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Caravan and Outdoor Life September 2018

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

South Africa
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2 min.
surrounded by friends

I find it very interesting when“themes”emerge in our magazine that were not always planned. It's not always a very obvious common thread that you'll find running through a few of the articles, but once you spot it, it becomes clear. In this edition I found the subject matter to be the friendliness of campers. Maybe it's a thin thread, and admittedly I only noticed it after I read the quote from the Schoemans in the August edition... but it's there. You’ll find it first in two of our Campfire letters (page 7), where Adrian Morison praises the people who repaired his torn awning, as well as Gerald Robus who lauds the friendly resort staff for helping him to set up his caravan canopy. In our travel feature, Stuart Reichardt is all smiles because Sean Hensman…

8 min.
around the campfire

‘MOTORHOME – TARE OR GVM? I bought a motorhome last year and need some input and advice. The vehicle was built in the late 80’s and was professionally constructed on a 1977 international Harvester construction truck’s chassis. It is classified as a “Special Vehicle – motorized caravan”. The Tare on the registration papers indicates a weight of 4,4 ton, but when I weighed the vehicle at a weighbridge it shows 7,2 ton. The 4 400 kg is obviously what was allocated to the chassis it was built on. The vehicle is licensed, registered and has been on the road since it was built. I am the fourth owner and it has travelled all over the past three decades. Apparently I must have the vehicle taken for SAP clearance, roadworthy again, and then obtain an LOA…

2 min.
i posted stephen's issue on the facebook group of the motorhome club of south africa, here's what their followers had to say...

Hannes De Milander In the case of this vehicle. There should be a weight distribution plate as it was law at the time. The GVM is determined by manufacturer spec, the weight the tyres can carry, and what the law states. As an example: an axle with single wheels can’t exceed 7 700 kg, and an axle with dual wheels can’t exceed 8 200 kg. So if the front axle states 5 000 kg and the rear 5 000 kg, then that is the max, 10 ton. Richard C Clark You sound okay with the EC licence. We had a (mad) member that stripped literally everything out of the van (believe it or not) to try and get a lower Tare. His defence to the inspector was that the wife liked dancing. The…

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come chat with us on our website

CARAVANS FROM ZIMBABWE I might take on a restoration of a Turner caravan soon (I suspect it is the Swan model) and would appreciate any direction anybody can give on sources I can consult for information on Turner Caravans and their specifications, production details, different models, etc. All I know is that they were produced in Zimbabwe from before independence, but have no further information. I do not know which company produced them either. Any help will be appreciated. Coenraad Bezuidenhout WOOD ROT Greetings all, I recently bought a fairly old caravan as a fixer-upper and having done a lot of work on it still have a few spots of wood rot to get rid of. These are mainly patches on the side walls just above the floor, which is still solid. Can anyone recommend articles…

3 min.
plugged in

Telly (fun) quiz – taking a TV on your camping trip Do you take your television with when you go camping? We asked our readers what they think about TV's in the camp site – do you watch television, and what do you think of others watching the screen? Have you have bad experiences with noisy neighbours? Or do you only switch on when there's a must-see rugby game? Here’s what they had to say. Comments Richard Melville Time and place for everything – why shouldn't you watch TV if you want to? But don’t have it full blast in the middle of the night, the sound carries. Remember that and consider those around your campsite. The same applies to your music, general social chit-chat and raucous laughter; it can be very annoying to others. Norma Anne Barclay We…

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light work

If you own a Tourer caravan, it’s quite possible that you did not know that the main interior LED lights operate from four AAA batteries, the same as those used in small torches and other small electronic devices. You may easily have thought that these lights were powered from the caravan’s on-board 12 V (or even 220 V) battery. You also may be annoyed by how dim the lights have become - or worse, because they have stopped working altogether! This article will help you to restore these lights to full power once again. To gain access to the two Triple-A battery compartments, the entire light fitting must be shifted lengthwise on the roof bracket to release the fitting from the metal base. Once this is done, use your fingernail to…