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Classic Bike October 2019

Classic Bike helps and inspires enthusiasts to get more from their passion for classic motorcycles. The magazine shares their fascination with motorcycling’s heroic past while also helping them buy, fix and improve the bikes in their shed. Our main areas of content are: - Inspirational and entertaining reads that celebrate the glory of motorcycling, from riding stories that put the reader in the seat of history’s greatest bikes to incredible racing tales - Restoration stories and instructional features that inspire and help people get their tools out and sort out their old bike - In-depth technical features from the most expert and authoritative writers in motorcycling If you share our passion about classic motorcycles from the last century, you'll enjoy reading Classic Bike.

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the way we were

We recently received an email from an American reader complaining we had made an ethnic slur in using the term ‘Jap fours’ in a recent issue. We hold our hands up and apologise unreservedly for the slip – although the term was used as an abbreviation, and never intended as a slur. But the gent’s vitriol got me thinking about those times before political correctness had taken over our lives – a time when my mates and I were just getting into bikes and used to gather in the Bell Inn for our weekly ‘sesh’. Our ‘sesh’ involved under-age drinking – sitting in the corner of the bar, nursing a pint of Red Barrel all evening, having a heated conversation which always led to the most ferocious of motorcycling debates of the…

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classic bike

CLASSIC BIKE IS MADE BY... Editor Gary Pinchin, gary.pinchin@bauermedia.co.uk Art editor Austin Smith, austin.smith@bauermedia.co.uk Production editor Mark Holmes, mark.holmes@bauermedia.co.uk Technical editor Rick Parkington, classicbike.workshop@bauermedia.co.uk Editorial assistant Colleen Moore, colleen.moore@bauermedia.co.uk, 01733 468099 Head of Publishing Steve Herbert, steve.herbert@bauermedia.co.uk ADVERTISING Group Commercial Director Gareth Ashman 01733 468118 Commercial Manager Sarah Dodd 01733 366311 Account Manager Samantha Creedon-Gray 01733 366365 Senior Telesales Francesca Chiarizia 01733 366360 Telesales Exec Ruby Jones 01733 366406 LES GRANDS FROMAGES Editorial Director June Smith-Sheppard Managing Director Motorcycling Rob Aherne MD Automotive Group Niall Clarkson CEO of Bauer Publishing UK Rob Munro-Hall Chief Financial Officer Bauer Magazine Media Lisa Hayden…

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fascinating french lesson

ONE OF THE world’s most interesting motorcycle museums is also one of the most unassuming. The Musée de la Moto in Marseille traces the history of French motorcycling, plus landmark models from other countries, in a display of more than 250 machines. Housed in a restored and converted mill building just a couple of kilometres from the city centre, the only indication it has anything to do with motorcycling is the modest signage on its heritage wall tiles. Take a step inside and you are transported back into a world of motorcycling dating back to 1885, with exhibits spread across four floors. All the machines in the collection are in working order and either owned by the museum or granted or loaned from other major collections throughout France. As well as motorcycles,…

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on a wing and a prayer?

REMEMBER THE EGLI Vincent hillclimber we featured in the May issue of CB ? When I interviewed Florian Burki about riding it, he mentioned he had also raced a Gold Wing in 24-hour endurance races. Bizzarely, I’d recently photographed the very bike, which is part of Horst Freidrichs’ collection. Horst was the boss of Honda Switzerland who, in 1976, took the audacious step of wrapping a super-trick chassis around the ultra-reliable engine of a GL1000 Gold Wing. Back in the early 1970s, the Bol d’Or 24-hour endurance race was one of the biggest motorcycle racing festivals in the world, and it was undoubtedly one of the most exciting, too. With 200,000 spectators packed into Le Mans (the race was held there from 1971 until 1977), and then Paul Ricard (1978-1999), the Bol attracted…

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ccm’s dl12 scrambler starts to shape up

EARLIER THIS YEAR, we spent a couple of days with trials maestro Dougie Lampkin as he shared his eclectic collection of classic bikes with readers of Classic Bike . Since then he’s bought a Gold Star trials bike at auction and, thanks to the plea he made for help in our ‘Collector’ feature, he’s found someone to fettle his Scott back to working condition. He’s also been spending time at the CCM factory, working with designer Osian Flowers to finalise the street scrambler project he’s linked with. Along with seven-time world champion Carl Fogarty, 12-time World Trials Champion Dougie is an ambassador for the Bolton-based brand. And like CCM’s relationship with Foggy, the collaboration will be celebrated with a special edition of the Spitfire model, albeit a very differently-styled machine to others…

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engaging all ages

I LOVE THE West Kent Run. Organised by the West Kent section of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, it’s local for me, sparing me the usual dismal crawl around the M25 and beyond. But that’s only a coincidental part of the appeal; the best thing is it’s one of the most relaxing events of the year. The south-eastern location, just off the M20 motorway at Aylesford Friary near Maidstone, has always ensured the event’s International appeal – and to make the trip worthwhile for visitors from afar, the weekend runs from Thursday to Monday, promoting an unusually high percentage of camping visitors who are accommodated on a large, well laid-out field. This creates the ‘holiday’ atmosphere that I think is the secret to the chilled out feeling. The main event, the run…