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December 2020 - January 2021

Cosmopolitan Magazine celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life. Inspiring young women to be the best they can be with everything from high street fashion must-haves and stunning make-up tips, career news, sex and relationship advice, as well as intimate interviews with your favourite celebs! It's gutsy, intimate and most importantly honest about issues affecting women.

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from the editor

did you ever play dizzy dinosaurs as a child? Spinning round and round on the spot until you were completely disorientated, stumbling around as your vision caught up, searching for something solid to anchor yourself to? That’s how this year has felt. The routine of work, plans with friends, having a booked holiday to look forward to – everything that gave my life structure and excitement, the things that propelled me forward and made the future a thing of anticipation rather than fear – had gone. That’s why we’ve tried to make this issue your moment of escapism. Your time to sit back and find joy in the familiar comfort of the festive season. The world might feel out of control, but at least we’ve still got old Christmas films, songs…

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beauty awards ed’s picks

1. Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Ampoules, £30 Try these capsules of 10% vitamin C – fine lines won’t stand a chance. 2. Clarins SOS Sunburn After Sun Mask, £22 Your future sunburn needs this cooling, aloe-vera-packed cream-gel. Stock up now for summer. 3. Murad Jumbo InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment, £48 Give this saviour eight weeks and it’ll give you the gift of faded scars. 4. Lancôme Cils Booster Lash Revitalising Serum, £35 Like a leave-in conditioner for lashes, this’ll give you a thicker flutter.…

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this month at cosmopolitan

Elf and safety Not even COVID-19 will stop Cosmo celebrating (and helping you to celebrate) Christmas. Here are our assorted elves (art editor Jessica, left, plus photographer, model and make-up artist) on our socially distanced shoot for our epic Christmas gift guide (page 53, if you’re wondering). Special delivery It’s not often you get the founder of a brand making her own drop-offs, but that’s exactly what Danielle, founder of Kiht Collective, did to make sure her product made it into our gift guide. What a hero! Doggy style World, meet Milo, who took some time out of his busy schedule (he’s first assistant to photographer Leo Acker, who shot our dating feature on page 92) to host his own Barbie tea party. Topics discussed were climate change, the economy and who can balance which…

1 min.

All hail, The Crown Good things come to those who wait, so it makes sense that it feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the fourth series of The Crown. This is the one where we’re introduced to major new characters – Princess Diana (Emma Corrin, pictured) and Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) – and the drama of the monarchy during the ’80s. This much is certain: Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter is a duo we would cross oceans for. Series four of The Crown is on Netflix from 15th November…

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the stars who fell in love on set

CHANNING TATUM & JENNA DEWAN Met on the set of... Step Up The year is 2006. Everyone’s obsessed with The Hills, you can’t escape Sandi Thom’s I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker and Miley just got her big break in Hannah Montana. It was also the year that Step Up was released and Channing and Jenna’s love story began. They married in 2009, and split in 2018. MILEY CYRUS & LIAM HEMSWORTH Met on the set of... The Last Song As well as penning The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks also deserves a hurrah for gifting us Miley and Liam’s love story – they met while filming the 2010 adaptation of his book The Last Song. They played a couple and fell for each other IRL – well, until the divorce. BRAD PITT & ANGELINA JOLIE Met on…

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ask me anything

What’s your on-set personality? I’m the napper. So whenever they can’t find me they just know I’m asleep in the trailer. After Harlots and Bridgerton I’ve even learned to nap in a corset. Your boobs create quite a nice shelf to rest on, too. People love that you and Jonathan Van Ness are friends… He’s one of my favourite people in the world. During lockdown he and I had a weekly quiz with some of our friends and family, and we did a different theme each week. I did the noughties and dressed up as Avril Lavigne and he did one about ice-skating that nobody did well at except for Jonathan… If you two had a talk show together, what would it be called and why? A Mile A Minute, because we both speak so…