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Climbing Photo Annual 2015

Climbing offers the entire climbing world: sport, trad, bouldering, walls, ice, alpine and mountains. In each issue we offer the richest stories on the vertical world you'll ever read, with award-winning photography. Climbing has earned its moniker as the journal of record for climbers worldwide.

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cragside geology

After 13 years of shooting climbers on stone, I’ve seen a lotta damn rock, and a side effect is that I’ve become a bit of an amateur geologist (and in my former life I was a hydrologist for the USGS). Actual geologists will go on at length about the super-technical, nerdy details, but that’s not what I’m going to do here. You can bust my balls about it if you want, but I’d argue most of that doesn’t affect the average climber. I’m just going to tell you a little bit about how different rock types formed—and how they climb—so you can sound smarter on your next sesh. There are three basic rock types: igneous (formed when liquid magma cools), sedimentary (formed by the deposition of tiny materials), and metamorphic (formed…

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just a climber?

A few days ago, I was talking to Fitz Cahall about one of his latest projects. Fitz, a longtime climber, is the creator of The Dirtbag Diaries, a podcast you need to subscribe to now, if you haven’t already listened to every episode. It’s great for road trips—and good medicine for when you wish you were on one. Fitz’s recent short film Defined by the Line is a story that’s particularly prescient for climbers. “It’s a look at how we evolve into something more than just a climber,” he explains. “When we’re in our 20s or in those very passionate, early stages of our climbing education, we go to all these incredible places with this huge drive to see and climb as much as possible. And these places have a major…

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[Julie Ellison] The biggest cog in our inspiration machine, Ellison edited this year’s excellent Photo Annual feature (p. 58) and tagged along as amputee Ronnie Dickson sent his twoyear project Resident Evil (V10) in Joe’s Valley, Utah. “I had tears in my eyes as he pulled the lip,” she says. Read her story (and get Dickson’s best advice) on page 28. [Lobo] We don’t invite just anyone to our elite team of gear testers; scores have been ridiculed and turned away. But if you’re contagious with happiness, really soft, and have four legs, you’re basically a shoein— especially for testing dog gear. See staff dogs Lobo and Lizzie’s crag-dog picks on page 44. [Mayan Smith-Gobat] New Zealander Smith-Gobat has some of the best guns in the climbing world (see the show on p. 15), then…

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10 questions with sonnie trotter

An elite climber since age 17, he’s now 35 and shows no signs of slowing down. He recently sent Estado Critico (5.14d) in Siurana, Spain, and perhaps most famously made the first ascent of Cobra Crack (5.14), one of the world’s hardest finger cracks. 1. What do you think is your greatest strength as a climber? My greatest strength is my ability to memorize complex sequences on very long routes. Next is my belief in myself. 2. You’ve been climbing at a high level since you were 17. After all that time, what do you find yourself still trying to train or improve? Power, power, power! As Wolfgang Güllich said, “There is no substitute for power.” I naturally have very few fast-twitch muscle fibers, so while I’m OK with many endurance-type routes, power is…

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unsolicited beta

LETTER OF THE MONTH I would just like to say thank you for creating this awesome magazine! I am a 14-year-old from Boone, North Carolina, and although there is a lot of climbing in this area, it is always hard to find someone my age (or anyone) to go climbing with me. Every time I get a new issue of Climbing it inspires me to climb more and gives me lots of useful tips and knowledge! —Elias A. Goebeler, via email Thanks for the kind words, Elias! For your flattery, we’re sending you a Trango Phase Quickdraw Pack so you’ll be set for some outdoor sport climbing when you do find a partner. In “Clipping Shortcuts” (March 2015) Julie Ellison describes the method of stick-clipping while already on a route. I’ve seen very young climbers…

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1 Between Indian Creek training sessions, we got out the guitar and hula hoop and relaxed under the sun. Love life on the road! @JACOBCOOKCLIMBS 2 Watching the sunset over Dalkey Quarry, with John Cummins and Simon Byrne in Dublin, Ireland. @JOHN_F_C 3 Easter Sunday at the New River Gorge. This is what happens when there’s a rain day and a Walmart nearby. And yes, we climbed in them. —CHRIS SPRATTA 4 After one hard day of climbing at Vedauwoo, Wyoming, and before another, we cook food and talk about climbing at camp by the VW bus. —MICKEY SENSENBACH 5 Rob Griffiths, Andy Russo, Sean McGraw, and I enjoy summit beers and compare battered hands at the end of a long day. —HARRY BERKING 6 Hanging on the side of the van in the cold and misty Katoomba rain feels…