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Caravan and Outdoor Life January 2019

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

South Africa
Caravan Publications PTY LTD
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living the dream

What an incredible way to kick off the year! In this magazine, the first of 2019, I see a lot of what the soul of the outdoor life and industry is all about. Let's start with the good news: There are loads of brand new caravans, motorhomes and camping products coming this year. Before the close of 2018, I reached out to the industry to find out what everyone had planned for the future. And even though not all those I contacted took the time to respond, I still learned that there are at least 20 new caravans and motorhomes coming to South Africa in the next few months! You can read about some of these exciting developments on page 16. "Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming,…

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the heart of a true caravanner

I couldn’t help smiling at Denzil Gouws’ letter in your November 2018 issue (80 years old and looking to start caravanning). Let me say this to you directly, Denzil: Us caravanners are all a quirky lot, so you should fit right in! Never mind your age, start now! (Dare I say, before you forget?) Your wonderful letter starts under the direction of your head and solemnly lists all the points to be considered and asking advice on what van to buy. Then it ends by your heart taking over and telling us you’ve already bought an Invader Duo and never mind anyone’s advice (although you’re too polite to put that last bit in)! We’ve all been there – you set off to buy something and came back with something else entirely. We once went to…

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around the campfire

A TOUGH TRIP I was reading through the latest magazine, looking at all the things I cannot afford and doing the crossword (I try not to cheat, and completed it successfully). The wife and I are getting on now, and have advertised our Gypsey Royale for sale, but after a few weeks, we decided we missed it too much and are thinking of bringing it back from the people who are trying to sell it. Anyway, I was going through some old material I had written quite a long time ago (I authored a book at about the same time), and came across something I had written, more for myself than anyone else, about the more challenging side of caravanning. Here is my story… Setting out from home on our extended trip from Kensington in…

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from our forum

PLEASE HELP, HOW DO I FOLD MY TENT? John Wylie I have a Sprite Scout – how do you fold up the tent to fit when you close the back? Quicksilver The trick is to get your tent back into a rectangle shape (like a chocolate bar) rather than square. Sorry, that’s the best advice I have! Failing that, whenever I don’t know something I ask my wife … apparently she has more answers than Google! I think your best bet would be to chat to Brian or Woody from Loftus Caravan City (011 792 1456. If I recall correctly, they specialised with the Scout units. Some time ago I think they sold many Scout Nomads. TENT TRAILER VS SMALL CARAVAN Dave Pineo We use a Sherpa Tiny Rough Roader in Namibia (with modifications such as aluminium burglar…

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camping gear

Wind up Complete your ultimate off-roader with the Ironman 4x4 12000lbs 12V Monster Winch. It’s been totally redesigned and upgraded, and now features a stronger motor, a tougher casing, and competition-style solenoids. It’s also the only winch on the market with a motor breather! From R14 295 For more information, contact Ironman 4x4 on 011 634 7600, email, or visit The old fashioned way A jaffle iron is a camp kitchen necessity, and this one saves time by cooking up to three delicious toasties at a time, keeping everyone happy. It can be used on an open fire, gas stove, or even a conventional electric stove, and is easy to use and clean.You can even have your wooden handles personalised! R250 For more information, contact HV Casting on 083 378 5305, email, or visit…

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industry news

CONQUEROR TEAM UP WITH RECCE FOR SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION Conqueror Off-Road Trailers have once again lived up to their“military tough”reputation by partnering with Recce Incorporated for a range of limited edition units. Recce Inc is a company (shares held by the Recce Heritage Trust), that exists to commercialise the RECCE brand for the benefit of the members of the South African Special Forces Association (SAFSA), a Non Profit Military Veterans Organization open to all retired and serving Special Forces members. This company does not partner with just any brand – they choose only the best to put their name to, and told Caravan & Outdoor Life that when it came to choose an off-road caravan manufacturer to partner with, Conqueror was the clear winner. Caravan & Outdoor Life attended the launch evening of the…