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Click Science and Discovery Magazine for Preschoolers and Young Children March 2020

Just right for inquisitive young children, each issue of CLICK is a journey of discovery about the world around them, one exciting topic at a time, sparking a lifelong love of reading and learning about nature, the sciences, and the arts. Grades 1-2

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dance around the world

People all over the world love to dance, but they don’t dance the same way. Many have dances that are special to their people or their country. Which of these dances would you like to try? The jingle dress dance is named for the metal cones sewn on the dancer’s dress. It was first danced by women in the Ojibwe tribe around a hundred years ago. Today other Native American and First Nations dancers also perform it. Ballet folklórico is a mix of many kinds of traditional Mexican dances. At first the name was used for one specific dance group in Mexico. Now thousands of groups in Latin America and the United States learn and perform these dances. Kabuki has been performed in Japan for hundreds of years. This theater show mixes dance,…

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rap a tap tap here’s bojangles—think of that!

There once was a man who danced in the street. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He brought pleasure and joy to the people he’d greet. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He didn’t just dance, he made art with his feet. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He danced past doors; some were open, some closed. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He danced past folks in fancy clothes. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He danced through a place people called the skids. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He danced through crowds of laughing kids. Rap a tap tap—think of that! His feet fairly flew as he tipped his hat. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He briefly paused to pat an old cat. Rap a tap tap—think of that! He danced rain or shine, in…

1 min.
put on your dancing shoes

Special shoes won’t make you a better dancer. But they might make getting the right moves easier. Ballet dancers of all ages, both boys and girls, wear soft ballet slippers. But usually only girls wear pointe shoes. Pointe shoes have a stiff box at the toe end that lets a ballerina dance on the tips of her toes. Girls must wait until they’re old enough, though. It takes a lot of strength and training to dance on pointe. Tap shoes have metal plates attached to their soles. Before taps were invented, dancers sometimes hammered coins or nails onto their shoes to get a tapping sound. Dance sneakers might look like regular sneakers, but they’re usually extra bendy. Plus, the soles on the bottoms of the shoes are made to be grippy enough so…

3 min.
gotta dance

The chicken dance, the bunny hop, the foxtrot, the worm—lots of dances are named for animals. But do animals really dance? Honeybees do what scientists call a waggle dance. But the bees aren’t dancing for fun. They’re reporting news. Honeybees need to collect lots of sweet nectar from flowers to make honey. A bee who finds a good flower rushes back to the hive to tell all the other bees. The bee can’t talk. So she dances! The other bees pay close attention. The dance tells them how far away the flower is and in which direction. Then they fly off to find the flower themselves. 1. Wiggle and waggle your body and wings. Dance in a line pointing toward your flower. The longer the line, the farther away the flower. 2. Circle to the…

2 min.
miss lina's ballerinas

In a cozy white house, in the town of Messina, eight little girls studied dance with Miss Lina. Christina, Edwina, Sabrina, Justina, Katrina, Bettina, Marina, and Nina. In pink head to toe, they practiced all day—plié, relevé, pirouette, and jeté. They danced doing math. They danced while they read. And after their supper, they danced into bed. They danced at the park. They danced at the zoo. They danced at the beach, in four lines of two. Christina, Edwina, Sabrina, Justina, Katrina, Bettina, Marina, and Nina. They danced at the market where they did their shopping. In four lines of two, they danced without stopping. Then one sunny morning, a girl named Regina arrived at the cozy white house in Messina. Miss Lina announced, in her elegant way, “A new ballerina will join us today. This is Regina. Her…

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