Country Living UK September 2019

Whether you live in the town or countryside, in Country Living you’ll find a wealth of ideas for your home and garden, learn about traditional crafts, keep informed of rural issues, enjoy irresistible dishes using seasonal produce and, above all, escape the stress and strain of modern-day life.

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this month…

…we are inspired by vintage style – hence the charming old Morris Traveller that features on our cover. ‘Vintage’, of course, covers a multitude of periods and styles, and what appeals to one of us may be anathema to another. Take, for example, Beth Tarling’s cottage garden on page 122.Her love for the 1940s is reflected in every aspect of it, from the old-fashioned, brightly coloured flowers she grows – zinnias, sunflowers, marigolds and dahlias – to the antique tools she uses and the very particular shade of green she has painted her shed in. Claudia Roberts, on the other hand, has decorated her pretty cottage interior in calming whites and creams, with French linens and various brocante finds (page 100).Whatever style of vintage you favour, you’re sure to love…

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Editor’s choice “I love hardwearing sisal flooring in a hallway, while soft grey wool is perfect for a contemporary bedroom” FOR STOCKISTS see Where to Buy…

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Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple.” JK Rowling Quaint and curious The Newent Onion Fayre TO HONOUR OUR BEST-KNOWN ALLIUM, THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE TOWNOFNEWENTHAS BEEN HOSTING THE ONION FAYRE SINCE THE 1700S. EVENTS INCLUDE THEONION SHOW– EXHIBITING THEMOST AMAZING SPECIMENS – AND AN EYE-WATERING ONION-EATING COMPETITION, WHERE PARTICIPANTS RACE TOEAT A FIVE-OUNCE PEELED VARIETY IN THE FASTEST TIME. NEWENTONIONFAYRE.ORG Try your hand at… Bramley apple picking At this time of year, there are few more classically English comfort dishes than a Bramley apple pie or crumble. And, with or chards up and down the country inviting you to pick your own, you can gather your ‘cooker’ straight from the branch. For a lovely afternoon among the trees, head for Leapers…

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the good life in the country

SMALLHOLDER ANDWRITER Sally Coulthard Raising your own animals for meat can be a noble task if you’re a carnivore – knowing that the food you are eating has had a life filled with fresh air, rich pasture and gentle handling. With animal welfare and intensive livestock farming constantly under fire, it’s one of the few ways to square eating meat with environmental issues. We’ve raised lambs for the table a number of times; it can be difficult not to get attached, especially for the children. But it’s important for them to understand that meat doesn’t just magically appear on a supermarket shelf. As a family, we have found that raising our own animals has actually led to us eating a much more plant-based diet, with meat as a luxury, not an…

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the good life in the city

FOUNDER OF HEN CORNER Sara Ward Cider Sunday, the second Sunday in September, has become an annual celebration in our local community. For many years now, we have invited friends and neighbours to bring their apples – be they home-grown, foraged, windfall or scrumped – for a fun day of washing, chopping, pressing and fermenting. Recent years have seen us hiring a big traditional fruit press and electric scratter, but the very first time we attempted the craft, my husband Andy decided to make a homemade press using plans discovered online and an old car jack. Fortunately, when the pressure was cranked high, causing the jack to slip, our neighbour managed to move his fingers out of the way just in time, but we never risked using the contraption again! Much…

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going greener

PIP PIP Many fruits, seeds and nuts are ripe for picking at this time of year, which is why The Tree Council has been promoting Seed Gathering Season (23September-23October) since 1998 – encouraging everyone to collect nature’s bounty and plant trees for the future. According to The Tree Council, harvesting seeds from healthy local trees means that, as they are adapted to the area, they are more likely to flourish when planted. Events are held across the country by the group’s 6,000-strong volunteer force, beginning each year on the autumn equinox. Join in – or sign up and become one yourself. RAISE the bar As consumers cut back on plastic, good old-fashioned bars of soap are making a comeback, with sales increasing by £2mlast year. But why stop at soap? Many brands are…