Click Science and Discovery Magazine for Preschoolers and Young Children

Click Science and Discovery Magazine for Preschoolers and Young Children May/June 2020

Just right for inquisitive young children, each issue of CLICK is a journey of discovery about the world around them, one exciting topic at a time, sparking a lifelong love of reading and learning about nature, the sciences, and the arts. Grades 1-2

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2 min.
car parts

A mirror on each side of the car—and one inside—lets drivers see what’s behind them. The hood protects the engine and other parts. Headlights let the driver see the road in the dark. Every car has a license plate with a different set of numbers and letters so it can be matched to its owner. Turn signals flash on and off to tell other drivers which way the car is turning. Most cars have four wheels, two in front and two in back. On Cara’s car, each front wheel is connected to the engine by a rod called an axle. Open this little door to put fuel in a gas or diesel car or charge the battery in an electric car. A rubber tire fits around each wheel. Tires are filled with air to make the ride…

4 min.
meet danny bender racecar driver

Click : Hi, Danny. Car races are so exciting. Every year I watch the Indy 500. Is that the kind of racing you do? Danny: Nope. Indy cars are specially built open-cockpit, open-wheel cars. That basically means a car with no roof and with the wheels sticking out instead of being under the car’s body. Most of my races are one-make, or spec, races. Click : What are those? Danny : Races where everyone drives the same kind of car from the same maker. Winning depends more on a driver’s skill than having a fancy, expensive car. I usually race a Mazda Miata. Click : I didn’t know there were different types of races. Danny: There are all kinds—short ones that finish in just a few seconds, long ones that last all day and night,…

1 min.
big rigs

Trucks carry goods anywhere that roads can go. The biggest trucks used to move cargo are called big rigs, 18-wheelers (count the wheels!), or semi-trailer trucks. Each one has two parts. The tractor holds the engine and the driver’s seat. The semi-trailer holds the cargo. It’s called a semitrailer because it has no front wheels, only back wheels. The cab doesn’t have a back window. The driver uses side mirrors to see what’s behind. The part of the tractor where the driver sits is called the cab. A truck’s cab is high above the road. The driver climbs these steps to get inside. Smoke and fumes from the engine escape through tall pipes on either side of the cab. Each tractor has two big tanks, one on each side, to store fuel. Most big rigs…

5 min.
on the road

Mom was smiling when she hung up the phone. “Guess what,” she said. Bea and Dagny looked up from their game. “What?” they asked. “Uncle Bob is getting married next fall. He and Anne want you to carry the flower baskets at the wedding!” Dagny was so excited that she knocked over the checkerboard. Bea was so excited that, even though she had been winning, she didn’t mind. “Where will the wedding be?” asked Dagny. “In Anne’s hometown,” said Mom. “Bock, Minnesota.” “We’ll drive there,” said Dad. “It’ll be fun.” Dagny looked at the map on their kitchen wall. “Here’s Chicago,” she said. “We live in Chicago, Illinois.” “And here’s Minnesota.” Bea pointed. Her finger was not far from Dagny’s finger. “That’s not too far,” she said. “Mmm,” said Mom. “Remember our drive to Grandma’s house in Louisville?”…

1 min.
make a toy car

What you need clothespin 2 five-inch twist ties 4 large buttons (2 matching pairs) 2 one-inch pieces of a drinking straw glue What you do 1. Thread one end of a twist tie through a buttonhole and back through a second hole until both ends of the twist tie meet. Twist the tie a few times near the button. 2. Thread the two ends of the twist tie through one of the straw pieces. Separate the two ends, and thread each one through the holes of a second button. Twist the ends to hold the button. You have a set of wheels. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make a second set of wheels. 4. Open the clothespin, and place the straw from one set of wheels in the notch opening. Don’t crush the straw. 5. Slide the other set…

1 min.
going to grandma s

Carefully remove the takeout pages. Each player needs a token to use on the game board. Buttons or dried beans work well, as long as each player has a different color or variety, so it’s easy to tell the tokens apart. Players will also need a die to throw to see how far each person moves on his or her turn. Each player puts a token on the START space. The first player rolls the die and moves his or her token the number of spaces the die shows. If the player lands on a space with a picture, then his or her turn is over. If the player lands on a space with instructions, he or she must move as directed. Then it is the next player’s turn. Keep taking turns…