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Caravan and Outdoor Life June 2018

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

South Africa
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2 min.
it's about freedom

"There is a difference between camping where you drive, and driving to a camp. To tour, while making the journey part of the adventure, is becoming more and more popular with South Africans.”― Leon Ras (Maxmo Adventure Campers) I have a confession to make... at the time of writing this letter, I haven't been camping for weeks! It's not just because winter is around the corner in the Cape, but simply because I've been too busy (with work and private life). Luckily, I have a camping weekend lined up, and by the time you have this month's Caravan & Outdoor Life in your hands, I would have been out to recharge my batteries in nature. This getaway comes just in time, I was starting to feel a bit grouchy from not spending any time…

10 min.
around the campfire

IN THE HEART OF PARADISE My wife and I have visited Mozambique twice since October 2017. This time around, and on our second trip, we camped in the heart of the paradise at Bemugi’s Place just outside Santa Maria. We stayed here for a month in our Mobi Lodge, while we enjoyed a great adventure, found hidden gems with surreal landscape scenery, and had truly original Mozambican cuisine. When we explored the nearby area, we could not get enough of the breathtaking views, white sandy pathways and the nearby huts, structures and fishing dhows in the distance. Everyone at Bemugi's Place was incredibly friendly and we quickly felt like locals. Marcelo, our personal ghillie, took us on a road trip down to Ponta Mucombo, where we roamed the beaches and collected loads of…

2 min.
camping gear

Shower tower This Camplux Outdoor Shower Stand 5L Kit features a fully-adjustable shower head that’s compatible with most portable water heaters on the market today. The aluminium tripod unit is easy to set up just about anywhere, and can be extended up to 2.2m. Water heater not included. Price: R352.99 For more information, contact Roadque on 012 804 1967, email them at, or visit Bits and bobs Bev-Tent Components is a Knysna-based company that manufactures a wide array of tidbits, from cupboard hinges for your caravan to elbow connectors for your gazebo tent’s poles. The company’s quality products can be found in retailers throughout southern Africa. If you need a replacement part for your recreational vehicle or tent, these are the guys to call. For more information, visit, email or call 044…

6 min.
industry news

OKTO IS LAUNCHING Sneak peek: New caravan manufacturer in South Africa A brand-new manufacturer is entering the South African road caravan market: Okto Caravans. The team behind this new caravan is impressive, and includes Keith Laing, Tinus van Wyk, Ingo Ferreira, Derek Laing and Rudolph Vorster. Keith has 17 years of experience in the caravan industry, of which a substantial part was as Managing Director of Jurgens Ci. Tinus has 13 years of experience in caravan manufacturing with Jurgens Ci, the latter half as Production Director. Ingo is an industrial designer who was the Jurgens Ci designer for seven years, Derek is an engineer who has been key in the design and commissioning of certain work stations, and Rudolph is a mechanical engineer who was previously with Jurgens Ci and now does consultancy work; he…

9 min.
from 'skilpad' to avalon

JURGENS AND THE AUTOVILLA The story of the motorhome industry in South Africa opens in 1974, when the Jurgens Caravan factory in Kempton Park launched the Autovilla, built on a Volkswagen Kombi chassis which was specially reinforced in Germany before being shipped to SA as a chassis cab. The Autovilla was nicknamed “skilpad” because of its rounded shape and its rather slow progress up hills. The motorhome body on this chassis was very similar to the Jurgens caravans of the time, with the same white and grey colours outside, and a dinette/ double bed in the rear. In 1977, the Autovilla underwent a change, with Jurgens adding an additional small double bed over the cab, called a Luton bed. The outside colours changed to all white with green striping on the side, a…

3 min.
know your jargon classes of motorhomes

If you’ve ever wanted to travel in a motorhome, or maybe even if you are already living the lifestyle, you might have heard talk of different classes of motorhomes. These classifications often causes confusion in South Africa, since internationally (Europe vs UK vs America) the different classes have different names. In Europe they refer to classes such as “panelvan”, “semi-integral” and “integral”, while in America it’s is simply classified as Class A, B, and C. Meanwhile, in the UK you get “low-profile” and “Luton-type” classes. Where does that leave us South Africans? Well, somewhere in between Europe and the UK... INTEGRAL These are the largest variants, built on a commercial truck or bus chassis which is fully integrated with the body. You cannot distinguish between the chassis cabin front and the motorhome itself.…