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Caravan and Outdoor Life

Caravan and Outdoor Life June 2019

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

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South Africa
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for young and old

For the past couple of months, the topic of children and the camping lifestyle has repeatedly popped up. In our previous edition we had the Marias family who are planning on home schooling their children while travelling the world, and I wrote about a study that found that camping can help kids do better in school. Our DigiMag featured an article on how millennials now make up more than half the camping community in certain parts of the world. (If you do not receive our free digital magazine, go to our website and sign up for our newsletter). This month we again find children at the heart of much of our content. There’s the Marais family who share their 3 000 km trip through Namibia (page 52), and our journalist Richard van Ryneveld goes…

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around the campfire

PEG AND GUY ROPE TIPS I feel that if I have certain knowledge and tips that I should share it with my fellow campers. A simple patent that I have been using for more than 15 years always draws attention from other campers: It is a peg for the base of your tent poles that prevents the pole from moving or sliding when the wind lifts the sail. It also serves as a place to fasten your side sails. You don’t need any tent pegs to anchor the side sails to the ground. When packing up, you can easily pull out the peg with two fingers, but when everything is set up it is held tight. Another tip for the campers who have so many guy ropes: I use the V-method to anchor my tent.…

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want to share your story? have something to say?

Nothing beats sitting around a campfire and telling caravanning and camping stories. But what if the entire country was your campfire, and you could share your adventures with thousands of other outdoor lovers? This is what Caravan & Outdoor Life is to our readers. Our magazine and website brings together the camping community, and is a fantastic place to tell others about your travels, ask for advice, let your voice be heard, or simply share some news. So pull up a chair, sit down and write to us! The easiest way to get in touch is via email: editor@caravansa.co.za If your prefer to write, send a letter to: Editor – Caravan and Outdoor Life PO Box 31062, Tokai, 7966 @caravanoutdoorlife Or join get latest news on our forum: www.caravansa.co.za WRITE TO US AND WIN In every…

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GAME OF ‘THRONES’ It has happened to all of us – you wake up in the middle of the night and smile at the thought of another few hours of sleep. But then you realise… nature calls! Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night can be a pain, and it’s even more of an issue if you are camping and far from the ablutions. Or what about being in an unfenced camp (and hearing the lions in the distance). Worst of all, of course, is in the ice-cold winter! We asked our online followers whether they like a toilet/ bathroom in their caravan, or not. Comments Ronel VD Berg Joubert Yes, we upgraded to a caravan with a bathroom. It’s so nice. We use it only for “emergencies”. Lynette Lamb It’s definitely a plus point…

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camping gear

All-purpose action Den Braven’s All Round is a versatile, all-purpose sealant ideally suited to quick fixes around your caravan, motorhome or trailer. It can seal plumbing joints, vent covers, window edges, and can even temporarily mend metal. It can be used in damp conditions, and when you’re done, you can paint over the seal or join! For more information, call 011 792 3830, visit www.denbraven.co.za, or pop in to your local hardware store. Trailer tech Make re-positioning your caravan or trailer a synch with a precision-manufactured Maxi Mover from 4 Track Caravan Mover. The Maxi Mover can move up to 2 tonnes using its 2.4kW motor, meaning it could even move your boat! The price includes a battery. R14 900 For more information, contact 4 Track Caravan Mover on 083 701 1915, email info@4trackcaravanmover.co.za, or visit…

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industry news

STEALTH GRAVEL HYBRID IS COMING Stealth Caravans are conducting extensive gravel road tests with their standard first model, the Evo XR. Garry Caody, managing director of Profibre Products, that manufacturer the Stealth, tells Caravan & Outdoor Life that they have taken the Evo XR and put it to the test for limited gravel road use in an endeavour to realise its limitations as well as to understand what is needed for a more suited gravel-road version. Garry says:“During our 800 kilometres of gravel road tests, the microwave came out twice, and we made modifications, but we are still going strong. “Yes, on the standard caravan you will have to live with some dust ingress and will have to be careful with the step, but provided you follow some simple rules the standard Evo XR…