Cosmopolitan Bride Australia Summer 2017 - 2018

Cosmopolitan Bride has everything you need to plan your dream day. From dresses and accessories to flowers, venues, cakes and favours, each issue is packed with ideas to cover all tastes, styles, guest lists and budgets.

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cosmopolitan bride

If you’re reading this you’re either recently engaged (hooray!), already married (congrats!) or simply dreaming of your special day in advance (nothing wrong with that!). No matter which one it is, we’re so glad you’ve found us, because we absolutely love to celebrate. As soon as you get engaged you’re often bombarded with queries: Have you set a date? Where will you get married? And you’re probably thinking: ‘hang on, I have questions too!’ I hear you. We compiled the most-asked ones on page 210 so you can get a jump on the big issues. Plus we’ve jam-packed this issue with as much amazing fashion, practical tips and fun inspiration as you can possibly get in 244 pages of a bridal magazine. From the best wedding movies to watch with your…

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trend report

A semi-opaque cape gives this modern style a traditional feel Ω and ensures all eyes remain on the gown itself. CAPED QUEENS Put a Supergirl-style touch on your most super dress It screams sophistication and loves outdoor ceremonies; this versatile style can be embellished, one-shoulder, low-cut… SLEEK LINES For the minimalist bride who likes her silhouettes clean and elegant Universally flattering, a scoop neck makes lovely collarbones and necks the star of the show. SCOOP NECK Whether it’s rounded or a bit off the shoulder, the classic scoop is back Wrist-length sleeves convey elegance, while three-quarter sleeves show off the slimmest part of your arm. FULLS SLEEVES These puff sleeves evoke Labyrinth and Princess Bride vibes…

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sebastian lee

Is your background in fashion? Not exactly! Lyndell (my wife and business partner) and myself trained in architecture before transitioning into bridal. Although neither of us has a fashion background, we were certainly helped along by our deeply creative natures and shared passion for design – one of the things that attracted us to one another in the first place! What do you love most about bridal fashion? I love that it is always evolving. Many people think that bridal fashion is constant or moving slowly, whereas in reality trends can shift very quickly. At its roots, bridal fashion is also about tradition and sentimentality, which really strikes a chord with Lyndell and myself. The level of craftsmanship is also out of this world! When did you decide to create Eternal Bridal?…

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tanya shaw

When did your love of f lowers begin? I’ve always loved hanging out in nature and crafting. When I first started high school, we lived in a little country town and I’d collect flowers on my walk to school and make mini bouquets, sometimes for my friends and sometimes just for myself. I remember thinking: oh I’d love to be a florist one day! Describe your floristry style… Untamed, romantic, textural and lively. I love to use fruits and small, delicate textures in my work. Old paintings, fashion and culture all influence and inspire many of my designs. What are the most popular wedding blooms? Peonies and ruffled garden roses, for sure! I also get a lot of requests for anything in muted blush shades. What are your favourites? Oh so many! I…

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bec gallagher

When did you start training and working as a beauty therapist? I started training in the beauty industry around four years ago because I had a passion for making those around me feel great using home beauty products. I started by gaining a professional qualification in spray tanning and due to the huge success of my tanning business I was keen to expand into lash and brow treatments, as I understand how great lashes and brows make a girl feel. What are the most popular treatments for brides? Brides love the Aspara spray tan package, which includes a full tan pampering experience to make them feel glowing on their special day. This includes: a trial tan appointment, take-home products, gradual tan to maintain the colour for your honeymoon and a moisturiser…

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pass the popcorn

MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING No. Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O. YOU could never be Jell-O. GOOGLE PLAY FR.$3.99 ITUNES FR.$4.99 MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING And you thought dealing with *your* family was tough… Ouzo shots, anyone? DENDY FR.$4.99 ITUNES FR.$17.99 MURIEL’S WEDDING Dust off those ABBA records and take a trip back to Porpoise Spit. STAN SUBS GOOGLE PLAY FR.$3.99 BRIDESMAIDS Two words: puppy favours! This is how we learned not to try on gowns after dining at a dodgy eatery. DENDY FR.$4.99 ITUNES $14.99 GOOGLE PLAY $22.99 LOVE ACTUALLY Not strictly a wedding movie, but THAT church scene though! All you need is… DENDY FR.$4.99 ITUNES FR.$4.99 GOOGLE PLAY FR.$3.99 THE WEDDING DATE Classic early-naughties gold. Hey, who *hasn’t* hired an escort to make an ex-boyfriend jealous?! NETFLIX SUBS THE WEDDING SINGER Prepare for a singalong! Adam Sandler’s tune ‘Grow Old With You’ is so perfect. GOOGLE PLAY FR.$3.99 ITUNES FR.$4.99 THE PROPOSAL Hello, Ryan Reynolds! Marrying…