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Boys' Life October 2020

In Boys’ Life, all boys and girls can discover exciting new places, gain new skills and learn important tips to stay safe and have fun outdoors. Since 1911, Boys’ Life has been entertaining and educating America’s youth with a focus on the traditional values of fun, citizenship and service.

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hitchin’ rack

Dear Alfalfa-Taco-Eating Mailburro From Philmont, How come this is your main job? I think you should stick to your comic strips. Have you considered not being a Mailburro? (P.S. You’re still a great one.) Aidan D., Riverside, Illinois I love this gig, Aidan. It lets me focus on all of you for a while each month. Wouldn’t trade that for anything. DEAR SOMEWHAT-EDUCATED MAILBURRO, Did you go to school? Did you need some degree to be an “alfalfa-eating Mailburro”? Also, I heard The Boss went to Oklahoma. Could you ask him where he went? Thanks! Tom C., Tulsa, Oklahoma I learned life’s lessons at Philmont Scout Ranch, Tom. There I mastered how to stay focused on a task like mail delivery and how to never get distra … SQUIRREL!! …. (Sorry, Boss, I…

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See It While on a road trip to take Katie to college, the quirky Mitchell family runs into a problem. There has been a worldwide tech revolt, and electronic devices and robots are taking over. What do the Mitchells have to do? Oh, just try to save the world. Connected zooms in on Oct. 23. (Not rated at press time.) CALENDAR October is Spinach Lovers Month. You know it’s good for you. October is also National Pizza Month. Something to put your spinach on. Oct. 26 is National Pumpkin Day. See what to do with yours on page 32. Oct. 31 is Halloween, of course, but it’s also National Knock-Knock Joke Day. Flip to page 54 to Be Prepared for it. On This Date Oct. 1, 1971: The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida. Oct.…

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one for the books

Fastest selling fiction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. On July 21, 2007, 8.3 million copies flew off store shelves in just 24 hours. Most expensive: A copy of Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci. It sold at auction for $30.8 million in 1994. The buyer? Billionaire Bill Gates. Smallest: A reproduction of Teeny Ted From Turnip Town by Malcom Douglas Chaplin. The 30 micro-tablet book is etched on a crystalline silicon page measuring just 70 by 100 micrometers. You need an electron microscope to read it. Most read: The Bible, with 2.5 to 5 billion copies published worldwide. Largest: A massive 16.4-by-26.4-foot volume titled This the Prophet Mohamed. It weighs 3,306 pounds. Thickest: An Indian book entitled Shree Haricharitramrut Sagar. Setting the record in February of this year, the book is 19 1 ⁄2…

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the super six

Now medical detection dogs might help sniff out COVID-19. Six labradors and cocker spaniels (nicknamed the “Super Six”) are being trained to do so at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. People with certain diseases often have specific detectable smells. It is hoped that those with COVID-19 do, too. Body odor samples were collected from medical workers who tested positive for the disease but had no symptoms. For eight to 10 weeks, the dogs are training with these samples, as well as odor samples from those who do not have the disease. OCT. 29 IS NATIONAL CAT DAY. Show that feline in your life some extra love. Don’t have one? Think about adopting a kitty from a local shelter or rescue organization. go.boyslife.org/catday TEXT: GAIL SKROBACK HENNESSEY; ILLUSTRATION: KEVIN HURLEY…

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Halloween has also been called ALL HALLOWS’ EVE, SNAP-APPLE NIGHT AND SUMMER’S END. 1745 The year that the word “Halloween” was probably first used. $25 The average amount that each person in the U.S. spends on Halloween candy every year. 600 million pounds The total weight of Halloween candy sold each year. SAMHAINOPHOBIA The term for the fear of Halloween. 2,624.6 pounds The weight of the largest pumpkin ever grown. 1930s The decade that trick-or-treating was popularized in the United States. IRELAND The birthplace of Halloween. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO (2); CULTURE VANNIN…

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on ice

Sorby, who was also a member of the first all-women team to ski to the South Pole, recently talked to BL via email. BL: What were the winter months like living in a small 1930s trapper’s cabin (about 215 square feet) without running water or electricity? S.S.: Temps were at negative 35 and negative 50. There were hurricanes, too. Adding wind chill, it was really cold! The coldest winter in 15 years. We had three months of darkness (due to the long polar night). Donning 20 pounds of layered clothing just to go outside took time! BL: What wildlife have you seen? S.S.: Lots of polar bears, Arctic foxes, beluga whales, bearded seals, Svalbard reindeer, geese and other birds. BL: What scientific research are you conducting? S.S.: Collecting data on weather and wildlife. Collecting ice core…