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Caravan and Outdoor Life

Caravan and Outdoor Life August 2019

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

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South Africa
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thanks for the ride

After just over three years at the wheel of Caravan & Outdoor Life, I am sad to say that I am heading in another direction. This edition will be the last with me as editor. Over the past 39 magazines (maybe I should have camped one more month to make it an even 40?), I’ve come to love this entire industry – my team, the readers, the manufacturers… To say that the past three years have been an interesting time in the caravan and camping industry would be an understatement. I had barely started as editor when the Jurgens saga kicked off: It started with South Africa’s then biggest caravan manufacturer launching their first new models in 14 years; this was shortly followed by Jurgens Ci being sold, and in the following months…

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around the campfire

MAGICAL MOMENTS A group of us recently spent a holiday in the Kruger National Park. After a few days at Letaba we moved to Skukuza where, although the park was almost full to bursting, we managed to find a site to fit all nine of us – and we formed a laager. Our set-ups ranged from a top-of-the-range Afrispoor Cheeta off-road caravan (with every conceivable convenience), to a simple pop-up tent with air mattresses. We fell somewhere in-between with our Skipper Oyster. Evening meals were generally shared, as were washing up chores, with the tenting folk using any washing up bowl available. On the Saturday evening, along with everyone else in the park, we lit our braai fires and sat around with a glass of wine in hand, in utter contentment. Nearby, children were running…

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plugged in

‘AUTOMATIC’ EB LICENCE FOR DRIVERS WHO ARE EXPERIENCED? The discussion around the impact of the changes in the Road Traffic Act, that require you to have a special code EB licence for towing, has been ongoing for years. Many people and manufacturers feel this has negatively affected caravan sales and the overall camping industry. In our latest edition, we have a letter from a reader who suggested that: “licences should be upgraded automatically to the codes required for towing after a driver has had a licence for a minimum of five years”. What do you think of this suggestion? Do you think there should be a difference between a normal driving licence and a towing licence (EB)? Do you think it’s good that not anyone who has just acquired a licence can tow…

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camping gear

Workshop heroes Many overlanders are tinkers by nature, and it’s important to have the correct tools on hand to ensure your vehicle is running at 100%. This 6-piece Automotive Tester Kit from Mac-Afric includes an electronic stethoscope, infrared thermometer, tyre pressure gauge, spark indicator, open short finder, and a digital automotive pen probe. No malfunction will escape your sight with this comprehensive range of gadgets. R2 995 For more information, contact 0861 23 36 36, email info@adendorff.co.za, or visit www.adendorff.co.za. Double caravan step Getting in and out of a caravan should not be a hassle. Crestline’s double caravan step is large; Two extra wide steps each 460W x 290D, Low step 200H and high step 380H; can carry up to 150kg and accommodates single or dual handles for extra personal stability. You can choose between…

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clever cooking

Making food goes hand in hand with the caravan and camping lifestyle, and we’re not just talking about having a braai every night. Whether it’s on the fire or on gas, you outdoor cooking set is never complete without a good pot and frying pan. And these items need to be versatile, easy to clean, and have the ability to take repeated knocks when being transported. On top of that, the pot or pan must take up the minimum of space and be as light as possible. That’s where the Smartspace Cookware range enters the frame. We recently field-tested the 10-piece Stackable Pot Set, and the Smartspace Frypan, which are of made heavy-duty cast aluminium construction (with 3mm walls), and feature a sturdy non-stick Teflon surface coating. A couple things stand out about this…

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industry news

NEW OFF-ROAD CARAVAN COMING: BORDERX After about two years of research, planning and development, BorderX is ready to bring their off-road caravan to the market. Caravan & Outdoor Life spoke to Werner and Desna Pretorius, the brains behind this exciting new product, to find out more about the history (and future) of their caravans. The story of BorderX started in mid-2017 when the Pretorius family – Werner, Desna and their two boys – were travelling in the northern part of Namibia with their 4x4 caravan. On the curving roads on the way back from the Epupa Falls, another vehicle kicked up dust and obscured Werner’s vision, resulting in him not seeing the next drift. Werner and Desna said: “Let’s just say the caravan was not the same afterwards, as we had to strap and screw…