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BIKE November 2017

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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>> This issue of Bike is inspired by daily life in the Bike office. How so? Well obviously we love motorcycles and spend a lot of time talking about motorcycles. We talk about new bikes, and classic bikes. About great rides and great roads. About riding technique and crashing idiocy. About all forms of racing (especially on a Monday morning). We talk about new technology and engineering. We talk about handling and braking and paint finishes. But the thing that seems to get us most excited is the trawl through all manner of places where you’ll find bikes for sale. Lunch hours are idly wasted on various internet sites, itchy fingers hovering over ‘Buy it now’ buttons. On Wednesday lunchtime the classifieds in Motor Cycle News are scoured for bargains. Overheard telephone conversations…

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Hugo Wilson This month: testing two, four and six cylinder bikes; Indian Scout, Ariel Ace and BMW Bagger. And of course being hopelessly distracted by the very many options on this month’s additional Chooser pages. So many bikes… Ariel Ace on page 80 Mike Armitage This month: you’d think testing BMW’s revised S1000XR in the crisp, pure light of an autumn morning would be a highlight. And it is. But our new bike expert had just as much enjoyment compiling all this month’s Choosers. BMW S1000XR on page 64 Mark Gardiner This month: American correspondent Mark Gardiner has been following the quest to be the first motorcycle to reach 400mph for years, but didn’t expect that the scene of the action would move from Bonneville to Bolivia. Inside Bolivia speed week on page 73 Pete Boast This month: getting four…

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ENGINE NOISES >>We have a new favourite engine noise at Bike . Search YouTube for ‘Detroit Diesel’ and the sound of supercharged two-stroke diesels. Up there with a JPS Norton rotary. GRASS TRACK >>The ace Lincolnshire Poacher Grass Track was the weekend of the British GP. Fast action and a Bateman’s bar made Wainfleet more appealing than Silverstone. SCRAPYARDS >>Thanks to R & Z Auto Salvage of Loughborough for reminding us about the fine smell of old oil and mangled metal. Need a Lexus V8? They might be able to help. WINDMILLS >>Our exciteable art director Paul Lang loves a pun, and an excuse for a ride. A tour of windmills on his BMW Urban G/S delivers both. Flour Power is on page 122.…

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ducati’s future

‘The thing of interest is the crank pins being offset by 70˚ and not in phase’ WELCOME TO THE future of Ducati’s large sportsbikes. As we predicted in September’s issue, the Italians’ have ditched their Superquadro V-twin for this – the Desmosedici Stradale V4. It’s a road version of their MotoGP bike. The 90˚ V4 shares the racer’s 81mm bore but has a longer 53.5mm stroke, for 1103cc and more midrange. The racer has gear-driven cams, all on one side; the Stradale’s front cylinders have a cam chain on the right, driving the inlet cam (which is geared to the exhaust cam), and a rear chain on the left driving the exhaust cam (geared to the inlet). Inlet valves are 34mm, exhaust 27.5mm. Compression ratio is a heady 14:1, inlet length…

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£750 of goodies Suzuki V-Strom Suzuki’s V-twin is easy to overlook, yet the 650 is a hero of British biking, rated by everyone from commuters to tourists. The latest is the greatest yet, and looks even better with £750 of free accessories – you just pick what you want, from luggage and heated grips to riding gear. But be quick – the offer ends at the end of September. Interest-free Yamaha Tracer 700 Perky yet practical, fun but friendly, and amazingly adaptable – there’s lots to love about the two-cylinder Tracer. It includes its £7139 on-the-road price... although even that’s irrelevant with the 0% finance offer. Part-ex your old £2500 runaround, and a new Tracer is just £4.24 a day for three years. And that’s you-own-it HP, not PCP renting. Free Akrapovic Kawasaki Z1000 Have you seen the…

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bmw k1600b le

‘BMW make bulky tourers feel like lightweights’ THIS IS THE new BMW K1600B. It’s a lightly re-styled version of the fabulous six-cylinder K1600GT, and the B stands for Bagger. So what’s a Bagger? Good question… A Bagger is a cruiser, but fitted with panniers that don’t upset the low rear stance of the bike. So you can carry groceries, but still look cool. Apparently ‘Baggers’ are big in America, and BMW want some of it. Fitting the K1600 with a chopped down screen, lower rear subframe, different panniers and seat has given them something to carry the necessary moniker. If there was any justice this would immediately render all other Baggers obsolete, because it’s a fantastic thing. But this isn’t a market that’s based on logic, so the BMW’s lack of…