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May - June 2021
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Whether you have a passion for Britain's ancient history, its great historical figures, the royals or the wonderful tourist attractions and hidden gems of the British Isles, British Heritage Travel has it all. Plan your next trip to Britain or revel in its amazing history - British Heritage Travel brings you everything you need to know about this great country through insightful writings and wonderful photography.

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editor's note

Hello and welcome to the May / June issue of British Heritage Travel. With the rollout of worldwide vaccines heralding the possible end of the pandemic, we're looking to brighter days ahead and spending the summer months exploring Britain with family and friends. And with this in mind Dana Huntley shares his personal travel tips to experience the best of the UK while Scott Reeves looks past the obvious motorway rest stops to attractions within attractions, which may just change how you look at planning your next trip! Elsewhere, we look at the life and legacy of Beatrix Potter, explore her home of Hill Top and look at her love of science. Forbes Inglis shares the history of corn dollies and looks at one woman giving the ancient art a modern…

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10 remarkable roman site visits

The Roman province of Britannia was the northern and westernmost jurisdiction of the Roman Empire from the 1st to the 4th century. Not only did Rome’s legions occupy Britain and Roman administrators govern the native Celtic tribes, but gradually the conquered Celts became Romanized. In the 400s, though, Rome withdrew its legions and its civil servants. Remarkably, the empire’s impressive footprint remains on the landscape to this day. Here are ten great site visits to marvel at what the Romans left behind - and all 100% worth a visit when next we can travel. 1 VERULAMIUM ST. ALBANS, HERTFORDSHIRE Roman Verulamium was on Watling Street, a day’s march from the citadel of Londinium for Roman legionaries on their way north to Eboracum or Hadrian’s Wall. Verulamium thrived from the constant flow of…

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the queen of crime's riviera

This year is the centenary of the UK publication of Agatha Christie’s debut novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which introduced the world to the luxuriantly moustachioed Belgian private detective Hercule Poirot. Christie went on to become the bestselling novelist of all time with sales of more than 2 billion books including 66 detective titles that earned her the accolade, "The Queen of Crime". Cue a closer look at the author’s home town, Torquay, and the south Devon coast of the "English Riviera": so-called for its temperate climate and scenic waterfronts. There’s also plenty of sea-breezy heritage for lesser fans of detective fiction. AGATHA CHRISTIE MILE Drop into the English Riviera Visitor Information Centre, located on Torquay harbour, and they’ll tell you all about the town’s celebrated daughter Agatha Miller, better known…

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wanderigs in north yorkshire and its dales

Many British Heritage Travel readers are long faithful and fervent fans of PBS Masterpiece, now celebrating 50 years on American television on Sunday evenings. In this superb tradition, All Creatures Great and Small has been a weekly companion this winter, transporting us to the North Yorkshire countryside of veterinarian James Herriot and his memoirs. Here is a part of North Yorkshire’s story, and perhaps it can provide some ideas for making memories there yourself. The historic county of Yorkshire has been the tail that wags the dog of Northern England for more than 1,000 years. The largest by far of England’s counties, Yorkshire has been traditionally divided into three ridings, or administrative subdivisions, for centuries. Under the current organization of local government, today Yorkshire is divided into South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire,…

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romance in the north west

Where real life and make believe collide: that’s what the movies can be. Heading out into English town and country to find the precise locations where famous film scenes were shot can be both intensely exciting and rewarding. To stand in that self-same spot, take a picture or three, then go home and watch the action once again. Romance can be a fickle thing. Sometimes it ends happily but often it does not. It’s time to consider the genre of the doomed romance: the couples destined not to be together. For the sake of happiness though, there’ll also be the one where the guy gets his gal in the end. You need a setting for a good romance and where better than England’s beautiful north west? We’re heading for the Lake…

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our sceptred isle revisited

We will travel again! British Heritage Travel readers are travelers. Most have been to Great Britain half a dozen times or more and a fair share are UK expatriates in the States. Anglophiles I know are dreaming and planning for the day we can return to our green and pleasant land. Taking the high road, low road and back roads of Britain for 40 years, I have shared those roads from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire with many folks in person and in these BHT pages. There is a modus operendi of how I have learned to travel over the years. Some of these observations may be helpful planning your own adventures to our land of kings, Shakespeare and the Beatles. Biorhythms, metabolism and plain old life choices, certainly, are different for everyone. If…