’s redesign changed the GL1800 from luxurious motorway tool to even-more luxurious proper bike. This new version takes it a step further. It’s pricey, yes – but there’s nowt like a Gold Wing. Bike rating 8/10…

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brute force & elegance

‘You can’t argue with the way the Milano is lovingly screwed together and equipped’ SAFE TO SAY Moto Morini’s latest passes a reverential nod back to the 1970s 3½. However, these numbers do not: 1187cc and 114bhp of grunty V-twin muscle – that’s 79 horsepowers more than the original 344cc. And that’s not the only inflation – the pistons are the size of a plasterer’s bucket, the motor having been nicked from Morini’s Corsaro super-naked. So, this new Milano does what all big V-twins are supposed to do – ooze instant, neck-jarring grunt from the bowels of the rev range. While 114bhp isn’t headline material in this day and age Moto Morini have tuned their new retro-styled machine to have a deep well of torque for maximum on-road satisfaction. And it’s worked very…