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Click Science and Discovery Magazine for Preschoolers and Young Children September 2019

Just right for inquisitive young children, each issue of CLICK is a journey of discovery about the world around them, one exciting topic at a time, sparking a lifelong love of reading and learning about nature, the sciences, and the arts. Grades 1-2

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butterfly match

These are all monarch butterflies. Do they all look the same? Is one better than another? Nope. Some are bigger or darker or have more spots. That doesn’t make them better or worse. But those differences can help show which qualities all monarch butterflies do have in common. That’s one reason museums and collectors like to have so many examples of the same thing. No single example is perfect, so the more samples you compare, the more you learn. If the samples come from different times, you can even see how something has changed over time and predict how it might change in the future.…

2 min.
hector the collector

It all began with an acorn. It was smooth and brown with a rough, knobbly cap, and Hector found it in a crack in the sidewalk on the way to school. At recess, he found two more. One was skinny and green. The other was short and chubby, like an old man with his hat pulled over his eyes. On the way home, he picked up some more. Two were as green as apples. Two were brown and grainy like wood. One was golden and smooth like polished stone. Some were round. Some were long. Some were stubby. They all had rough, knobbly caps. They were all different. They were all the same. They were all beautiful. Everyone else had pencils and notebooks. Hector’s was the only desk full of acorns. Everyone laughed. Every week there were…

2 min.
a visit to the aquarium

Aquariums have collections just like museums, but theirs are full of living creatures! How are the animals cared for? Jon Nonnenmacher, the head Dive Safety Officer at Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, showed us. Each day starts at the exhibit board. Jon checks with the animal care team and with the engineers who take care of the water and the tanks. Then he notes what feeding and cleaning need to be done. Just like you, the animals need to eat every day. The animal care team chooses the best food for each. Some eat squid, lobster, or fish. Others like lettuce and greens. The divers prepare the food. They add vitamins to keep the animals healthy. Before they dive, the divers look at where they’ll be working that day. Are there spots that…

1 min.
dana daring: dino detective

Deep in the heart of my museum laboratory, I work with bones. Big bones. Old bones. Dinosaur bones. The job is too big for one person. My team and I work for months or even years on just one case. Our job begins when a crate of fossilized dinosaur bones arrives at the museum. Scientists in the field have found these bones. Now it’s up to us to figure out how they fit together to make a dinosaur skeleton. First we dig the bones out of the rocks and clean them off. We use power saws and electric drills, and hammers and chisels. We use special chemicals that melt the rock without hurting the bones. We don’t stop until every bone is clean. We study the bones as we work. We try to figure out…

4 min.
sleepover with sharks

There’s so much to do at the Nature Museum! I never know where to start. Pet the horseshoe crab in the aquarium touch tank? Put on a vet’s jacket and compare a frog’s x-ray to a snake’s? Dig for fossils in the dinosaur discovery pit? We come here a lot, my brother and I. But tonight’s our first sleepover. Alex wants to sleep with the sharks. He’s standing in front of the aquarium’s ocean tank, watching sandbar sharks circling round and round in the water. When I press my nose against the glass to find the lazy sea turtle, he whispers, “Look, Lexi—sharks!” in his scary voice. Sharks make me shiver and he knows it! I don’t let him bug me, though. “So?” I shrug my shoulders. “They promised there’d be butterflies.” I…

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readers of the month

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