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Caravan and Outdoor Life November 2017

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

South Africa
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2 min.
keep it clean

Do you ever wonder how non-South Africans experience our country, specifically from a caravan and camping point of view? I had a conversation with an Australian couple who had spent a few weeks travelling through South Africa. For the most part, they had a great time: they loved our natural beauty, they found their neighbours in the caravan parks to be friendly, and they openly praised many of our excellent resorts. Of course, we all know this already. We love our country and the outdoor opportunities it provides to us campers. Whether you want to be in a busy, bustling caravan park over the holidays, or prefer an isolated break-away in the bush; there is something for everyone in SA! Unfortunately, there are a few negative elements. Firstly, the Aussies told me they were…

9 min.
around the campfire

Winning letter BIRDERS ARE NUTTERS… BUT I’M NUTS ABOUT BIRDING A horde of us from our Bird Club descended on the caravan park in Mtunzini. As it was out of season, we had virtually the whole park to ourselves and could pick and choose our site. The stands are generous and shady. And while the ablutions are showing their age, they are clean and everything works. So, we unpacked and settled in, some in caravans and some in tents. We lit a fire by 6pm and had a wonderful braai. Of course, some ate too much and some drank too much. Someone even told a semi-dirty joke! Then our“captain,”Awie, informed us that we had to leave by 6 a.m. the next day. Leave, not get up… actually leave! Why, oh why did I join a bird club? They…

3 min.
plugged in

WILDLIFE TRACKING There has recently been a new wave of social media uproar about wildlife sighting apps – specifically those posting live sightings of elephants and rhino. Apart from the insane traffic jams these mobile apps often cause (especially in places like the Kruger, where tourists and tour operators tend to flock to any sighting of the Big Five) many people believe the apps have an even worse consequence: poaching. Since the sighting apps document precisely where wildlife was seen, it can be argued that poachers who are on the hunt for elephant or rhino now have a convenient place in which to locate their prey. Here is what people are saying online about the use of wildlife tracking apps. Comments Bev Spencer Pieterse I think it’s bad to be able to track wildlife.…

3 min.
camping gear

The stable way to park Thule Levelers offer a large surface area for increased stability, making them ideal for wider tyres, with a maximum load capacity of 5 ton per set. Three heights (44-78-112 mm) make it easier to get your vehicle correctly levelled, while the striped area offers exceptional grip between the tyre and the leveller. The levellers weight 1.8 kg per each, with each set coming in a neat storage bag. Price: R545 For more information, visit, email, or contact 011 230 5200. Cover for the whole family The Double Bow Tent Extension fits all Tentco 3m x 3m bow tents. The extension is a versatile option for a family setup, creating a spacious camping unit that is easy to set up. A trailer can even be incorporated into the back…

4 min.
chilled out

When it comes to testing a product, there are two ways to do it: Either you take it for a week(end) and check the performance, or you tackle a long-term test on multiple trips over a couple of months. Our office has a Waeco CFX 65 fridge/freezer which we have been using since early 2013. Of course, Waeco has since been rebranded as Dometic, in line with the Swedish company’s brand-consolidation exercise. So, it’s been four years, and our trusty Waeco has been great to us – and its retirement is nowhere in sight! Whether it’s working at max capacity in 40 degree heat or sitting turned on in an office for months at a time, the old beast has its work cut out. And it hasn’t missed a beat. As Grant Spolander put…

6 min.
industry news

Roadster 450 CONQUEROR’S FIRST ROAD CARAVAN Conqueror Off-Road Campers have built a brand-new road caravan. The Roadster 450 is said to be the first caravan in the world with“plastic vacuum-formed furniture”! Francois Smit, the Managing Director at Conqueror, spoke to us regarding their newest addition: “The major unique feature in the Roadster 450 is the newly-designed ABS plastic vacuum-formed furniture inside... we believe it is a world first! “This, together with the body constructed from skeletal aluminium with cladding, means weight is minimised, strength is ensured, and it contains no degradable materials – so no wood rot. “Another unique feature is the roof, which is a double pop-up (skylight) with gas-lift assist.” The entry-level Roadster 450 is priced at R320 950. Extras such as bed linen, air conditioner, fridge/freezer, solar panels are available. LAYOUT • Permanent front bed 2000mm x…