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Cosmopolitan August 2019

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hi from the past

usually I don’t do battle for many “causes”…just the one of getting you, my beloved Cosmo girl, and me through the night (calming our worries and helping us achieve what we want), but one cause I do feel strongly about is protecting the right to abortion for every woman in America whose religious beliefs do not forbid it. I never had an abortion—never was pregnant—but I saw many a close friend through the expensive, guilt-making ordeal before abortion was legal. Then, blessedly, in January 1973, in a 7-2 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court declared abortion legal in all states and a new breath of sanity swept the country. Well now, would you believe (it’s too monstrous!) some people are trying to overturn this Supreme Court ruling and once again make abortion illegal?…

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❤ for major food porn ❤

CHEESE PULL • I run a cheese stan account now.• This is what dreams are made of.• Cheese, but make it fashun.• If you listen closely, you can hear the whimper of my Lactaid pills. PASTA • The three most important food groups: pasta, Parmesan, focaccia. • Name a thing pasta can’t cure. I’ll wait.• Keto who?• It’s a lifestyle. AVO TOAST • Bought this avo toast instead of a house because #Priorities. • This expensive bread is worth all my bread.• Still eating brunch like it’s 2014. DESSERT • THIS IS LITERALLY ALL I WANT IN LIFE, OKAY??• She is beauty, she is grace. • BRB, need a nap.• Sorry, I missed everything after “Wanna get food?”…

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this quiz says your car habits are…interesting

ONE How often do you fill up your gas tank? a I wait until my empty light turns on because I’m busy, K?b I’m filling up any time I see those prices drop.c As soon as I drop to half a tank. I’m not about to get stranded while stalking my ex. TWO What’s chilling in your backseat? a A cold, soggy McD fry that missed my mouth two weeks ago.b Some deodorant and a toothbrush. Gotta be ready for unexpected overnights.c An old bra. I change in my car all the time. THREE Be honest, are you a good driver? a Never not lurking in your blind spot. Sorry!b My friends trust me to drive their cars more than they trust themselves.c Honestly, I’m scared of my own road rage. FOUR What are you listening to? a The radio. Bluetooth…

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no stans out-stan these stans

JUSTIN BIEBER “I am the Biggest Fan—and I take that title seriously. I’ve spent thousands on his concerts. One Wednesday, I went to services at a church he attends hoping to spot him. Guess who walked in and sat next to me? Justin. Drew. Bieber! I wanted to tell him we were destined to be together, but instead, I just said I admired his relationship with God. We talked for 15 minutes. He was so nice and normal! After, I walked to my car and immediately threw up.”—ROBYN, 25 THE WEEKND “I love The Weeknd, aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. A few years ago, I went to one of his concerts, and it was the best one I have ever seen. Still on a high, I met another stan at the merch booth. He…

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here’s how good/bad you are at keeping secrets

OH HEY! Wanna weigh in? Follow us on Twitter for our next poll. Hypothetical Q: Your friend is cheating on her boyf. Do you tell your own S.O.? 37% Absolutely not. 20% I’d try my hardest not to. But my hardest is, like, not that hard. 43% Come on, everyone knows the “don’t tell anyone” rule doesn’t apply to bae. First things first: Do you consider yourself a pro secret-keeper? 66% Some things are just too good to stay private. 30% I’m still keeping kindergarten crayon-stealing intel to myself. 4% Wait, this is something you can be good at? IYO, what makes a secret fair game? 53% Literally nothing. Who do you think I am? 47% If there’s drama, then it’s a must-share. Can I live? Have you ever been accused of spilling the beans when you actually didn’t? 61% My friends know I’m…

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these country stars are saving country

you know those old-fashioned country ballads that cater to guys who love beer and women who *always* stand by them, no matter what? Yeah, that look is kinda worn-out. What’s fresh right now: For the first time since Taylor Swift graduated from crying all over her guitar to writing songs about her famous exes, there’s a new group of twangy, tenacious singers making country cool again. They’re calling BS as they see it and pretty much crooning about whatever the hell they want to—to the palpable joy of their equally fired-up fans. By now, you are (or, hi, you really should be) familiar with powerhouses like Maren Morris, who broke through with a song about how her version of church is joyriding in her car. She then climbed the charts with the…