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Caravan and Outdoor Life November 2018

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

South Africa
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the choice is yours

We are still a few weeks away from the end of the year, but it feels like Christmas already. Why do I say this? Because it feels like we are getting loads of presents thanks to all the new products on the South African market! It seems there is a new caravan or camper or trailer or rooftop tent being launched every month. We kicked off 2018 with the Beeld Holiday Show where we saw the launch of a load new caravans: The Mobi X, Aloe Caravans' Peri-Peri and Excelsa, and the Jurgens Bonzai and Gypsey Lite pop-top. The show was also the first time we saw Destination Caravans display their units (announced end of 2017), and we got a look at the top-quality Swift imports from Loftus Caravans. Apart from caravans there were the…

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am i bonkers?

They said, “You must be mad,” or “You are bonkers”! They said “You want to buy a caravan, and in a month’s time you’ll be eighty… You can’t even bend down to tie your shoelaces; how are you going to set up the van and put up awnings, etc.?” Twenty-odd years ago, we went on a number of safaris to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. We had a rooftop tent on our Pajero. The fantastic memories of bush camping (sometimes not in a park, but just off the road) and in Moremi, Savute, Caprivi Strip, Etosha, and many more – just won’t go away. Then, with bringing up a family, golfing, fishing, buying a home, fixing the home and all the other thieves of time, the years just slip away. Is it possible…

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around the campfire

BUILDING FREINDSHIPS In June 2014, Caravan & Outdoor Life published an article on my self-built Fiat Ducato camper. A number of people consequently contacted me about doing a similar undertaking, and it was wonderful to be able to share my experience, along with all the ideas, advice and info that I had gleaned from the internet. But, most importantly, it resulted in new friendships with like-minded people who share a passion for “doing it yourself” and road tripping around our beautiful country. This past September, it was a real pleasure for my wife Toni and me to share a Taaibos campsite near Vaalwater (highly recommended) with our new “vanner” friends Mark and Denise Jarvis from Greyton, and Eddie and Luana Joubert from Pretoria. We hope this will be the start of regular such events……

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TENT TRAILER VS SMALL CARAVAN My wife and I are planning to travel SA for a number of months, but we do not want to break the bank as we plan still to be around for some time. We have homed in on the Sherpa caravan and the Skipper Oyster tent trailer. We have listed pros and cons for both these options, but would love to hear from users of these two campers. Would also love to hear what you would advise in terms of towing vehicles that are economical to run: manual vs automatic transmissions. I have not read much on how monkeys may be a problem, and if so, how you have kept them out of the tents you have attached. Join our online community and get chatting at…

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POST BY ELONA LUBBE Hi, everyone. We bought a Jurgens Exclusive and want some advice. The water for the washbasin: do you fill it up every time, or can you connect a hosepipe? We are worried about the water pressure from the hose. COMMENTS Dries De Kock Do you not have a book that shows you how your caravan works? It’s surprising that the seller/dealer did not tell you this sort of thing. Elona Lubbe Dries, no we were not shown this. All we were shown is that opening the taps heats the water. I’ll see if I can download the manual. Len Snr Loader Elona, the Exclusive has an underfloor water tank that supplies all the taps in the caravan with water. There is no pressure in the pipes except when a tap is opened and the…

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what is happening at jurgens ci?

Just what is happening at Jurgens Ci? The market and media have been abuzz with rumours, and (as we all know) where there is smoke there must be fire! Let’s start by looking at the rumours, and finding out what has given rise to them. It all started in 2017, when the new owners at Jurgens Ci stopped the production line at the factories outside Pretoria from building the brand new range of Jurgens caravans. This move was deemed necessary to solve the problems of “poor quality” and extreme weight-gain in caravans, as well as an unstable workforce. Some of the biggest and longest-serving privately owned caravan dealers suddenly had almost no new caravans to sell. With the situation growing more desperate by the day, it soon became clear that should the Jurgens…