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Caravan and Outdoor Life

Caravan and Outdoor Life September 2019

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

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South Africa
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Hi folks, I’m officially back in the driver’s seat – for the time being that is – not that I ever left. Since bringing Francois in as Editor Caravan and Outdoor Life has seen a fresh approach and new ideas. He proved to be a fantastic colleague, playing a major role in the launch of our Afrikaans sister publication Kamp en Karavaan, the introduction of our new App, e-newsletters and social media. He leaves us to pursue an international digital marketing job in Holland and New York! If you have not downloaded our new App yet, do yourself a favour and go to our website www.caravansa.co.za and do it now (there is also a SA4x4 App to download at www.sa4x4.co.za)! They’re both free and will give you all the latest camping…

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travel editor

There is so much happening in camping circles right now. I recently boarded ‘the redeye’ in Cape Town, bound for Gauteng, armed with a full book of appointments. My first call was to Custom Caravans to see a client’s specially-built motorhome – what an eye opener! Next on the agenda was picking up Isuzu’s MU-X sports utility and collecting the incredible double-wheeler Wonder caravan from Destination Caravans, with the plan being to head off for a relaxing weekend camping in the country. Oh, to be rich and camping! After that it was back to Johannesburg to review Checkmates’ new Knight caravan, another absolute delight. And, my last stop was Pretoria Caravans for their new Karenga. I also popped in at Roadque to take a look at their brand new state-of-the art Border…

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news editor

Word has it that there is no luck, but rather what lies before us is a product of the wonderful picture we paint. Well, I am certainly a very lucky guy (or an excellent artist) as I enjoy a varied position, which entails local and overseas travel, resort reviews, camping, motorhome and caravan tests, and meeting very interesting people during my travels. Once a particular adventure is complete, then it’s back to base in Westlake to put pen to paper and select the photographic gems to accompany the articles. Eish, the incredibly hard life of a travel and news journo. I’m off to the Hessequa municipal area in a motorhome for a few days… and I’m chomping at the bit. Wish me luck, it is set to be fraught with crackling…

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around the campfire

PASSING THROUGH LAINGSBURG? Travelling down to Cape Town this summer? Six years ago I met Poppie van As (63), an elderly underprivileged lady who has a small roadside 'roosterbrood stand’ on the N1 in Laingsburg. I happened to be cycling in Laingsburg around New Year’s about six years ago, and the first thing that drew me to Poppie’s roadside stand was the wonderful aroma of her roosterbrood! I bought one - with jam and cheese - and we had a chat. If you’ve ever met Poppie you’ll know that she is instantly likeable. Just full of great energy. Before I left town I returned to her stand and bought a few more plain roosterbrood, simply because they’re that delicious. Since then the Italian representatives at the Eroica South Africa cycling event has invited…

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plugged in

Your number one camping tip? We were all amateurs to the caravan and camping lifestyle at one stage. And as we're sure everyone knows, you don't just go on your first adventure and everything goes perfect. There's something you forgot, something you don't know how to do, something you struggle with... That's why we want to know from the professionals out there: What is your top tip for a new caravanner or camper? Comments Marion Vermark Shop around when buying stuff, we were looking for a caravan travel blanket, one dealer quoted R2 500, we bought the exact same blanket at another dealer for R850! Brian Walsh Always before going camping with a new tent, colour code your poles. This can save your relationship. Linda Jäger Make sure your sleeping and seating arrangements are in order - if you don't…

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camping gear

Wireless power CTEK’s Battery Sense allows you to track the status of your vehicle’s battery directly on your smartphone, using Bluetooth technology. It works with any 20-200Ah lead acid battery, giving you information on battery condition and even the battery’s ability to hold charge. It’s a great way to prevent permanent battery damage. R950 For more information, contact 087 807 7760 or visit www.enertec.co.za. Nut remover Perfect for removing stubborn nuts or studs on a rusty wheel, or when you need to change tyres in the field, the Mac-Afric ½”Drive Cordless 24V Impact Wrench delivers a potent 450Nm of torque while tipping the scales at only 3kg. The wrench is supplied with a 24V rechargeable battery and a durable plastic case. R2 495 For more information, contact 086 123 3636, email info@adendorff.co.za, or visit www.adendorff.co.za. Midway mark 4 Track…