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BIKE December 2019

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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2 min.
‘the first dream bike i owned’

This is 1994, and Bike’s chief road tester Phil West has pulled rank, as befitting a man courageous enough to wear those leathers in public. He’s on the new VFR750FR and has told the gibbering staff writer (that’ll be me) to try and keep up on a Suzuki RF900. I can remember the day clearly because of that VFR – the first dream bike I genuinely promised myself I would own. I couldn’t believe how much it looked like the NR750 in the flesh. The new nose, tail unit and louvres transformed the old VFR from a gloriously-engined, but slightly old-farty, sports tourer into a dreamy vision of motorcycling’s future. It looked like it should be the preserve of people with trust funds and horses, yet in ’94 it cost £400…

2 min.
chinese nortons

THESE ARE THE first pictures of two new 650s from Chinese giant Zongshen. Shown at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in China recently, the Cyclone RX6 adventure bike and left-field RK6 use a parallel-twin engine – and it’s the one from Norton’s new Atlas. Zongshen paid ‘millions of dollars’ for a 20-year licence to produce the 650cc twin-cam unit, developed by Norton with renowned engine gurus Ricardo. The British company claim 84bhp at 11,000rpm and 47 lb.ft for the Atlas, but the version built by Zongshen has a lower state of tune – they claim 69.7bhp at a rather more accessible 8500rpm, with peak shove of 46 lb.ft at 7000rpm. The RX6 using the twin is a step up in the equipment and performance we expect of Chinese metal. ‘Cyclone’ is Zongshen’s premium…

1 min.
longin’ for a loncin...

Heard of Voge? Nope, neither had we. It’s the premium brand of Loncin, China’s largest bike exporter – and if the name Loncin is a little more familiar, it’s because they have collaborations with MV Agusta and also BMW, who they used to build engines for. Having announced Voge at the end of last year, Loncin are now bringing the models to Europe and will launch a range of bikes at the EICMA show. They use a variety of singles and twins (including a 652cc unit derived from BMW’s G650) with parts including colour TFT screens, Kayaba forks, Bosch ABS and Pirelli tyres. There’s an electric one, too. The naked 500R is the standout, a 471cc parallel twin that makes 47bhp, weighs 190kg, and has a 17-litre tank and 785mm…

2 min.
chooser ?

Save £1900 Yam Super Ténéré We keep banging on about how overlooked the big twin is... and aren’t stopping now. Modes, cruise, adjustable maps, 12v outlet, ace screen, easy power, two-height seat, superb comfort, shaft drive – we could go on. List price is £12,399 but Wigan Yamaha’s pre-reg spanker is £10,495. Save £1000 Ducati SuperSport Not often you see much money knocked of Ducati’s list prices, but DMC Stoke (01782 917808) have a SuperSport Titanium for £10,995. That’s a grand off a brand-new unregistered 2019 version of the fast, engaging, sporty road bike, not a pre-reg or anything. Save £800 Husqvarna 701 A proper adventure bike. The clever single purrs at 80mph and averages 65mpg (80 if you’re steady), the ride is plush, but it’ll also romp on serious off-road sections and shrug-off spills. Nicely made, too.…

3 min.
flexible fiend

MAKE NO MISTAKE, the Street Triple RS is a naked sportsbike. Chassis feel, grip and confidence are up there with the best race replicas, it’s loaded with high-spec components and gadgetry, and the 765cc three-cylinder engine craves a caning – this is the motor that provides the power and soundtrack for Moto2. Thing is, we found the RS was a bit much for the road when it arrived in 2017, lacking the playful torque of the original 2007 Street Triple, and it was set-up so that RS could stand for Really Stiff. ‘As sharp on track as it is friendly on road, it’s a phenomenal machine’ Good news for 2020, however, as Triumph have given the range-topping Street Triple extra grunt that makes it more flexible and thrilling on the road. Peak power…

3 min.
sprinting to stand still

THERE ARE FOUR catalytic corks rammed up the 2019 R1’s new exhaust system. Four! These are required to get the bike through Euro 5 emission tests, and Yamaha have had to work hard to counteract the restrictions. The cylinder head, finger follower rocker arms, throttle bodies, 10-hole injectors, crank and oil system are all new. But despite all this there’s no increase in output – the motor puts out the same as the last model – 197bhp and 83 lb.ft. However, Yamaha insiders say the R1 makes substantially more than that when you remove the cat-infested pipe. The dyno charts of the catless new R1 were apparently enough to convince its BSB riders to stay with Yamaha for 2020 and put a smile on the face of the WSB team. So what does…