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In Boys’ Life, all boys and girls can discover exciting new places, gain new skills and learn important tips to stay safe and have fun outdoors. Since 1911, Boys’ Life has been entertaining and educating America’s youth with a focus on the traditional values of fun, citizenship and service.

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hitchin’ rack

Dear Pedro, I was reading your comic from last October and I wanted to know if you ever figured out why the chicken took you across the road. Cameron K., Millstadt, Illinois Well, we did get to the other side, Cameron. So there’s that. We also learned a valuable lesson: Never trust a chicken named Steve. DEAR AWESOME, I love Boys’ Life, and you are my favorite part. You are so funny! Do you feel underappreciated by The Boss? It took 10 minutes just to find your contact page on boyslife.org. D ylan R., Richmond, Texas Another lesson learned: Never trust a guy named The Boss to edit a web page. He’ll bury your contact info (it’s pedro@scouting.org, btw) and make you feel about as appreciated as a chicken named Steve. DEAR PEDRO, I love reading…

1 min.

THE FALL CLASSIC This month caps the end of Major League Baseball’s 150th season. Turn to page 9 for the history of the nicknames behind some of MLB’s best players. CALENDAR October is National Go on a Field Trip Month. Make learning an adventure. Oct. 4 is World Smile Day. Show off those pearly whites. Oct. 16 is National Dictionary Day. Celebrate the original spellchecker. On This Date Oct. 23, 2001: Apple introduces the first iPod portable music player. Oct. 29, 1969: The internet is created. Oct. 31, 1941: The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is completed. SEE IT One of Disney’s fiercest villains is back in a live-action sequel to 2014’s Maleficent. Watch her and Princess Aurora battle for supremacy in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, landing in theaters Oct. 18. (Not rated at press time.) MARK J. REBILAS/USA TODAY SPORTS; WALT DISNEY…

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halloween candy

Can you guess the average number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Answer at bottom 9 billion Number of candy corns produced each year. $25 The amount the average American spends on Halloween candy. 90 million pounds The amount of chocolate candy sold during the week of Halloween. DURING WORLD WAR II, Tootsie Rolls were included in soldiers’ supplies because of their durability under any weather conditions. Answer to Opening Shot question: Milky Way; Answer to Tootsie Pop question: 364. Answers to Candy I.D.: a. Kit Kat; b. 3 Musketeers; c. Snickers; d. Milky Way; e. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups WHEN INTRODUCED, 3 Musketeers consisted of three separate chocolate, vanilla and strawberry pieces. The word “Pez” comes from the German word for peppermint: Pfefferminz. THE M’S IN M&M’S STAND FOR MARS AND MURRIE, as in Forrest Mars and Bruce…

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get outside… at the library

Libraries are doing more than loaning books these days. Hundreds of libraries have started encouraging people to get outside, too. During the summer, the San Francisco Public Library shuttles patrons to nearby national parks for free. Park rangers guide participants on nature hikes, teaching them about local ecosystems. The program has brought hundreds of new park visitors. A Greensboro, North Carolina, library partners with local parks to encourage nature exploration with orienteering programs and free backpacks. A Cicero, New York, public library runs LibraryFarm, a program that teaches kids how to grow gardens. Many libraries loan out seeds, gardening equipment and even urban garden plots. Which outdoor programs and equipment are available in your area? Check out your local library to find out. — Elizabeth Brignac Solve It Can you solve this Scout-themed riddle? I HAVE CITIES…

1 min.
what’s in a name?

Eye Chart — Doug Gwosdz: His last name reminded people of a doctor’s eye chart, and the name stuck. Wizard of Oz —Ozzie Smith: He was a particularly fascinating personality and equally spectacular fielder. Shoeless Joe — Joe Jackson: As a youngster, a pair of shoes caused Jackson to develop a blister on his foot. It hurt like crazy, so he played the next game without shoes. The nickname stuck for the rest of his career. Stork — George Theodore: He got this nickname due to being tall and lanky — at a surprising 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds. The Big Unit — Randy Johnson: Standing almost 7 feet, he was one of the tallest pitchers in MLB history. The Splendid Splinter and The Kid — Ted Williams: He was as skinny as a stick and…

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eat up here’s what some kids around the world eat for breakfast.

India — Paneer bhurji (Cooked tomatoes, onions and spices topped with fresh crumbled paneer “cottage cheese”) Scotland — Filled rolls (Crispy rolls filled with butter or meat) Brazil — Ham, cheese and pao frances (Crispy French roll) England — Porridge (Creamy oatmeal cooked in milk, flavored with salt, sugar and other fixings.) France — Croissant (Buttery, flaky pastry) U.S. — Pancakes Holland — Hagelslag (Chocolate sprinkles over buttered bread) Japan — Natt? (Fermented soybeans served with soy sauce and mustard) Russia — Syrniki (Sweet, fried cottage cheese fritters) Australia — Vegemite (Salty spread on toast) Korea — Kimchi (Spicy fermented cabbage) Mexico — Huevos rancheros (“Ranch style” eggs with tortillas and enchilada sauce, beans and rice) GOT A FAVORITE? Visit go.boyslife.org/polls to tell us about it.…