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Caravan World Issue 595

Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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john ford

Welcome to 2020. Our January issue is stacked with plenty to keep you entertained and up to date. I hope the Christmas season was kind and there is time for you to relax over a summer that has seen unprecedented fires across much of Australia. Even as I write, early in summer, businesses affected by the fires are predicting a serious downturn in tourism. On the South Coast of New South Wales the roads from Canberra have been closed and there are reports the streets are nearly empty in some towns. The fire and the never-ending drought are taking their toll on country folk and the situation highlights the importance of tourism to the rural economy. Let’s hope we can get on the road as soon as possible because the people in…

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caravan world

EDITORIAL EDITOR-AT-LARGE John Ford STAFF WRITER Peter Quilty FIELD EDITOR Malcolm Street PRODUCTION EDITOR Tyler Jefferson DEPUTY EDITOR Charlotte Long SUB EDITOR Cathy Anderson DESIGNERS Nicholas Ramsamy, Janina Roque, Danielle Beadman, Swathi Sankaran, Angus Greaves COLUMNISTS Malcolm Street, Anita and Mike Pavey, David Bayliss CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Andrea Beattie, Anji Bignell, Ged Bulmer, Colin Kerr, Catherine Lawson, Ron Moon, Viv Moon, Tim van Duyl, Matt Williams, Chris Whitelaw PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY SENIOR VIDEO DIRECTOR Anna Shepherd PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTRIBUTORS Marcus Cozzolino, Matt Williams, Getty Images, David Bristow MARKETING HEAD OF MARKETING Lauren Grigg DIGITAL MARKETING COORDINATOR Craig Gonsalves MARKETING COORDINATOR Rebecca Lamplugh MARKETING COORDINATOR Will Hayward EXECUTIVE GROUP CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Robert Gallagher CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Matthew O’Meara…

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queensland industry farewells veteran ceo

The Caravan Trade and Industry Association of Queensland’s (Caravanning Queensland) 2019 Industry Awards night dished out trophies aplenty and heralded the retirement of its CEO after 30 years of service. Ron Chapman has dedicated 53 years to the industry in Queensland, and was also Founding Chairman for the association’s Council of Tourism Queensland and for Queensland Tourism Industry Council. He will step down on December 31, and General Manager Jason Plant will assume the role. A life membership was awarded on the night to Aussie Traveller owner and Association Treasurer, Mike Freney. Mike and his company became members in 1990 and followed by joining the committee in 1997. He was later elected Co-treasurer in 2004 and then, in 2005, he was elected treasurer in his own right, a position he continues to…

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truckies remembered at wa’s boorabbin memorial

A permanent memorial dedicated to three truck drivers who perished in a bushfire in Boorabbin National Park, 450km east of Perth, has been established in consultation with the victims’ families. The memorial is within the park and consists of an information shelter and a striking granite monument. It has been sensibly erected in a quiet bushland setting in a lovely grove of gimlet trees just a few hundred metres off the busy Great Eastern Highway on the southern side of the road. The countryside in Boorabbin NP has recovered nicely, but the memories of the human loss will take a lot longer to fade. It was a very hot summer’s day with gusty winds on 30 December 2007, when a fast-moving bushfire claimed the life of the three drivers out there doing…

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funding boosts for wa parks

Caravanning in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia is set to get a boost following the announcement of a round of funding grants by the state government. Nine projects in the Gascoyne area, which incorporates Shark Bay, Exmouth, Denham and Coral Bay, will share in $1.25 million as part of the Regional Economic Development (RED) grants. Mandalay Holiday Resort will receive $125,000 to increase the capacity and quality of caravanning and camping experiences available in Denham and the greater Shark Bay area. This involves the expansion of the Denham Seaside Caravan Park to include an additional 55 powered caravan and camping sites, and the introduction of modern communal amenities, a games room and a campers’ kitchen facility. Funding was also announced for glamping at Bullara Station, a project to develop better tourist facilities…

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coral ‘ivf’ program to restore great barrier reef

A team of Queensland researchers are on a mission to repopulate damaged corals of the Great Barrier Reef using a coral 'IVF' program. The Larval Restoration Team, led by Professor Peter Harrison from Southern Cross University and including researchers Katie Chartrand from James Cook University and Associate Professor David Suggett from the University of Technology Sydney, ‘turbocharged’ millions of coral larvae with algae symbionts to help replenish heavily damaged sections of the reef. “This innovative technique is like giving the baby corals a ‘battery pack’ by allowing the coral larvae to take up symbiotic algae, giving them the potential to acquire more energy, and therefore grow faster and survive better,” Professor Harrison said. “If we succeed in increasing their survival rate it can make a big difference in being able to scale up…