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BIKE December 2017

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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» You can blame the 1980s for lots of things. Shell suits, Chris DeBurgh’s Lady in Red and the Morris Ital, for example. But the ’80s also saw rapid development that shaped today’s bikes – variable valves (’83 Honda CBR400F), aluminium frames (’83 Suzuki RG250), big bikes that handle like small ones (’87 Yamaha FZR1000) and upside-down forks (’89 Kawasaki ZXR400). Placing a BMW K1, Honda CBR1000F and Ducati Paso in front of a bathroom shop reveals more. Heated grips, gear position indicator, ABS and modern riding position? All present, and served on visual wonders that create traffic chaos. And yet, despite period cool with modern usability, ’80s bikes are missed in the modern classic boom. This means ace bikes at not-gone-silly prices, which is mega – unless, like me, you’ve…

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Hugo Wilson This month: the editor has been to Spain to test a German bike made in India using bits from China (among other places). He’s also been lapping the M25 on our Ducati SuperSport and watched terrier racing in Yorkshire. New BMW G310GS on page 34 Mike Armitage This month: our deputy editor grew up during the frantic development of the 80s, and a catchy acronym or pair of 16-inch wheels get him buzzing. BMW K1, Honda CBR and Ducati Paso all at the same time knocked him off his feet. 1980s wonderbikes on page 60 John Westlake This month: John went for a ‘gentle’ trundle in the countryside with ex-MotoGP and current WSB team gaffer Paul Denning. He’s also struggling getting his head round our Fireblade’s constant desire to stand erect. Ride With on page 68,…

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ELEPHANTS »Paul Lang, Bike’s designer, is a Ducati fan – especially of bikes from the 80s/90s Cagiva era that are dotted with trunks. The Paso on page 60 had him in tears of joy. ’PED PURCHASING »Staff writer Ben has bought a moped. He’s of the digital age, so a Yam QT50 is his introduction to two-strokes, manual chokes, fuel taps, rust and disappointment. FLAWED BEAUTY »Moto Guzzi’s Daytona isn’t that good, yet deputy editor Armitage has long been smitten. One in his local bike shop is causing plenty of ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ turmoil. STUPID ENGINES »The Meteor is a 27-litre V12 for tanks, based on the Merlin used in Spitfires. Not what you usually find in a Rover SD1. Its eccentric Yam-riding owner is on page 117 .…

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NEXT MONTH THESE pages should be straining under the load of next year’s hot-poop new motorcycles. The EICMA show is in November, where all the major manufacturers wheel out their latest work. There will be, for example, the brand new Z900RS from Kawasaki, their four-cylinder device which they hope will take them deep into the ever-growing market for traditional feel-good motorcycles. However, they already have a proven and desirable retro in the range. Remember the glorious ZRX1200? It’s still a current model... Introduced twenty years ago as the ZRX1100 and upgraded to 1200 in 2001, the musclebike is still sold in Kawasaki’s home market. This year’s green Final Edition still looks ace, and has been around so long that it’s cheap – at £7995 in Japan, it’s three grand less than we…

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Tasty £2000 off Honda CTX1300 Maybe more suited to the American market than reserved UK buyers, the classy Pan European-based cut-down luxury cruiser has gone from Honda’s range. The 1260cc V4 was 15 grand but obviously now dealers want to clear stock – Padgetts (01924 478491) have spankers for £12,999. And three-year-old low-mile minters are now just £9k. £850 discount Ducati Scrambler The high-mudguard semi-military Urban Enduro version of Ducati’s profit-swelling Scrambler has quietly slipped off the bottom of the range. There aren’t very many new ones left in showrooms, however Italia Moto (01522 511851) have got one at £7999, which is £850 off the list price. You pay almost that for pre-loved ones. £1000 reduction Harley Fat Bob For some, the custom style, hard-hitting big-twin grunt and engaging vibes of Dyna models give the ‘real’ Harley-Davidson experience.…

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indian scout bobber

‘It’s a blacked-out hulking brute of a bike: grim and low, grumbling darkly at idle’ INDIAN’S NEWEST SCOUT has been slammed. Yes, that’s slammed. It’s the equivalent of being lowered, but referred to using custom-builder parlance. It’s been done in the name of style, apparently spurred on by Scout owners who have created their own stripped-back ‘bobbers’. The name originates from stripped, lightened, tuned-up bikes in post-war America with shortened – bobbed – mudguards, and in response to the style’s revived popularity Indian have slammed the Scout’s frame, cut back the mudguards and knobbled the tyres. They’ve blacked-out frame, engine and exhaust too. This new Scout Bobber is the latest bike in a whole clutch of models that Indian have developed since Polaris reinvented the brand in 2011. It arrives in a…