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Caravan and Outdoor Life December 2018

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

South Africa
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2 min.
hooray for holidays

Are your bags packed? Have you checked the tyres? Bookings confirmed and the deposits paid? And what about the menu... braai every night, right? Here we are again at the end of another year, and while we look back and think "how did it sneak up on us so fast", we also look forward with anticipation. Anticipation not just for 12 months of a new year ahead, but first for the lekker summer holidays. December is prime time in the caravan and camping world! In my home, the plans for the end-of-year vacation have been finalised for weeks – the route has been planned, campsite reservations have been made, and the packing list is getting ticked off. It seems I'm not the only one excited for a long getaway, the Schoeman family (read page…

2 min.
slow down for safety

After reading in your Forum about the best speed for towing, I would like to add my comment. I have been an avid caravanner/camper since 1983, when I purchased my first caravan: a Jurgens Aero. I recently left Johannesburg for a caravanning holiday in the Cape, and did in excess of 4 000 km. Parks I visited include Steenbokkie Private Nature Reserve in Beaufort West, Mountain Breeze outside Stellenbosch, Yzerfontein Caravan Park in Yzerfontein on the West coast, Citrusdal Creek Caravan Park in Citrusdal, Silwerstrand Caravan Park in Robertson, Mountain Breeze Caravan Park again, and I stopped at Gariep: A Forever Resort on my way back to Johannesburg. My towing speed is 100 km/h, and although this is quite boring on some of the roads (especially through the Karoo), I find that it…

3 min.
around thecampfire

POLICE IGNORANCE OF THE LAW We have time and again experienced police ignorance of the law pertaining to motorhomes of a tare mass of 3500 kg and above. Just outside Piet Retief, we were pulled over at a road block the day before the Easter weekend of 2018, and accused of not being in possession of a PDP (professional driving permit) for the vehicle. We had Alta Swanepoel’s communication letter addressed to the manufacturers, together with a copy of the actual law pertaining to vehicle requirements in which it is clear that a Special Vehicle – Motorised Caravan does not fall within the ambit of a PDP licence. We were extremely pleasant, and attempted to give the articles to the police officer to read, but he refused point blank to even look at the…

2 min.
licence confusion

Good day, Caravan & Outdoor Life. I am a long-standing member of CCSA, and in recent years also of the MCSA, so this issue of licences is always a hot topic. I think your article in the October edition was one of the best ones I’ve seen on the topic. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of confusion and incorrect interpretation out there. My main comment relates to the statement that the EB allows for a vehicle with Tare of less than 3500 kg; however, on the back on the driver’s licence card, it clearly states a GVM of 3500 kg. This has a massive implication, especially for motorhome owners. There are many motorhomes with GVM slightly more than 3500 kg, but the Tare is safely below 3500 kg. Most people are under the…

3 min.
from our forum

CARAVAN MOVER Blazer Hi all, I am contemplating the fitment of a caravan mover to my caravan. I have done some research, and it seems that there is not a lot of variety in our market. Can anyone tell me if it is worth the money to install a caravan mover? If you have a mover on your van, what issues did you experience with the mover? Any guidance will be appreciated. Dorothy K We had a mover installed on our caravan when we bought it – it was the best thing that we could have done! Previously, with our old caravan, it would take us up to two hours to get the caravan into our property, turn it around and move into the parking space. These days, it takes us five minutes! We even use…

7 min.
industry news

MATSAPHA CAMPERS & TRAILERS The small-caravan market has seen a big boom this year, and it seems there’s one last new entrant into this exciting segment for 2018. Matsapha Campers & Trailers have unveiled their first unit, which weighs in with a Tare of between 250 and 280 kg, depending on client specifications. Matsapha’s interesting design has a back door that opens up into a solid roof for the tent area. The door is fitted with gas struts to help it open, and the foldaway tent is fixed inside the door. The entrance has an attached canvas door, so that it can be zipped closed for privacy without your needing to close the main trailer back door. It might be small, but this B-licence-ready caravan can apparently be taken to harsh off-road conditions. The caravan is…