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Cosmopolitan June 2019

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confession time

I used to have a crush on a guy I did ballet with, and one day at summer camp, my friends and I snuck into his room and slathered Icy Hot inside his tights. (Sorry, Troy!! I still have no clue why I thought it would be a good idea to inflict intense crotch pain on a boy I liked, but I do remember a pretty hilariously grunt-y flamenco class afterward. And hey, I have the story. Nowadays we’re all out here trying to live our most ‘grammable lives, but I love the streak of brash honesty that runs through millennial and Gen Z culture—we tell you everything, especially when it’s questionable/regrettable. Being real about who we are is just kind of our thing. Cosmo was way ahead of its time with all…

2 min.
thirst traps: empowering or annoying?

“If you’re not into what I’m posting, don’t look.”—KKW I’m new to the thirst-trap game—and I’m hooked. “Earlier this year, I posted my first thirsty ’gram. It was January, and I was washing dishes in my favorite high-waisted underwear and a cropped cardigan while listening to my playlist titled ‘Reminder: You’re a Bad Bitch.’ I walked past a mirror, caught a glimpse, and thought, This is a cute look. So I opened up the cam, set the self-timer, and had a 10-minute photo shoot in my kitchen. I take selfies whenever I have a cute outfit on, so it wasn’t that different—I was just wearing way less clothing this time. The lighting in my kitchen isn’t the best, so I brightened the image and took the yellow hues down a bit, then…

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the secret message in your engagement insta

If your post is like Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s… A hand resting on his chest suggests tender affection, while lowered eyelids signal a very sensual relationship, says body-language expert Patti Wood. If your post is like Katy Perry’s… When your faces are partially out of view and your ring is the only thing on full display, it suggests you two are super protective of your relationship. (But you still want to go for that double tap.) If your post is like J.Lo’s… Yeah, you’re kinda holding hands, but your tense fingers and his straight thumb indicate that independence is important to you both…and that likely won’t change once you’re hitched. If your post is like Kim Kardashian West’s… You’re psyched to be engaged, but that may be it. “A disembodied hand without your fiancé in sight lacks love,”…

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does your pet even really like you?

It’s mutual She definitely likes you back! In terms of animal affection, following you around is DTR-ing, putting a paw on you is double-tapping, and spazzing out to the point of near-destruction upon your arrival is a sure sign that it’s true love. She’s hot and cold Preferring her crate to your bed or parking behind furniture could signal distress…or your pet could just be kind of a jerk. Consider the context before freaking out, and remember it’s probs not personal. Not looking great So…those aren’t great signs, but it could be situational more than hate-hate. If kissing her ass with squeaky toys and treats doesn’t seem to be helping, try an animal-behavior specialist. SOURCE: VICTORIA CUSSEN, PHD, DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AT THE ASPCA’S ANTI-CRUELTY BEHAVIOR TEAM FROM TOP: STUDIO FIRMA/STOCKSY, LUKE LIABLE/STOCKSY.…

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confessions: brunch edition

“One weekend afternoon, I decided to go hang out with my manager during his shift at the restaurant where we worked. I had a major crush on him, so I figured I’d flirt shamelessly at the bar. When his shift was over and the sexual tension was at its peak, we went back to my place and hooked up. It wasn’t until two weeks later that I found out he was married.” —AUBREY, 24 “During a very boozy Sunday Funday, my friends and I started chatting with a family sitting nearby. When I looked at my phone the next day, I found a ton of selfies I didn’t remember featuring me with that entire family—even a group shot of us with my head resting on the grandpa’s shoulder. I wonder where they…

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which royal bb are you?

It can be hard to tell what the grown-ass royals are really like behind their charming smiles and waving techniques. But the tiny royals can’t help putting their real selves on display. Find out which noble nugget is you in baby form. ONE You just found out your friend hooked up with your ex. Your reaction: a I’m pissed, but I take a beat to plan my response. b My world is ending. I hit her with the “What the hell, Heather?” text. c It’s whatever. He’s my ex for a reason, ya know? d I have zero exes, so this is impossible. TWO The pre-game’s almost over and that one friend demands a group photo. In every pic, you… a Give the Kylie Jenner barely-there smile. b Stick out my tongue like Miley Cyrus circa 2014. c Stare into the…