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Boxing News

29 October 2020

Boxing News – Every Fight, Every Punch, Every Week, we take you ringside with us! • Enjoy exclusive news, features, videos, interviews and galleries • Ringside reports from big international fights to the small halls • Expert pre-fight analysis of the contests people are talking about Written by our experienced editorial team, international journalist network and exclusive contributions from big-name sporting legends Further information: - You can download the latest issue, back issues from January 2012 and special editions like the 100 Greatest Heavyweight Boxers and Fighting Fit magazine. - Exclusive photographic galleries, videos and interactive links: Access key stories, videos, photo galleries, as well as audio content quickly and easily. Special interactive enable you to interact with us on social media or email or writers. - Instant access: download an issue instantly. Once you have downloaded an issue you can access it wherever you are.

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7 min.
make the sport great again

@MattCBoxingNews Editor THERE are warning signs that boxing cannot afford to ignore any longer. It’s important to stress that this is not the work of a writer eager to hammer nails in boxing’s coffin but a genuine lover of the sport who believes we can still wrench out the nails that are already there. Amateur clubs are closing down. The hardcore fan is seemingly eternally disillusioned. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) almost threw boxing out of competition last year due to substantial accusations of corruption. Blue chip companies won’t go near the sport with any long-term sponsorship. Most television bosses are not interested in showing boxing. Even a speciality channel like BoxNation, a channel that should have appealed to the so-called millions of fans out there, no longer invests in major live events. On…

6 min.

Reporters’ star ratings for main events and undercards are based on in-ring entertainment, competitiveness and whether overall expectation was met MEXICO CITY, ME XICO OCTOBER 23 MAIN EVENT UNDERCARD A LITTLE over three years ago, Juan Francisco Estrada and Carlos Cuadras combined to produce a thrilling, back-and-forth battle, with Estrada prevailing by just a solitary point on all three of the judges’ scorecards. Heading into their rematch at the TV Azteca Studios, fight fans were hoping for, and expecting, much of the same. The two warring Mexicans did not disappoint. Estrada and Cuadras put forth a tremendous example of boxing at its best – skill, courage, intensity and incessant two-way action. The real drama began as early as the third round, when a crafty right uppercut-left hook from Cuadras caused Estrada to stumble backwards and touch down…

4 min.
‘the new breed is here’

YOUR victory over Mickey Bey in December was the biggest of your career so far. Do you feel that was the ideal fight to prepare you for Lee Selby? Mickey Bey is a veteran of the sport and a former IBF lightweight champion. He was in top condition, but I put in a great performance and cemented it with a knockdown in the last round. Even though one of the judges gave it to him by a point, I truly believe I should’ve been awarded a unanimous decision. I’ve been regularly fighting away from home, so I know that sometimes you’re going to get scorecards like this. Bey was a perfect opponent to prepare me for what I’m going to come up against when I fight Lee Selby. Selby has got…

4 min.
return of the monster

MAIN EVENT UNDERCARD TOP RANK unleash their “Monster” on Halloween night when Naoya Inoue, the Japanese power puncher who’s near the top of every pound-for-pound list, defends his IBF and WBA bantamweight titles against Australian challenger Jason Moloney. Between them, champion and challenger have 34 early wins in 41 fights – and only one defeat. Top Rank snapped up Inoue after his fight-of-the-year points win over veteran four-weight world champion Nonito Donaire (40-5) in November’s final of the World Boxing Super Series. That was a wonderful fight that had numerous shifts in momentum, dollops of drama and a knockdown - and probably told us more about Inoue than his previous 18 fights put together. We knew he could punch with either fist and had a good IQ, but against Donaire, he had to come through real…

9 min.
monster opportunity

AN unabating wind pummels Jason Moloney to the head and body. The Australian bantamweight contender stiffens his torso, squints his eyes and takes a long, deep breath as he runs along the desolate awakening beaches in Kingscliff, Australia. It’s 7am, halfway across the world, and Moloney counters this attack from Mother Nature easily and instinctively: Laser focus sees him over another imaginary finish line, another morning run completed. More miles in the bank and the 118-pounder answers the phone with a warm, infectious smile that I’ve grown to cherish over a year of intermittent contact. Calmness ensues, and just like that, he’s recharged, ready, and reactive. “I’ve never been scared of monsters, not even as a child,” Jason Moloney tells Boxing News ahead of his October 31 world title fight against Naoya…

11 min.
biffs, broken bones and boredom

AS darkness fell on the evening of April 6 1893, thousands of fight fans descended on the famed Olympic Club in New Orleans for a spot of fistic entertainment. They didn’t know it but they were about to see, or in some cases sleep through, an historic event. The night would prove to be a memorable occasion in the annals of boxing, one which would enter folklore. The sport’s longest ever bout was set to unfold before those in attendance – an epic encounter generally recorded as lasting a bum-numbing 110 rounds spread over seven hours and 19 minutes. And after all that there wouldn’t even be a winner. The protagonists in this mauling marathon were hometown scrapper Andy Bowen and “Young” Jack Burke, also known as “Texas” Jack because he hailed…