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Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but it DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video. This digital edition is not printable.

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how to use cm

We’ve got a new system for downloading files. Whenever you see this icon, you can grab the files on your PC or Mac by going to Tutorials featuring this icon make use of our own Plugins – find out all about them on p107. This icon means there are extra files to help you follow a tutorial feature: project files, audio examples, etc. There’s extra video content wherever you see this icon.…

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Summer may have come to a close, but the offices are warmer than ever – we’ve been cooking up a cauldron of scorching content to stoke your studio fire! Coming in a huge variety of flavours, from subtle analogue saturation to full-blown digital decimation, distortion may be the most versatile studio effect of them all. Get it right and your mixes will take on new dimensions of depth and impact; get it wrong and you’re left with an amateurish, bloated mess. To help you achieve the former and avoid the latter, we’ve compiled a comprehensive cover feature to demystify the art and science of this red-hot studio technique. “Get distortion effects right and your mixes will take on new dimensions of depth” And not only are we going to expand your knowledge of…

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your filesilo downloads

Plugins Install and use Stark CM, plus our cm Plugins instruments and effects Samples Download this month’s exclusive packs and power up your tunes Tutorial Videos See and hear exactly how it’s done with our expert video guides Tutorial Files Follow along in your DAW with WAVs, project files, MIDI clips and more Log in at Register this issue for instant access to our plugins, samples, videos and files on your desktop computer Free for digital readers too! Read on your tablet, download on your computer FileSilo The home of great downloads, exclusive to your favourite magazines Secure and safe online access, from anywhere Free access for every reader – print and digital Download only the files you want, when you want All the downloads from all your issues, in one place…

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get started

01 Register your FileSilo account and log in. Even if you have a subscriber ID, you’ll still have to unlock each mag separately or migrate your old Vault account (see step 3) 02 Head back to the Computer Musicpage ( and choose an issue to unlock. You’ll need to answer one question to prove you’ve purchased the issue 03 You can migrate your old Vault account over to FileSilo to retain the issues you’ve added – head to and enter your Vault email address. Reset your password via the email you receive, and log in…

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DESIGNER DISTORTION Our seasoned studio experts bring you a handful of creative and clinical tricks for heating up your mixes Read the full article on p22 1 Distorting delay and reverb with aux setups 3 Beefing up beats with parallel excitement 4 Designing crunchy sounds with digital distortion 6 Sidechained distortion for next-level mixes 7 Cleaning up and enhancing distortion with EQ 9 Customising distortion with effects chains cm Producer Masterclass CLIQ See Robin and Max get a little Wavey in this month’s exclusive in-studio video Note: this video is only available using the link on page 45 Read the full article on p44 STARK CM Get started with Klevgrand’s guitar amp plugin, free this issue Read the full article on p54 cm/experts Our resident music production gurus walk you through their specialist field every Read month the full EASY GUIDE HALF-DIMINISHED CHORDS Read the full article on p74 STUDIO STRATEGIES SUPER SPLITTING Read…

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Reason Studios Reason 11 All change in Stockholm: Reason goes plugin and Propellerhead is no more The departure of founder and CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös earlier this year heralded the start of a new era for Swedish software powerhouse Propellerhead, creators of the hugely popular but decidedly idiosyncratic Reason DAW. Not only have the company changed their name to Reason Studios, making their developmental focus abundantly clear (and losing that jarring ‘propellerheads’ URL), but it looks like Reason itself is also being radically repositioned, as version 11 introduces the ability to load the Reason Rack as a plugin in any DAW. This makes Reason a potentially tempting proposition to those uninterested in its unorthodox sequencing and mixing capabilities, serving simply as a powerful and well-stocked suite of instruments and effects for insertion into Cubase,…