Coastal Living Winter: The Islands Issue

Coastal Living Winter: The Islands Issue

Coastal Living Winter: The Islands Issue

Escape to paradise (hammocks included!) with Coastal Living's Winter 2019 Islands Issue. Plan your next great vacation to Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and beyond with our 20 Island Adventures for 2020. Fall in love with the off-the-beaten-path side of St. Lucia and get the sweet truth about Key lime pie (and where to eat it!). Explore stunning beach houses full of decorating inspiration on Maui, Jamaica and Ibiza, and explore a modern family hideaway off the coast of South Carolina. Feast your eyes on a tiny house done over entirely in bamboo on Mustique and meet Puerto Rico’s hottest new boutique hotel. From cover to cover, you'll find everything that makes Coastal Living so special: lush photography, great storytelling, ideas and inspiration for creating your own beach-inspired space, our editors' favorite finds for decorating, entertaining, and heading to the beach, plus so much more.

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the house of bamboo

The minuscule, two-square-mile island of Mustique has a tendency toward the theatrical—from colorful, Morocco-themed palaces to mystical Japanese shrines. Its remote location in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the southern arc of the Caribbean islands most surely contributes to the island’s laissez-faire lilt. “It invites a sense of escape and adventure,” says British designer Veere Grenney. “And because it’s private, the island has this playful, fantasy island feel, like a movie set.” That would make his recent renovation a retelling of an old classic. “The design is very Robinson Crusoe,” Grenney says, “so it really lives up to the island’s sensibility.” When Grenney’s clients bought the property in 2007, it consisted of a bare-bones bamboo-clad bathing house/beach shack—an outbuilding to a more expansive main abode a considerable distance from the main…

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what’s in your beach bag?

When you hail from Auckland, New Zealand, every day is a beach day. “We are surrounded by shoreline here. Heading to the water isn’t so much an outing as it is a part of our daily routine,” explains fashion and accessories designer Karen Walker. Most days Walker pops over to her local city beach, Thorne Bay, for a morning coffee or evening swim—or sometimes both. “It’s my spot: an out-of-the-way stretch with white sand, gentle waves, and heaps of pohutukawa trees that produce the most beautiful red flowers. Lying under them is heavenly,” she says. Walker’s deep connection to Auckland informs the very essence of her designs, she says. “There’s a casualness to this ‘beach town’ that shows through in the comfort of our pieces—no matter how chic,” she says. In…

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the keys’ sweetest gift

If you go to the Keys and don’t have at least one piece, have you really gone to the Keys? Key lime pie is that icon born of the history and agriculture—not to mention the sweet tooth—of Florida’s equally iconic archipelago. With a buttery, sweet crust (usually graham cracker) below and a celestial topping (meringue or whipped cream) above, the soul of the dessert lies in its velvety custard suffused with the sweet-tart kiss of Citrus aurantiifolia. The Key lime. Cousin to the hardy, widespread Persian lime, the golf ball–shaped Key lime has more seeds, more aroma, and a thinner skin that matures to a pale yellow color. Its trees—like Florida Keys residents themselves—love a sandy footing and don’t mind the heat, which is why a savvy settler named Dr. Henry Perrine…

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20 amazing island adventures for 2020

CAST AWAY IN BELIZE YOU NEVER REALLY believe you’re going to catch a bonefish. Or, for that matter, that you’ll peer into the sapphire depths of the Great Blue Hole. Or want to get up before dawn to drink a cup of fresh coffee that’s just been delivered to your cottage’s porch, watching the flare of the rising sun illuminate the rim of the Caribbean sea. But you do all those things and more, because you’re at Turneffe Island Resort. An hour and a half by boat from Belize City, this coral island is part of the Turneffe Atoll, hundreds of limestone dabs that are part of the country’s heralded barrier reef. Here, an intimate resort plays base camp to lovers of diving, angling, snorkeling, and general castaway life, but in a quietly luxurious…

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surfer’s paradise

You might say George Hensler goes where the wind blows. The retired fashion executive from Sausalito, California, took up windsurfing more than 30 years ago and, though he’s since switched to kitesurfing, he’s been chasing the gusts and swells ever since. This eventually led him to the North Shore of Maui, which is considered the “wind mecca,” says Hensler. “Years ago, the area’s trade winds led sugar barons to take up residence here—it kept them nice and cool. Now it just provides a fun activity for guys like me.” Soon he was spending weeks at a time there, bouncing from one rental to another. That was until he found a 1940s plantation (a leave-behind of those sugar barons) a mere 40 feet from water’s edge. He hired Roberto Sosa, an architectural/interior…

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dreams of mallorca

“Do you still have the seafood soup?” I ask the harried waitress. “And the paella?” She frowns, bangs a menu down in front of me, and walks off. The man at the table beside me grins. “You watch The Night Manager?” he asks in a lovely British accent. “Yes,” I say with a sigh, and turn my head toward the view: rugged cliffs surrounding a cove of azure water where men in Speedos lazily bob. The ocean stretches, gorgeous and blue, all the way to France and beyond. Two weeks ago I was sitting in my apartment in Providence, Rhode Island, eating leftover pizza and binge-watching The Night Manager, a crime show based on John le Carré’s novel of the same name. In it, hotel night manager Jonathan Pine becomes an international operative…