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the big picture

The cult of the muscle car (p86) was about more than just performance: it was a whole movement, epitomised by the wild Mopar ads of the late ’60s and early ’70s. Sharing their distinctive cartoon style with hippie festival posters and The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, these exaggerated caricatures turned Chrysler’s hottest offerings into ravenous monsters ready to maul their opposition on the ’strip. Here the 1968 Plymouth Road Runner leaps forward, spewing psychedelic exhaust fumes from its abbreviated headers.…

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Cougar Eliminator, Barracuda (and indeed ’cuda), Challenger, Trans-Am, Firebird, GSX, 442, AMX, Javelin… Ordinarily I’d prefer not to talk about cars we haven’t included and instead concentrate on what’s in the issue, but it’s important to acknowledge that the subject of muscle cars is too extensive to cover in its entirety, even in nearly 30 pages. Just knowing where to start is challenging enough. The movement’s origins lay in the early post-war period, when manufacturers followed the lead of the home-built street racers by slotting potent V8 engines into mundane models to create dragstrip-ready Mr Hydes from their roadgoing Dr Jekylls. After Oldsmobile’s factory hot rod Rocket 88 of 1949, with its 135bhp overhead-valve V8, came the likes of Chrysler’s 300 series before the hopped-up Chevys, Fords et al inspired by…

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where to pick up the next issue of c&sc

As we slowly negotiate our way out of lockdown and the world faces the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that not everyone is able to get out to the shops at the moment. Here’s how to make sure you can still get your fix of your favourite classic car magazine. The first route that we would recommend is subscribing, to ensure you get the latest copy delivered direct to your door. This month we’re offering a 33% saving on the printed edition plus six months’ free digital access: turn to p44 for full details. You can also buy single copies and back issues via or at Finally, if you fancy going digital there are several options, either separately or bundled with the magazine (see classic-sports-car/ for…

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robert opron 1932-2021

Robert Opron, who died on 29 March aged 89, became head of design at Citroën after the death in 1964 of Flaminio Bertoni. Under Opron’s direction the company’s cars gained, with the GS and the CX, a new and contemporary look for the 1970s – and an ill-fated ‘Super-Citroën’ in the shape of the SM. An artistically aware designer with an interest in sculpture, modern art and architecture (he studied as an architect and, as with Bertoni, he would design his own house), Opron had a vivacity and flamboyance that suited the job. Short, moustachioed and with a love of bow ties, he had begun his design career with aircraft manufacturer Nord Aviation, planes having always been a passion almost as important as his love of cars. In 1957 he moved to…

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bonhams buys leading online auctioneer

Bonhams has acquired online seller The Market, as the auction world continues its digital expansion. The Market’s director Tristan Judge said the move: “Marries our state-of-the-art approach with Bonhams’ heritage and global classic car expertise.” He added: “The Market will be bolstered by Bonhams’ resources and customer base. We are now able to offer a full suite of classic car auction options.” He and the site’s founder Tim Joslyn, along with the existing team, will remain with the business. The announcement followed a record month in March, in which £1.8m changed hands, during a year when the firm has licensed its platform into Europe and moved into a new base in Oxfordshire. Maarten ten Holder, who has moved from RM Sotheby’s to become managing director of Bonhams Motoring, said: “This acquisition is a…

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bonhams’ move is a statement of intent

“Bonhams’ purchase of The Market is a fascinating move and one that Hagerty is watching with interest. Online sellers are often compared with traditional ‘live’ auctions but they have a very different business plan, using continuous lots, low or no commission rates and intensive online and social media advertising. The UK sales that Hagerty has tracked since the start of 2020 have shown some interesting trends: although The Market’s sales have almost all been within the £2000 to £200,000 range, compared with Bonhams’ top sale of more than £4m, The Market’s average price was an impressive £21,191 compared with Bonhams, where it was £53,970. “These sites have been undoubtedly given a boost by lockdown, but it will be interesting to see whether the market has been permanently altered. One indication may…