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Bird Watching

June 2019

Bird Watching is Britain’s best-selling birdwatching magazine. Each issue is packed with expert advice on when, where and how to see more birds, from common garden visitors to the most elusive rarities. There are features from some of British birdwatching’s best-known names, superbly illustrated by the work of the world’s best bird photographers, plus comprehensive coverage of all the latest sightings, guides to the best birdwatching sites, ID masterclasses, news and reviews of all the latest gear.

United Kingdom
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meet the team

Mike Weedon assistant editor has been finding April’s exhausting yet rewarding struggle fully worth the sleepless nights. Page 14 Mike Roberts production editor has been loving the arrival of singing warblers and the growing dawn chorus near to home …

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our contributors

Oscar Dewhurst reveals the problems Kittiwakes face in our cities and highlights one area’s efforts to help them. Page 24 Matt Williams recalls his experiences of taking part in a Seabird Survey to understand how our birdlife is faring. Find out more: Page 30 Lee Connor will never forget his first encounter with a Cirl Bunting – the bird that ignited his passion for birdwatching! Page 38 Renowned bird author Dominic Couzens explores the Sand Martins’ complex love life and the effort they put in as parents. Page 66 The Urban Birder David Lindo enjoys some city birding north of the border in Edinburgh. Join him ‘looking up’ on page 86 COVER: PUFFIN - TONY MILLS/ALAMY; SAND MARTIN - ROBIN CHITTENDEN/ALAMY*; EDWYN COLLINS - GL…

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get in touch:

Bird Watching, Media House, Lynch Wood, Peterborough PE2 6EA birdwatching@bauermedia.co.uk facebook.com/BirdWatchingMag twitter.com/BirdWatchingMag …

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Kittiwakes nesting on Newcastle’s iconic Tyne Bridge (OSCAR DEWHURST XXXX) The Kittiwakes of Newcastle’s Quayside hold a special place in my affections. When I was a student in Newcastle in the late 1980s, I stumbled across them one day in May, and they rekindled my smouldering childhood love of birds. It’s great, then, to see the success of efforts by local conservationists to stop, or at least mitigate, anti-nesting measures that, last year, threatened the very future of the unique colony. You can read the whole story on page 24.Sadly, more and more species face similar threats, and on page 16, we report on controversies surrounding netting of hedges and nest sites, and ask you to get involved. One of the species affected, the Sand Martin, needs all…

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the big question: favourite seabird?

Matt Merritt: Has to be Black Guillemot – delicate and dapper, and not easy to find. (ANDREW WALMSLEY/ALAMY*) Mike Weedon: The Storm Petrel is a tiny, brave and quite wonderful little seabird. (FLPA/ALAMY*) Mike Roberts: Everyone loves Puffins, and I am no exception. What character! (ALL CANADA PHOTOS/ALAMY*)…

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snow bunting

The Snow Bunting is a curious bird in many ways, and you may think, an odd choice for a mid-summer Bird of the Month. Many of us only encounter these cute, white-winged seedeaters at the coast in mid-winter. But they are bona fide British breeding birds, albeit with a tiny population of some 60-odd pairs, in pretty specific habitat. One of the odd things about Snow Buntings is that they are passerines that nest on top of high mountains (in the same sort of altitudes that Ptarmigans and Dotterels dare to dwell). Another is that they have a very distinctive summer plumage (unusual for a passerine), where, in the male the body is largely white, with a black mantle and the wings are white and black. It is…