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Coches y Motos
Caravan World

Caravan World

Issue 596

Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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caravan world

EDITORIAL EDITOR-AT-LARGE John Ford jford@emprisegroup.com.au FIELD EDITOR Malcolm Street PRODUCTION EDITOR Tyler Jefferson DEPUTY EDITORS Charlotte Long, Sam Richards SUB EDITOR Cathy Anderson DESIGNERS Nicholas Ramsamy, Janina Roque, Danielle Beadman, Swathi Sankaran, Angus Greaves COLUMNISTS Malcolm Street, Anita and Mike Pavey, David Bayliss CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Andrea Beattie, Anji Bignell, Colin Kerr, Catherine Lawson, Tim van Duyl, Chris Whitelaw, David Gilchrist, Matt Williams, Richard Bruisma, Julia D'Orazio, Cathy Anderson PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY SENIOR VIDEO DIRECTOR Anna Shepherd asheperd@emprisegroup.com.au PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTRIBUTORS Marcus Cozzolino, Matt Williams, Getty Images, David Bristow MARKETING HEAD OF MARKETING Lauren Grigg lgrigg@emprisegroup.com.au DIGITAL MARKETING COORDINATOR Craig Gonsalves cgonsalves@emprisegroup.com.au MARKETING COORDINATOR Rebecca Lamplugh rlamplugh@emprisegroup.com.au ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS VIC/SA Christopher Jefferson 0477 775 020 cjefferson@emprisegroup.com.au NSW/QLD - Serena Prasad 0429 489 615 sprasad@emprisegroup.com.au Danielle Gowan 0435 065 325 dgowan@emprisegroup.com.au QLD - Karen Ratzke kratzke@emprisegroup.com.au VIC - Richard Grant rgrant@emprisegroup.com.au WA - Ian Glyde 0447 318 114 iglyde@emprisegroup.com.au EXECUTIVE GROUP CHIEF EXECUTIVE…

2 min.
john ford

The recent tragic fires across much of our country have impacted many readers, and our best wishes go out to those who are still suffering. Thousands of holidaymakers, including hundreds of caravanners, were evacuated from the NSW south coast where I live. And while travel was frustrating, from what I saw most folk handled the frustration with patience and respect for what authorities were attempting under difficult circumstances. We should not let the opportunity pass without paying respect and appreciation for the thousands of firefighters, volunteers and support personel who showed the best of the human spirit. A big thank you to all of them. Websites listed on the opposite page give donation points to help both our rural fire services and the communities that have lost so much. In this issue…

1 min.
the empty esky campaign

Although the threat of the deadly bushfires has not yet abated, attention is already turning towards supporting and rebuilding the numerous areas and towns that have been affected. There a number of charities that can be donated to (refer to 'First Words' on pg. 7 for a list), but a campaign started by Melbourne friends Erin Boutros, Eleanor Baillieu and Elise Mason has taken off as an alternative way to help the communities. The ‘Empty Esky’ Campaign encourages people to head to the affected regions, once safe to do so, and support the local economy by buying supplies, produce and fuel from local businesses. Launched on Instagram, the account gained over 10,000 followers in under 24 hours — it has now grown to over 26,600. “Australia, we are all so devastated by the…

1 min.
push for better outback roads

The 12-day closure of the Eyre Highway due to the ongoing countrywide bushfires has highlighted the need for upgrades to outback roads across the country. As the only sealed transport route between Western Australia and the rest of the country, the closure of the highway left tourists and truckdrivers stranded. Pastoralists in the region are now renewing their push to have the Trans Access Road upgraded. The Trans Access Road runs from Kalgoorlie to the South Australian border, parallel with the Trans Australia Railway Line. A link road between this road and the Eyre Highway has been suggested as it will give interstate travellers an alternative route. The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is applying for these road upgrades to be funded under the Commonwealth’s $4.5 billion Roads of Strategic Importance program. According to City…

1 min.
ciaa scam email

Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) has recently learned that a scam email is being sent out regarding membership fees. While there is no set scam email, they may claim that fees have not been paid, records have not been updated and give details for a new bank account. CIAA wishes to advise those concerned that they do not have a new bank account They encourage members to be vigilant and to call in advance if they have any concerns regarding a payment and/or correspondence asking for personal details, payments credit cards etc be updated. CIAA can be contacted on (03) 9815 2013 or info@caravanindustry.com.au.…

1 min.
fuel delivery for everyone

HaloGo, Australia’s first on-demand fuel delivery service, has been launched and is expecting to expand operations across Australia. Using an app, consumers will be able to order fuel that will be delivered in vehicles operated by trained crews. The first customers will be staff at the Lexus Port Melbourne office, followed by select Secure Parking locations across Melbourne. “Convenience for Australians was my primary motivation when setting up the company,” said CEO and Co-Founder Brigid Shute. “We know how much stopping to get fuel eats into your day. But HaloGo will fix the problem with our fleet of vehicles delivering Caltex Vortex Premium Fuel directly to cars anywhere, any place." HaloGo Co-Founder Rob Porcaro said the company has a pricing strategy to ensure its customers are charged the average price of petrol available…