Classic Dirt Bike Issue 56 Autumn 2020

Classic Dirt Bike magazine: is about the bikes and personalities of the sport, covering pre-65 machines, classic and twin shocks, trials as well as scrambling/motocross and enduros. There are reader rebuilds from the UK/Europe and North America, event coverage, personality interviews/profiles, letters, products and so much more.

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a fluid situation

❝Often there is little rhyme or reason as to why what you did easily yesterday and will likely do equally simply tomorrow, is, for today, akin to changing a tyre with teaspoons....❞ Writing a column for your magazine is like any other task – sometimes it goes easily and sometimes not so. We all have those days when whatever we do goes so simply and so fast that it impresses even us, then there’s the flip side of that… Often there is little rhyme or reason as to why what you did easily yesterday and will likely do equally simply tomorrow, is, for today, akin to changing a tyre with teaspoons. I had prepped a list of what I was considering writing about, then, in the space of 24 hours it all…

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all sorted for stafford

Well, at least we hope we’re sorted for Stafford! There’s no doubt this has been an exceptional year for all the wrong reasons, kicking off with the weather playing havoc with the Classic Dirt Bike Show at Telford – but at least the show went ahead. At that time we didn’t realise a much worse situation was about to develop and a couple of weeks later the country was in lockdown, as not just the UK but governments worldwide battled a viral pandemic. Events were postponed at first, then cancelled or rescheduled for later… the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Show at Stafford was an early casualty as Government edicts on gatherings meant it was no-go for the show. Postponement to a few weeks later turned into a few months as the pandemic rocked…

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miller’s early endeavours

When a young Belfast lad called Miller could not afford a new trials bike, he convinced his dad to buy him a Villiers 8E three-speed power unit from the factory, so he could make his own. With the engine on the way the youngster headed off to Nicholson’s – the local motorcycle scrapyard in Belfast – and purchased a super lightweight vintage Matchless – without an engine or gearbox, for the sum of £12. Cutting and shutting the frame, fitting the Villiers engine in kept the lad out of trouble for many a night, and eventually the ‘SHS –mk1’ was created. SHS for Samuel Hamilton Special, and not only did the bike prove competitive but probably convinced young S H Miller he could improve and create better machines than the factories could. Soon…

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rickman ride-in

Rickman enthusiasts celebrated the marque last year at the Sammy Miller Museum in Hampshire and a very successful day it looked too, with all sorts of Rickman models being displayed and ridden. Plans were being made for a bigger and better happening in 2020 until the pandemic called a halt. However, with restrictions easing the decision was made to run the event as a purely ride-in thing. So if you’re a Rickman enthusiast or owner, then the day to be at Sammy’s museum is September 27, 2020. Directions for the museum are on…

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harris’ husky

Fancy owning an icon of the dirt world? Well you can… No, not Charlie Harris but his eight-speed Husqvarna. From a fresh-faced youth with L-plates on his Greeves trials bike, Charlie Harris scaled the heights of the scrambling and trials world with works rides for the likes of Montesa. A true enthusiast, Charlie would be at the forefront of any event and even as he approaches old age – “nearly 80 dear boy, how did that happen?” – he still rides, but the Husqvarna, noted as an arm-wrenching rocketship in its day, is perhaps a bit too quick for the lad these days, so has to go. It has the slightly newer (one year in fact) back wheel, though the original is there, but because of the extra torque of this engine is…

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2020 amca/ classic dirt bike british classic motocross championship

Sadly, the 2020 series has been cancelled because of the pandemic. When lockdown started back in March I don’t think anybody expected the repercussions of Covid-19 to be so widespread and long lasting, writes Dave Gittins. With memories of foot-and-mouth disease in 2001 still lingering (when we were able to resume a 'normal' programme in the July) I thought this outbreak might follow similar lines. How wrong I was! The first three rounds in the series – at Yatton Keynell (Bath); Newcastleunder-Lyme (Acorns) and Theale (Mortimer) were cancelled fairly early on, but I still had high hopes that the final three rounds (Kendal (Westmorland); Clun (Moseley) and Llanthony) would survive. I was wrong. First, Moseley decided that they wouldn’t run, while Kendal (the first of the final three) remained very upbeat, and as…