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BIKE February 2020

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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The ‘old’ Triumph Tiger 800 is a brilliant bike that was motive power for one of my best rides; a summer Saturday afternoon cross-country blast from Peterborough to Bristol on one of those days where the patch of sunlight follows you, where traffic opens up at the perfect moment, where you spot every speed camera, where you don’t put a foot down for 120 miles and you step off feeling perky enough to party. The package of the 95bhp three cylinder engine, the chassis dynamic and riding position makes the Tiger a great bike even if the XR/XRt/XC? model designations are baffling. It’s a regular search when I’m in ‘need a new bike’ mode. And now Triumph have rejigged it. Same concept, but bigger engine with a bigger bang firing order, more…

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big bang tiger!

‘Though it looks similar to the fabulous 800, everything is revamped or new’ This is the Tiger 900, Triumph’s most important new bike of 2020. Though it looks similar to the fabulous 800, everything is revamped or new, including a more powerful engine with uneven firing intervals. There’s also a lighter frame, fancier electronics and a variety of suspension options. There are five bikes in the range – two road biased GT tourers, two off-road biased Rally models, and a base model that’s a GT without the extras. None get adaptive suspension though. All share the new engine, that’s a longer-stroke version of the 800 – the bore is the same as the old bike – but with a radically different crank. Instead of the three crankpins evenly spaced 120-degrees apart like all…

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no more xrxctx

» Triumph’s X-infested model designations are mercifully gone with the Tiger 900. They’re replaced by a more intuitive system, where the two touring variants are called GT, and the two off-roady ones are called Rally. Adding a ‘Pro’ to both denotes the most expensive, kit-tastic option. The big differences between the GT and Rally are the suspension (GT gets Marzocchi, Rally gets longer travel Showa) and the wheels (GT gets cast, with a 19in front, Rally gets tubeless spoked, with a 21in front). Pro adds a multitude of kit such as an up and down quickshifter, phone connectivity, heated seats and up to six riding modes. The GT Pro even gets electronically adjustable rear preload. The base model meanwhile scrapes by with just two modes (Rain and Road), a 5in…

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sheene’s final fling

This Harris-framed Suzuki XR45 is the bike on which Barry Sheene brought down the curtain on his GP career in 1984. After that final season he kept the bike and took it with him when he emigrated to Australia in 1987, it hasn’t been seen in the UK since. Until now – it will be on display at the MCN ExCel Show in February. The 1984 season was difficult for Barry. He returned to Suzuki in 1983 after three years on private Yamahas, but still wasn’t on a full factory bike. ‘At the end of the 1983 season, Suzuki Japan pulled out of GP racing,’ former Suzuki factory mechanic Martyn Ogborne explains. ‘Barry was riding for Suzuki GB and we were told to give him all the ex-Randy Mamola 1983 works…

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‘tracker at the press of a button

When 27-year-old Dutchman Luuc Muis entered a design competition, run by Indian Benelux – prize, a brand new Indian Scout – he was hopeful. When he won and took delivery of said brand new Indian Scout he was delirious. Then he set to work… First he scanned the V-twin engine to create a 3D digital replica. Next he spent a month digitally designing every other component you see here – from rear suspension linkages to engine mounts to bar clamps. The only parts from the original Scout are the engine and wheel spindles. ‘Digital design was the easiest way for me, rather than designing on the fly,’ he tells Bike . ‘I’m a product designer at Motorcycle Storehouse [a vast aftermarket retailer for Harleys] so it seemed natural to work this way. ‘When…

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what are aston playing at?

All of a sudden the least expensive new Aston Martin money can buy isn’t a car but a motorcycle, the limited edition, mostly carbonfibre, £93,000 AMB 001. The bike, a collaboration with Brough Superior powered by a turbocharged V-twin, is an unexpected move even by Aston Martin’s standards. Aston’s early plays under current CEO Andy Palmer were shot through with good sense. He established a relationship with Mercedes to get hold of infotainment systems and control electronics (two fiendishly expensive areas of R&D). Ditto the riotous twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG V8 that powers the Vantage and V8 DB11. Palmer’s technical partnership with F1 team Red Bull produced the incredible Valkyrie hypercar – a calling card for both concerns. Then things got weirder. We’ve had a plane, a submarine, bicycles the price of motorcycles, two…