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Country Style

Country Style June 2019

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

The Country Style team have spent days going through our old issues and filing cupboards filled with images in preparation for this special issue to celebrate our 30th birthday. Lots of memories came flooding back as we looked through the pages. Utes getting bogged while trying to shoot covers, worrying about photographers travelling in remote areas beyond mobile telephone reception and how one of them, Sharyn Cairns, would occasionally text us a beautiful picture with the words ‘in the line of fire’ — that’s a memory which made me run one of those images on page 96. It was shot in 2011 and I think it is just as powerful today as it was then. People often ask me how we find all the stories that fill our pages and my…

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in this issue...

VIRGINIA IMHOFF Our Melbourne editor has lost count of the number of stories she’s written since she started with the magazine in 2000. The feature about Barunah Plains, on page 54, is her favourite in this issue. A passionate horsewoman, Virginia has a farm at Kingston in central Victoria, where she runs a mob of Suffolk sheep, her thoroughbred and warmblood competition horses, and 13 brumbies rescued from the Alpine region. “I love getting out and seeing what people are up to — whether it’s visiting a beautiful home or garden, or talking to a clever artisan or producer,” she says of her work for Country Style. “There’s something about the country that inspires people to be extraordinarily creative.” Virginia particularly enjoyed visiting Damian Canny for her story about his historic property.…

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your page

SWEET DREAMS I love reading Country Style. Thanks so much for continuing to publish a well-written magazine. I fall in love with all the magical country scenes and use many of the pictures for vision boarding or manifesting. One day I’d love to have my own flower farm, and each time I read your magazine, I am reminded of this wonderful dream. I am obsessed with gardens and floral scenes, so I particularly love the garden features. Anita Ozolins, Dianella, WA FEELING CONNECTED I don’t usually write to the editor, but after purchasing the February issue I just had to. In a world of social media, one can get so caught up and yet be so disconnected. All of the stories in the issue showed normal families living their best lives in our beautiful country.…

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growing strong

I GARDEN IN BARE FEET, as though I too can be planted. When I was a child, my grandfather taught me to identify the native trees on his farm between Bathurst and Mudgee in central NSW. The gnarled, brittle gum trees and scribbly gums that grew on the rocky hillsides were my favourites. Their twisted branches reaching out at odd angles, the lumps and bumps and squiggles on silver white trunks, they appeared to me to be trees with a story. My grandfather loved the magnificent yellow box trees. He said that they showed us where the good soil was. Their canopy provided shade for his flock of merino sheep during the hot summer months and the dry wood of trees long past burned brightly in his wood-fired stove during winter. It…

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enchanting tale

LITTLE WALDO AND REDA are the adorable and very lucky stars of our cover shoot for this issue. Both eastern greys, the joeys have been in the care of Helen Round of East Trentham Wildlife Shelter in Central Victoria since they were retrieved by her partner Manfred Zabinskas of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue last summer. Together, the couple run the voluntary shelter, where Helen cares for a range of native animals that have either been orphaned or injured, while Manfred operates the rescue arm, as well as a commercial animal rescue service for all species. “I do anything to do with animal welfare, from climbing-tree rescues where a bird might be caught in a tree or after bushfires I might climb up and get a koala. I abseil into mine…

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country style australia

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